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an email exchange of March 31, 2004 December 14, 2009

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Ruth’s new edit, 11:06 pm, December 25, 2009. I first posted this on December 14, 2009, 4 days before I received the book of lies Forbidden Family.The graphics on the bottom of the post are the 7 pages of the printout  I made of an email I sent to her live-in boyfriend from my email account (hotmail). I sent the email off and sent a copy of it to myself at another email account. Before I sent off the draft, I also printed out what I sent.

On page 388 of her lying book, Joan writes the following about the family website we were building. She says in her book, she made the mistake of bringing up the past in a private email to me (in January 2004). That is correct, she made the mistake of bringing up the past. Why does she continue to do this? Just a few months before, we had already hashed thru some old hurts. We both agreed to leave the past in the past. But she WILL NOT MOVE ON! But her email was not just about the past, she attacks me for moving her photo around, then launches into her usual nonsense about me attacking and plotting against her. (oh how f’ing boring and tiresome she is). She says in her book that I flew into a rage, wrote her back and said that the website was no place to discuss family dirty laundry. WHAT? I never said that. And the actual printouts of the actual email exchange between her and me are posted right here on the bottom of this post. If you need help in viewing these pages, simply click on each graphic. It will minimize itself. Wait a couple of seconds, and move your cursor over it. A small orange box will appear on the lower right hand corner. Click on the orange box and the graphic will maximize again. Please read the entire 7 pages. A chore, I know. Please bear with me. But keep your eye for when I blast her for airing family dirty laundry. Didn’t see it? Well, you won’t! BECAUSE I NEVER SAID THAT. I NEVER WROTE THAT IN MY EMAIL. WHAT YOU WILL SEE IS MY PLEAS FOR HER TO GET OVER HER BULLSHIT AND MOVE ON! She does correctly say in the book that I terminated her membership in the website. BECAUSE SHE WAS ACTING LIKE AN ASSHOLE AGAIN, AS USUAL, BUT AS USUAL, IN HER BOOK, SHE WON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER OWN ACTIONS, BUT SHIFTS THE DAM BLAME ONTO ME AGAIN.

Now here is the original post I wrote 4 days before I got the lying book and read Joan’s lie concerning this event:

The following is a printout of an email exchange I had in early 2004. What happened was this:
While we were in Arizona for our brother’s funeral in early September 2003, I was telling Joan how I had a website over at the now defunct MSN groups service. I wanted to start a website devoted to family. sharing photos, stories, events. Joan was all for it. We exchanged emails and I told her that I would start the group and email her. I did, and my oldest sister’s daughter also joined. In time, a few other family members joined. I had explained to Joan that I did not have a working computer at home, I did have a used computer at home, but it wasn’t working. There was someone at work who could fix it, but I didn’t have the money to pay him. In December 2003, when my father had open heart surgery, Joan gave me her phone number on a piece of paper and told me to call her new hubby, as he fixed computers. I took the paper, but threw it out later.
    I eventually did get the computer fixed, but it didn’t work very well, so I waited until 2006, when my mortgage was payed up and got a good used computer, which is still my main computer. I had planned to get a scanner, but I didn’t have any money. but that is all fixed now.

ANYWAY, things were going good. I posted a few pictures that I had on photo CDs. Others, I took over to Wal-Mart and they scanned them and put them on a CD. From the CDs, I was able to post some pictures on the website. Things were going smoothly, or so I thought. In January 2004, I was very sick, with a bad cold and a bad sore throat. I remember I even posted as such on the website. If memory serves, I titled the post “A Bad Cold” or “A Bad Sore Throat.” I even said that since I was sick, I probably wouldn’t be at work, and I did have a few days off. I didn’t have internet at home, so this meant I wouldn’t be at the site for awhile.
    I did start a second website, because I thought the name was too exclusionary. I discussed this with the membership and asked for submissions for a name for the second sister site. We discussed how I couldn’t change the name of the site, so we needed to get it right the first time. So we had The Sippel Family Photo Album for one site, and Family Tales, Photos and Happenings for the second one. Joan had posted some pictures at the first site. There was one picture that she had the date wrong, also there were 2 old playmates of us Sippel kids. So I fixed the date, put in the correct names.
   What was Joan’s to my working on the caption of “her” photo? (and by the way, she wasn’t in the picture). her response was to throw a hissy fit. The blasted crybaby! Okay, okay, that’s one thing. I could (sort of) understand her complaints, (not really, but just for the sake of argument.) So as usual, Dictator Joan starts going off on a tangent, bringing in all kinds of stuff that were not related to the website, Even dragging my best friend into it. then she starts imagining plots and all kinds of other stuff. Then she tells me of a discussion that she and her daughter had about my oldest sister. Oh, but gee wow, Dictator Joan keeps telling US not to talk about HER, but she and her daughter can talk about my sister?
   Now I didn’t see this email when she first sent it, because I was out sick. by the time I got back to the internet, the email had got buried. I didn’t find it until the night of March 31. I was very hurt and angry by yet another attack by Joan. Maybe she felt she had a genuine question about me working on the photo. ok. but did that justify her dragging all the other stuff in it? but this is how she operates. She can’t STICK TO THE SUBJECT. She can’t get over one disagreement. Even when something has been settled, she will not forget about it. She will keep on it. she will then start with the personal attacks. And drag innocent people into our feud.
    I emailed her back, but she emailed and said she would not read what I wrote. Again, with the dictatorship. YOU MUST READ WHAT JOAN WRITES, BUT DON’T BOTHER TO TRY TO DEFEND YOURSELF. SHE WILL NOT BOTHER. YOU ARE DAMED IN HER EYES AND THAT’S THAT.
So I wrote a couple other responses to her. But then I said to myself, ok, if she won’t listen to me when I am trying to tell her that I was sick in January, and tell her WHY I did what I did to her photo, I collated them all and sent them to her live-in boyfriend. I booted the dictator off my website. And had nothing more to do with her until she started bashing me and my sisters on the internet in September 2008 and October 2009. Five years of peace. And who always starts the crap: JOAN WHEELER.
    Her original email to me, of January 21, is on page 3 here. In it she talks of sensing an undertone of talking about her and plotting against her. And she thinks she been duped. Do you see why we question her mental health? It is not normal for someone to go around thinking of plots and people talking about her when all I did was recaption a photograph!
    On pages 5 thru 7, I detail by busy life. I also had a sick cat, my Samantha, born into my hand (I was midwive for Morris) on July 4, 1988. She was 16 years old, my baby. I had to put her to sleep in April 2004. With all that was going on in my busy life, and nursing my kitty, I had no time to be plotting and talking about and duping anybody, let alone a nutball like Joan Wheeler.
Would someone please get this woman on some meds?




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