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Another twisting of the facts by Joan Wheeler December 12, 2009

Posted by Ruth in Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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Joan Wheeler, the other day, when she was trashing her 3 birth sisters (for the umpteenth time) said “G. seems to have backed off.”

She didn’t back off, because SHE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING! She is not involved in anything to do with my blog. She doesn’t even have a computer.

Just like Joan got it wrong, or rather posted it wrong all over the adoption reform websites, that her “birth sisters are interfering with her life, and she has to get the police to stop them.” Referencing MY phone call to her November 3, 2009 to inform her of her birth godmother’s death, and she blasted me with verbal and emotional abuse. When I returned home, after going to my father’s house, (and she called him, an 85 year old man and screamed at him), the police left a message that I, and then he names my other 2 sisters are not to contact Joan.

I don’t want to contact her. uggh, and subject myself to that woman’s hateful and hatefilled voice? But the point I’m making is that was ME  and only ME who made a phone call. Why then does she name my other sisters when calls the police? They did nothing!

On her now defunct blog that was here on WordPress, in October 2009, she wrote a post about Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. She said something about people asking for forgiveness from other people. My one sister, who recently converted to Judaism, wrote a very nice informative comment that Yom Kippur is not about asking people for forgiveness, but asking God for forgiveness. Joan saw the email and email my sister back, rather nicely. But then all of a sudden, like someone turned a switch, Joan got nasty, deleted my sister’s comment, and then posted that her blog was for adoption reform NOT for religious debates, or family bashing.

On another of Joan’s blogs, over at blogspot, also now defunct, which was SUPPOSED  to be about adoption reform, in September 2008, she writes a  post bashing The Three Sippel Sisters.

There has been absolutely no contact between us sisters and Joan for years. There has been peace. My own last contact with her was early 2004, when she got snippy with me via an email concerning a photo she posted at a website that I was trying to build about family. I thought about it, and was not going to put up with her emotional abuse and booted her off the website.

She wrote the email in January 2004. I was sick and didn’t see the email until late March 2004. I wrote back and told her she had offended me. And that she was off the website because despite the relative peace we had been enjoying since the death of our brother in September 2003, and us pulling together during my father’s open heart surgery in December 2003, she just couldn’t behave herself. On my father’s 80th birthday party, held at my stepsister’s house, just 2 weeks after I booted her off my website, we were both there. I kept the peace. I greeted her, she said hello back. There was no problem. She left before I did. And as she was leaving, she turned to me as I sat in the living room with my stepmother and said quite coldly, “Ruth we need to talk.” I did not respond. This was my father’s 80th birthday party.  It was NOT appropriate to bring this up and nor was it appropriate for Joan to leave her little digs like that. But she reports on her blog “I out (sic) up with your antagonistic attitudes for the party for the father we share, but I warned you then,”

There was NO atagonistic attitude at the party. And she did NOT warn me. What was there to warn me about? I had done nothing. She, however, and I don’t know the exact date, but just a couple of months prior to this party, had gone to get her car muffler fixed. The worker just happened to be the brother of my best friend. She noticed his name and asked if he was related to my friend. He said yes, that’s my sister. She introduced herself to him, saying that she was my sister. He said, yeah, that’s my aunt. I’ve known her since I was a baby. What did Joan do? Right there in the muffler shop, she starts in that Ruth is a bitch, Ruth this, Ruth that, then she trashed my friend to KaM, his own sister! And all this in front of KaM’s boss! They had to tell her to shut up.  Yes, it’s true. I have know the M. family since 1977. KaM was only a year old, and their mom was pregnant with Kai. I changed those boys diapers.  They are still a part of my life. They built the new porch for my house in 2008. (they have their own home repair contracting business).  These boys, now men in their 30’s are honorable, decent men. And KaM’s report of the incident was true, because I also know KaM’s former boss, who worked on MY car at another of the muffler shop’s chain location. And KaM was not in that day, but the boss told me the exact same thing.  So during the email exchange I had about me booting her off the website, I had also included my feelings about this incident. If there was any antagonistic attitude going around, it was from Joan. As I said, she waited until she was leaving, then said, we have to talk. That was it. So where did she “warn” me? No, I had warned HER to keep my name out of her mouth, whenever she goes shopping or whatever and bumps into people that I know.

How dare she trash me like that to a man I’ve known since he was a baby? And had no absolutely no knowledge of her existence? I hate for people to even know that I’m related to Joan Wheeler, because she’s such a liar and a troublemaker. But she whines about her 3 sisters and how they “interfere” with HER life? But she can interfere with MY life by trashtalking about me where ever she goes and all over the internet?

So going back to her defunct WordPress blog. After she deleted my sister’s comment about Yom Kipper, she wrote that comment that the blog was for adoption reform, not religious debate or family bashing. I sent her ONE and only ONE email, politely reminding her that if her blog was indeed for adoption reform, than she should not have started the religious debate (her post about Yom Kippur being about asking people for their forgiveness) and she started the family bashing in her post on September 2008.  Then a couple of weeks later, I called her on November 3, to tell her of her godmother’s death.

So, let’s add up the crimes of The Three Sippel Sisters

NOTHING from the first Sippel Sister.

ONE nicely worded comment by the second Sippel Sister

ONE nicely worded email by the third Sippel Sister

ONE well intentioned phone call by the third Sippel Sister.

Hardly lives of crimes, wouldn’t you say? But Joan Wheeler will bash and bash and bash her sisters all over the internet. She uses her adoption reform blog and website for her book as a forum to bash her sisters, but when I have my own truthful blog, she throws a hissy fit. And then denies any contribution on her part to our reunion that went bad. Hence my nicknaming her “The Teflon Dictator.”  She said it herself in a letter she wrote to me in 1999, “I don’t know why you  don’t like me.”

uh DUH, I’m gonna like someone who stole the beads off my mother’s (and mine) wedding dress?

uh DUH, I’m gonna like someone who stole money from me?

uh DUH, I’m gonna like someone who tried to break me and my fiance up by sending me a letter saying he got the next door lady pregnant, when it was a lie?

uh DUH, I’m gonna like someone who calls my job repeatedly trying to get me fired over something I didn’t do, AFTER she was told by adminstration that I didn’t do it?


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