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Ruining someone’s personal and professional reputation December 12, 2009

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Teflon Dictator Joan Wheeler, on December 9,  in a rant on her blog about her book Forbidden Family, sobs and whines that her sisters have ruined her personal and professional reputation. Then today, December 12, she espouses love and open communication.

Joan, how do you view your calling my job in 1994 and 1995 falsely accusing me of computer tampering and computer hacking? Sure, the hospital investigated your claim, they have to. But you know, they never told me about it. They protected me. I only found out about because YOU sent me the photocopies of the letter you wrote to the director of patient accounts.  That’s when I found out all about the rotten stuff you did.

After the hospital addressed your complaint and investigated, and tracked the problem to a typing mistake that occured at 4pm (I work 11pm-7am), they told you that I did not do it. But you weren’t going to have it. So you set out to RUIN MY PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION.

You called the nursing office repeatedly in the daytime, even though you knew I work nights in an attempt to disgrace and embarrass me, and get me fired. The secretaries told me about it. They said your calls were bizarre. You found out what floor I worked on and started calling over there. My co-ordinator at the time, C.Abrahms refused to take your calls. You finally got thru to the Associate Co-Ordinator, GWM and she asked you if your complaint had anything to do with my job performance. You said no. You wanted the hospital to know what kind of people they have working for them. GWM told you that she had known and worked with me for more than 20 years and was quite pleased with my job performance.

But don’t you remember you also had called my job way back in 1987 and spoke to my manager CM? She told me you told her all about our family history. Was it Carol’s business to know all that?

But getting back to the calls in 94 and 95: way to go psychosister! GWM not only worked me 1976-1980 as a staff nurse, and my co-manager in 94, but she was related to me. Her late neice was married to my brother-in-law. So your bizarre phone calls, which really led nowhere, was tampering with MY PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION.

But see, your calls went nowhere, because I do my job, and I do it well. I am not perfect, I have made mistakes, but I have always owned up to them. In the 37 years that I worked at the hospital, I have earned the respect of my co-workers and many of the supervisors. One, JZ, who used to work with me on the dayshift 1976-1980, happened to be a freind of one of the members of my belly dancing troupe, Troupe Arabesque. L. mentioned that one of the dancers worked at the hospital and when JZ heard my name, she said, “I remember Ruth, she was always a hard and concientous worker.” She didn’t have to say that. She could have just said, “Yeah, I remember Ruth. by the way, where are you dancing next?” No, she remembered me as a fine worker.

mmm, by the way, what WAS all that ruckus about between you and your boss when you used to work as a skip tracer? Pay attention to your own very limited career life Joan and stay out of mine.

And as for my personal reputation, the Pace family have known me for 22 years now. I have the freindship and support of someone who is local politics. I’m not naming names, because you’ll probably make a dam pest out of yourself.

And speaking of politics, when I met former Buffalo Mayor Masiello and he saw my name tag, he wondered where he heard my name from before! Thanks a lot my loving sister. He knew my name from the garbage letters you sent him. SO YOU TAMPERED WITH MY POLITICAL REPUTATION.  And at the time, I was involved heavily with the block clubs, and people in my neighborhood, and some of the Pace family were urging me to run for Common Council. Yeah, I can just see it. I’m in the Council Chambers, and here YOU would come and try to muck it up for me. I hate being your sister. Why? BECAUSE OF ALL THE GARBAGE YOU HAVE DONE TO ME AND ARE STILL DOING!

now go and sob and whine some more on your blog on how your sisters are ruining your personal and professional reputation. No WE haven’t. YOUR OWN WORDS AND DEEDS HAVE DONE IT.

Karma, baby, Karma, it’s terrible when it’s bad.

by the way, Joan, in your blog today, you say you have biological kin you still have relationships with. So what was it with your sisters? Why us? Why the hatred to us? What did we do to you for you to hate us and treat us like dirt the way you have? WHY?


You didn’t bother our brother. WHY US? AND WHY ME IN PARTICULAR? After I was the one who was closest to you? Took you in my home, respected you, supported your adoption reform research, was interviewed at Channel 2 studio with you, for an adoption reunion program run by reporter Rich Kellman, supported you with your plans for the book. Heck, wasn’t it even ME who suggested to you to write the book in the first place?


Why do you feel the need to PUNISH us for having had YOUR birth family all those years while you didn’t? This is what is going on, isn’t it? That is why you singled out Gail too, because of a chance meeting between you two when you guys were 10 years old. You said it yourself, “she knew me when we were children and kept the truth away from me.”

Sick. SICK. SICK. She was a 10 year old child, she didn’t know who you were! She bumped into you ONE time at an amusement park! She was told by her mother to not tell ME or my sisters. She never saw YOU again until you were adults and you were reunited into the family!

I’m right, aren’t I, your targets, my sisters, Gail and me, are being punished by you! Go get a psych consult and start on some meds! PLEASE!



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