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Cyber Bullies indeed! Teflon Dictator has no shame. December 13, 2009

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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So over at her blog The Teflon Dictator has been waving this TRUTHFUL blog around as a den of iniquities. Namely a place for her rotten sisters to live and do their dirty deeds from. She pleads with an “investigator” to come over and investigate this blog and my other blog at LadyMoondancer’s Realm.

Again we see The Teflon Dictator at her two-faced self. “They are bullying me.” sob. sob. BUT what does she do? Blabs all our private stuff again. Not that my stuff is all that private, She thought she was really hurting me by putting out my employer’s name.  In my page “visit me at my other websites,” I invite my readers to go to my other blog, and my facebook page, which I had already listed my employer. HOWEVER, by Joan Wheeler posting my employer in the context that she did, and other private info about my other 2 sisters shows you readers and any investigators what a cyber bully JOAN is.

Any of you readers need medical attention, by all means, come to my hospital. We give excellant care. And as the largest private employer in Erie County, Kaleida Health, with all it’s medical sites, is a great place to work. We have great benefits. The pay is dam good.  When my husband was in for surgery this past July, the staff gave him excellent care, and not because he was my spouse, but because they just did. When it came time for discharge, and we were waiting for a wheelchair, the MANAGER of the floor went and got one personally for us. And she didn’t even know I was an employee. (with KH employing thousands of people on three different shifts at multiple sites, it is impossible for employees to  personally know each other).  I have worked there for 37 years. I have grown up there. I have learned much from KH. And still learning.

Yeah, I’m a Buffalo General employee and dam proud of it too!

With it’s rich history. Do you know BGH started out as a US Army hospital during the Civil War? It has been in existance for over 150 years. It trains doctors thru it’s partnership with the University of Buffalo Medical School. We used to have our own nursing school until it closed down, I believe in the early 90’s. Many of the staff nurses working there now got their nursing degrees from the BGH Nursing School. And BGH used to partner with the Buffalo Board of Education, having the high school students who attended pre-nursing classes over at the Fosdick-Masten Vocational High School (currently City Honors). These young girls would come over to BGH, just 3 blocks away, and serve as “Candy Stripers,” and do volunteer work with the patients. When they graduated from high school, they went across Goodrich St. and attended nursing school, with their hands on training provided by BGH.

Do you think I work there by force? Heck, I live much closer to St. Joseph’s Hospital and ECMC.  In the 80’s, I used to live near Sheehan Memorial. In the 70’s, I could have worked at Columbus Hospital or Millard Fillmore Gates. Or even Veteran’s Memorial. No, I work at BGH because I like it over there. I like my co-workers, and I like my patients.

So if Dictator Joan thinks she has hurt me in any way by posting where I work, no, not in the least. And if there has been any violation in internet protocol, it seems to be coming from only one person: The Teflon Dictator herself: Joan Wheeler.  “Don’t come on the internet and blab my stuff,” she says, but what did she herself do? yep, that’s right, she went and blabbed MY stuff. This is what I mean by Dictator. Joan will dictate to everyone, DON’T DO THAT! ONLY I CAN DO THAT. The epitome of a bully. If there is a cyber bully around, it’s Joan.

If posts have been made on an internet forum that Joan does not own, who is she to dictate to me how or when or what to post? If the host of any website does not like my comment, they can remove it, or leave it up. Again, if Joan is not the owner of said website, she has no business saying what I can post. She can comment after me, and say she disagrees with me, but she cannot control the internet. The only thing she can control is the content of her own site.

JOAN: DO YOU OWN LEGACY.COM? NO? THEN I SUGGEST YOU SHUT UP WHEN I POST ONE SIMPLE WORD: TEST ……oh, I get it, I wrote the word TEST, and in your paranoid delusional mind you thought I was harassing you. I can see how that word would set you off the deep end. I really bothered you with that word.  It really interfered with your life. SOMEBODY GET A NOOSE! STRING RUTH UP! SHE TYPED A WORD THAT JOAN THINKS IS OFFENSIVE! run for your life! The TEST  is coming. The TEST is coming. What the hell is the matter with you? The only reason I can think the word TEST would strike terror in somebody’s heart would be a school kid who is facing a TEST. But then again, Joan acts like a dam spoiled little kid anyway. Yes, that must be it.

 I said it here before, there has been peace between us for a few years. Since Joan has discovered the internet, she has found a new tool to bash us. She started the cyber bullying herself in September 2008 when she ridiculed my Pagan values and singled out The Three Sippel Sisters.

In another post here, I point out that I have been on the internet since the year 2000, and have been on many sites. I have even had my own sites. I have never bashed her in all these 9 years. It was Joan Wheeler, The Dictator, who started the cyber bullying. She goes all over the internet and bashes her birth sisters. She says we interfere with her life, yet will not give specific details. This is indictive of a lying bully. There are no details to give. She rants about ruining reputations, but will not admit to trying to ruin mine. Yes, she called BGH repeatedly in an attempt to get me fired back in 94 – 95, even tho she was told by administration that I didn’t do what she accused me of. She wrote letters to the mayor of Buffalo, a state senator, and others. She tells people I have a criminal record, when I don’t, and was even a volunteer with the Buffalo Police VIABLE program, which you can’t be part of if you have a criminal record. She claims she has an order of protection on me at the present time, which is a lie. I challenged her to produce the evidence. Scan it and post for the internet world to see. She will not do it. Because she can’t. She doesn’t have one! The one she had was back in 93 and it was for 6 months, and it was dismissed. Yet she tells people I was sentanced to 6 months probation. An order of protection is NOT probation. The judge said if I stayed away from her it would be dismissed. And it was.

But will she tell you readers how I had to take her to court in 1999 when she sent me a letter telling me my fiance got the next door pregnant? I was granted a one year order of protection agains her. (by the way, she claims the baby girl was born in 1993), I have lived here for 22 years. The only 2 babies born at that house were boys.  And the house was vacant in 1993! Geez, if you’re going to deal with bullshit, please, get it right!

Will she tell you readers how she and her husband stole almost $1000.00 from me? Of course not, She is Teflon, any wrongdoing slides right off her.

lol. She even accuses me of using my employers internet to stalk her. Geez Louise! I go on my lunch break, and using my personal laptop, I use my employer’s complimentary wireless to visit her blog. OH NO! I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! JOAN THE DICTATOR HAS GIVEN HER DECREE THAT I, RUTH SIPPEL, MAY NOT READ HER BLOG! however, WHO IS OVER HERE READING MY BLOG, that’s right DICTATOR JOAN WHEELER HERSELF. And wonder of wonders! She is providing links for her readers to come over here!

She accused me of using multiple IP addresses. I did my research and posted a tutorial, explaining that when your modem is shut off, the IP address resets itself. But Joan, instead of doing her research, jumps up and screams “RUTH IS BULLYING ME. SHE’S HACKING AND USING MULTIPLE IP ADDRESSES TO BOTHER ME.” oh puh-leeze!

This is the kind of crap I’ve had to put up with for years. It’s very tiresome.

She’s says on her blog “…their nonsense (me and my sisters) is costing me personal and emotional pain, suffering, humiliation.”

Does she not think that we have suffered persona, emotional pain, suffering and humilation” at her hands? How does she think I felt that my own sister would write me a letter telling me a lie that my fiance got the next door lady pregnant? Did she not think that I would show that letter to John. If she thought he’d get mad, she was right about that. He was good and hopping mad. I think if we didn’t have a car at the time, she would have wound up needing dentures. And she had sent letters to my mother-in-law’s house too. Addressed to John, telling him to leave me. What did she accomplish? Nothing! We’re still together, 22 years strong. But all this was in 1994-early 95. When her own marriage was crumbling. She couldn’t stand the fact that her sister had a stable relationship while her own was going down the tubes. Heck, she even called child abuse on herself! Yepper! Called child abuse, and said, “hi, this is Ruth Sippel. I wanna call child abuse on my sister. Her and her boyfriend molest her daughter. His name is John pace.”

O come on! I’m gonna call a phony child abuse call using my real name, and name my own fiance! Like I said above, honey, if you’re gonna deal in bullshit, get it right.

So an assitant district attorney shows up at my house and reams me out. I don’t think she thought I made the call, but you know, they were getting dam tired of the bullshit. And I don’t blame them. I was tired of it myself. So she “laid down the law” on me so to speak. Yelled at me even. Hey, I can understand things from her point of view. But I told her, just make sure you tell Joan what you just told me. And she did. Everything was cool for 3 years.

THEN in 1998, some guy, I don’t know, never met him, don’t even know his name, bumps into Joan’s ex-husband in South Carolina. Seems he used to know my oldest sister. He trashtalks her to Colby. Colby comes to Buffalo for a visit and tells Joan. Joan writes me a letter about it.

UM, didn’t the District Attorney tell us not to contact each other? DUH! So why is Joan writing me a letter about a guy I don’t know, about something that happend in another state with her ex-husband, who I don’t have contact with?


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