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Lacking the courage to stand by what you said previously December 15, 2009

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On December 7, Joan Wheeler very cockily posted personal information about me and my sisters on her blog. She was very ticked off because I dared to have this blog. This blog that is designed  for getting out the truth behind my mother’s death, Joan’s adoption, our reunion with her when she turned 18, the stories of the abuse that I, and other people have suffered at Joan’s hands, and to refute the LIES that Joan says about me and my family.

She also had a page devoted to “Cyber Bullies” inferring that I am a cyber bullie, merely because I am putting out the truth.  On that page, she provided links to my blog.

Part of her ranting and raving on December 7 and December 9, yes, I said ranting and raving, she had posts titled, “Warning: Abusers Stay Away,” and, gee, I can’t remember the exact title, but it did contain the “Rant.” In the Abusers Stay Away post, she goes on and on about me, about how I am using multiple IP addresses to visit her blog, using my employer’s internet to spy on her. – I explained in a post here about IP addresses, that if you shut your modem off, the IP address will reset. And when I am on my lunch break, am on my off hours, on my personal laptop, using a complimentary wireless, then what the heck is she complaining about? And when I shut off my laptop, the internal modem is shut off, so Joan needs to just stop accusing me of doing everything and anything under the sun. lol.

She names various members of her adoptive family,  goes on and on about all kinds of abuses that she thinks happened to her. She never goes into specifics on these “abuses,” nor does she scan and post the evidence! Just names of people she obviously hates. (is there anybody on this planet that she doesn’t hate?) Then she posts the name of my employer, the cities where my two older sisters live, the maiden name and married names of my oldest sister, then goes on about my sister’s Pagan religion and holds that religion up to ridicule.

Now over here, at my blog, I hold to the truth. lol. On my page, visit my other websites, I invite people to visit me at myspace and facebook. On my facebook page I had already listed my employer. So I don’t know what Joan thinks she was “hurting” me with.  But all that aside, her goal WAS to hurt me. Sorry, Joan, after that last tirade of  filthy verbal abuse you flung at me when I merely called to tell you that your godmother died, I am no longer going to be hurt. I recognize you for what you are: a little 5 year old tyrant. All your threats mean nothing to me. And as Sarek said, “Threats are illogical, and payment is usually high.”

But getting back to Joan showing her religious intolerance, I am also Pagan. I am a Wiccan. I know that many people do not hold Pagans near and dear. I do not wish to start a religious war. I was raised Roman Catholic. I left Catholicism because it wasn’t for me. I studied Islam when I first married my first husband. But I have been studying all forms of metaphysics since I was a teenager, and officially became a Wiccan in the year 2000. Wicca is a nature religion. We believe in God, we also believe in the Goddess. We believe in the duality of nature, male and female in all things, Divinity included. We hold reverence for Mother Earth and Father Sky, and reverence for all life. In Wicca, our basic rule for morality is “Harm None.” With this, and our reverence for life, we don’t even like to squish bugs. Because they are a lifeform on this planet too.  We also hold truth, honesty, and integrity very high. Are we perfect? No, not at all. Am I perfect? lol, nooo. I’m not. I make plenty of mistakes. But when I do, I own up to them.  I don’t kill or eat babies, human or otherwise. Wiccans don’t worship Satan, because we don’t believe in Satan. As I said before, we believe in the duality of nature, male and female, dark and light, good and evil. They just … are.  See, we don’t believe in a devil “tempting” us, and we don’t “blame” the devil when we do something bad. “the devil made me do it.” NO, the devil did not make you do it, YOU made you do it.

Now a lot of people will just say, “oh, you’re a Wiccan. ” and keep on going. Others, like Kathie Lee Gifford will stick her foot in her mouth and say, “oh those dirty evil pagans.” and get reamed out. I’m not dirty, I bathe regularly. Evil? Nope, my choice of career is to take care of the sick and dying in a hospital.

There are a lot of religions out there. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, Shinto, Theodism, Wicca, Druidism, and many, many more. But they all seek the Divine, a oneness of humanity with the Divine. Divinity is all the same to all religions, it is simply called a different name in each of the religions. The difference of religions, is how each religion is practiced under it’s own set of man-made rules. If the set of rules of one religion is not for your taste, then you have the choice to find a religion that has a set of rules and its own particular path to Divinity that you feel comfortable with. Just because I don’t feel comfortable with the path of Christianity, or the sometimes hypocrisy of the Catholic Church, doesn’t give me the right to put the Catholic Church down. I USED to be a religion teacher with my cousin at The West Seneca Developmental Center for the profoundly mentally and physically handicapped. We taught children ages 10 – 17, under a Catholic priest, who later came forward as a child molestor. oh, ugh! And we had his name on our resumes! But this does not mean that everyone in the Catholic Church is a child molestor.

Today, at a funeral mass, I was still awed and humbled by the Catholic mass. Did I turn my back on my Wiccan faith? Nope, just partaking in a different ritual to bring me closer to Divinity. Morally and ethically, we should not put down anybody’s choice of religion. The founding fathers of America knew this. Yes, America is predominantly a Christain country, the Puritans coming over from England were escaping religious discrimination. But oh, how the Native American religions got trampled. Still, when the Constitution of the United States was drafted and approved, one of the most highly regarded rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, is freedom of religion. We do also have the freedom of speech. So I recognize Joan’s freedom of speech to basically put down somebody’s religion. But it is not a wise thing to do. Putting down someone’s choice of religion is not nice. You may have the freedom to do it, but it’s just not nice. It’s not respectful.

So now, Joan seems to have second thoughts about posting all those hateful things she did last week. The warning to abusers is password protected and the Cyber Bully page is gone. As the webmistress of the site she has every right to do this. But it just smacks of cowardice. And typical of Joan’s “attack and run” personality. She doesn’t have the guts to stand by what she says. Or if it is pointed out to her that what she did was wrong, instead of owning up to her mistake, and apologizing for it, she simply wipes it out, deletes the posts, and pretends it never happened. So typical of Joan, because she has never, NEVER EVER, taken responsibility for her own actions. “don’t pin any negativity on me, ” she said in one of her posts she deleted,  and “It’s not my fault my reunion went bad.” 

No, Joan, we CAN’T pin the negativity on you, because you’re Teflon, it slides right off. But all kidding aside, this is Joan in her classic mode. She steals money from me in 1990 and 19 years later, will not admit it. Her ex-husband owned up to me about it, but never Joan. Why, once, my roommate Joyce, my husband’s cousin, who was living with us, had Joan on the phone. She told Joan, “Joan, if I gave you $50.00 to go to K-Mart and pay on my lay-away, and you go to the store, and the store is closed, what do you with the money? Do you give it back to me, or do you spend it on yourself. ” With me standing next to her, Joyce then held the receiver between our heads so we could both hear Joan’s response: “I give you back your money.” Joyce then asked her, “well why won’t you give Ruth back her money?” Joan didn’t answer. Because she couldn’t, the little thief and liar couldn’t. Her sin caught up to her. She stammered something about my car, (she had stolen the money to get her car fixed), and John and me had two cars, and some kind of nonsense like that. BUT she screwed herself. We only had one car in August 1990, when she stole the money. My friend Hassna gave us her clunker car in October, two months after Joan’s theft. The clunker car needed work, and our other car, the Grand Prix died the end of September, 1990. Because of Joan’s theft, we didn’t have the money to fix either car. It took us a couple of months, we got the clunker Cadillac going, it lasted about 5 months. We still did not have the money to fix the Grand Prix. We went for years without a car. The Grand Prix dry rotted out, we sold it for junk for $40.00. I was still paying off the bank loan that was part of  the money that Joan stole from me. So Joan’s thievery and selfishness left my  husband and me, taking public transportation in the cold.  And in a financial bind. BUT TO THIS DAY, JOAN WHEELER WILL NOT OWN UP TO WHAT SHE DID! She’s a thief. We all know it. But she will not admit to it.

Come on Joan, where’s your courage? Got none? NOPE, because you are a thief. You are a liar, and you are a coward. When you post something on the internet, have the courage to stand by it. You have no honor.  You broke your promise to me many years ago, when you promised to pay me the money back. Your word is yourself. You break your word, you break yourself.  Not me, not your other birth sisters, not your adoptive cousins, but you, you and you alone. “It’s not my fault.” oh yes it is Joan, yes it is.

Attack and run. This is what you always have done Joan. Attack and run. This is exactly what bullies do Joan. Attack and run. Cyber bullying? Yes, Joan, you have always been a bully, and now that you have discovered the internet, you have found a new way to bully me, and others. “don’t read my blog,” you dictate to me, yet you admit to coming over and reading my blog. Typical bully behavior.

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