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Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler pages 316, 324, and 330 Clear evidence of lies December 23, 2009

Posted by Ruth in Black and White Evidence of Joan Wheeler's Lies: Letters, Court Documents.
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UPDATE NOV 18, 2015 before we continue with this post…be it known that Joan Wheeler has revised her lying book. Gert has a new blog and a Facebook page in which we exam the new pack of lies. Please check them out…



Now to continue with this post…

On page328, in her book of lies, Forbidden Family, Joan Wheeler  states that in December 1993,  somebody called child abuse on her. She blamed me for it. This is a lie. The call was made in December 1994. And the caller identified themself as Ruth Sippel and said that “my fiance John Pace sexually molests my sister’s daughter and my sister lets him.” Riiiight. I’m gonna call child abuse, give them my name, AND name my own fiance! Sure!

In a letter Joan wrote to the New York State Department of Social Services, Child Abuse and Maltreatment Register, dated December 31, 1994, she writes asking for a copy of the report of  December 22, 1994.  If the book Forbidden Family is supposed to be a factual book, and she says the call was made in 1993, and in reality it was 1994, well, the book is not very factual, now is it?

It was NOT in 1993, but in 1994, the same time she was accusing me of tampering with her hospital bill AND the time she was spending everyday on the phone, for MONTHS, calling my job, trying to get me fired. She was calling hospital adminstration, the nursing office, the various nursing floors! (but she leaves this part out of the book).  I TOOK HER TO COURT FOR HARASSMENT IN APRIL 1995, (I signed the complaint on March 19, 1995). AND WE APPEARED IN FRONT OF JUDGE MARGARET R. ANDERSON ON APRIL 19, 1995. But in her book, Joan states that SHE took me to court in the summer of 1994 for the child abuse call that wasn’t made until December 1994, and obtained a one year order of protection against me. THIS IS A LIE! WE WERE NEVER IN COURT IN THE SUMMER OF 1994.  How could she take me to court over a false child abuse call months before the call was made?

When we appeared in court on April 19, 1995, (for a court case that I started, not Joan), Judge Anderson instructed the court that children were NOT to be brought to court. We came back on May 2, 1995, and Joan had her two children with her.  (after the judge said no children were to be in court).  I said nothing to the children, but on page 330, she says that when the court broke for lunch I approached her children and said “You see what your mother is doing to me? You see? She drags you into court to see your poor Aunt go through this.” THIS IS A DAM LIE, AND A MOST VILE ONE. THIS WOMAN, WHO POSED AS HER OWN 10 YEAR OLD SON, CALLED CHILD ABUSE ON HERSELF, POSING AS ME, LIES ABOUT STUFF THAT HAPPENED TO HER OWN CHILDREN! By the way, Judge Anderson threw the case out saying “sisters should be able to get along.” Yeah, I agree, but with all due respect Judge Anderson, you don’t know what happens when you’re stuck with a sister like Joan Wheeler. So there was NO one year restraining order placed against Joan or me in either the years 1994 or 1995.

Oh, by the way, Joan says “when the court broke for lunch” is when I approached her children: this is a good trick, considering the session was in the afternoon, AFTER lunch! see the graphic at the top of this post. It is the summons I recieved to appear at Joan’s trial at 2:00 pm, way after lunch! I also have the documents I received from Family Court (since the regular courts were reluctant to handle “sister” cases, I went to Family Court).   On page one of the documents item 5, is indications of previous applications made to any court or judge for the relief requested herein and if so, the relief, if granted: it states: Buffalo City Court, 5/95, Harrassment of Petitioner (me): action: dismissed. Buffalo City Court, 1993, Harassment of respondent (Joan): action: ACD. I’m not sure what ACD means, but this refers to the Order of Protection that Joan was granted against me for six months, beginning on August 9, 1993.  (addendum January 28, 2010: I just googled and found out what ACD in legal terminology means: Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) means that the court has adjourned from hearing the case in consideration of a dismissal of charges. This typically indicates that the charges pressed against the defendant are soon to be dismissed as a motion for dismissal is being granted.  But Joan says in her book that I was sentanced to probation!!! THIS IS NOT WHAT THE COURT SAYS.  Buffalo City Court granted Joan a six-month restraining order against me, in CONSIDERATION OF DISMISSAL. I was told that if I stayed away from Joan for six months, the charges would be DISMISSED against me. So here is proof of another LIE made by Joan Wheeler in her book Forbidden Family. Do you want to spend $35.00 or more for a book that is touted as being the truth? Joan says on her blog that every word is the truth, yet I have cited lie after lie. Do you adoption reform people want a liar like this representing you or your cause?

The court document I posted above, from 1999, show the ONLY two other times Joan and I were in court against each other: 1993 and 1995. And it shows only one action against me: in 1993. But in her book of lies, she says it was 1994 and she got a one year restraining order against me: THIS IS A LIE, AND I HAVE POSTED THE COURT DOCUMENT TO PROVE IT! In other places, she says I was placed on probation in 1993. Again, THIS IS A LIE, AND I  HAVE POSTED THE COURT DOCUMENT TO PROVE IT!

Getting back to my so-called harassment of her children in the court building,  if her story is true, that I spoke such nonsense to her children, does she say in her book what measures she took to protect her children? NO. Did she tell me to shut up? NO. Did she get a sherrif’s deputy or a security guard? NO.  Did she tell an officer of the court that I was now harassing her children? NO.  Does she say in her book that she did anything a reasonable person would have done if this story had actually happened? NO.  Same thing as when she relates the fictitous visit by Dr. Rene Hoksbergen to my house, and I verbally abused her in front of him. Does she say in her book that she defended herself? NO.  WHY NOT? BECAUSE THESE TWO EVENTS ONLY HAPPENED IN JOAN WHEELER’S DEMENTED MIND!!!!

Also, the children were in the care of Joan’s friend, B.W. Judge Anderson had instructed no children were to be brought to the court. So B. stayed outside in the hallway for a few hours. I went once to the bathroom and my neice had fallen asleep, my nephew looked bored. Why were they there? It was a school day. I CHECKED! And if they were with another adult, ( B.W.), again, why were they there? Why weren’t they in school, at the park, having ice cream in the mall, anywhere?  instead of sitting out in the hallway in the court building bored out of their minds?????

Above are the scanned court documents of 1995 and 1999. On page 325, Joan Wheeler says that in 1994, there were 3 months of court dates. Oh really? NO THIS WAS A LIE! On page 330, she relates the “story” of me verbally abusing her children at the water fountain during a lunch break in one of these fictitious 3 months of court dates. LIE! This is supposedly because of a child abuse call placed against her in December 1993. The call was placed in December 1994, therefore, she did not take me to court in 1994. I took her to court in April 1995. Read the summons for the court date April 19, 1995.  It says 2:00pm, AFTER lunch. We were in court for only two days. April 19, and May 2. BOTH TIMES WERE FOR 2:00pm, AFTER LUNCH. There was NEVER three months of court dates. Joan’s first court date was for April 3, 1995 at 9:30am, to answer the summons. I was not required to be there. We both appeared on April 19, at 2:00pm, and it was adjourned to May 2, at 2:00pm. Three months of court dates my ass, and around lunch time? NO WAY!  Again, we see Joan Wheeler for the LIAR that she is! She says in her book, she brought the children to court because the case involved them. LIAR! This case was MY suit against HER for HER harrassment of ME by writing stupid letters with my personal and medical information to various elected officials in the city of Buffalo. It had nothing to do with her children. Joan is either delusional, or just out and out LYING  in her book. Take your pick, I don’t care, I’m just relating the dam truth, WITH OFFICIAL COURT DOCUMENTS TO BACK ME UP. Joan can’t do that, can she, because even tho she “conveniently” burned all her papers in a hissy fit, she knows dam well  who is telling the truth: ME!

When I petitioned her again in 1999 for harassment in Family Court, THEY researched any court proceedings in regards to the ongoing harrassment of Joan Wheeler and Ruth Sippel. The only proceedings that are on record are the 1993 case, where she got a six month restraining order agains for annoyance phone calls. And the 1995 case, that I instituted, and was DISMISSED. If there was 3 months of court dates in Buffalo City Court in 1994, it would have been listed here in this official COURT DOCUMENT. So here you go folks, clear evidence that Joan Wheeler is a liar in her book Forbidden Family.

Also, on page 316, Joan states that a warrant was issued for my arrest in 1993, in regards to the annoyance phone call harassment complaint she made against me. THIS IS A LIE! When you take a person to court, that person is issued a SUMMONS TO APPEAR IN COURT. If you do not appear, THEN an arrest warrant is issued. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. In 1998, I applied for and was accepted into a volunteer civilian position with the Buffalo Police in conjunction with my work in my block club and the Newburgh Coalition of Block Clubs. In order to be considered for this, a thorough background check is conducted. NO POLICE RECORD OF ANY KIND WAS FOUND WITH MY NAME ON IT IN 1998, BECAUSE THERE NEVER WAS ONE!

Below is a copy of a letter she sent to my husband via his mother’s house, yes, involving my mother in law. Notice the date, December 31, 1994, not 1993.  This was a clear engineering on Joan’s part to break me and John up. Her marriage was going down the tubes, late 1994 – early 1995. An innocent typing mistake occured on her hospital bill at this same time. She made a complaint to my employer, fair enough. They investigated, tracked it down to a billing clerk’s error one afternoon and IT WAS NOT MY DOING. They told her this. But she wouldn’t have it. She insisted I did it, called my job for months trying to get me fired. She says in her book that I work as a billing clerk. NO. I do not. She says this to lend credence to her insistance that I tampered with her bill. I work the night shift as a nurse’s aide. Therefore, I was NOT IN THE BUILDING AT 4PM WHEN THE MISTAKE IN HER BILL OCCURED. She was told this repeatedly! But in her sick mind, she insists that I did it.

And to get back at me for this “offense” (that I didn’t do), and because her marriage was going down the tubes, and she was jealous that my fiance had a solid relationship, she accuse me over and over in the book that I keep saying that she and my fiance had an affair. In fact, it seems that every other page is Brenda this, Brenda that, Brenda hates me. Brenda hates my mother. Brenda hates my children. Brenda is me in the book. Isn’t this book supposed to be about her adoption? Why is it a manifesto on her hate against Brenda/me? I am blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in her life!

Anyway, to get back at me in 1994 for supposedly tampering with her hospital bill, she posed as me, called child abuse on herself, dragged my then-fiance, now husband, AND my mother-in-law into this mess. A mess that Joan was making. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER HOSPITAL BILLS GETTING MESSED UP, I DID NOT MAKE A CHILD ABUSE CALL ON HER, WE DID NOT HAVE 3 MONTHS OF COURT DATES, I DID NOT SPEAK TO HER CHILDREN IN COURT. THE CHILD ABUSE CALL WAS MADE DECEMBER 1994, SO HOW DID WE GET TO BE IN COURT FOR 3 MONTHS IN 1994? AFTER THE CHILD ABUSE CALL WAS MADE, JOAN WROTE LIBELOUS LETTERS ABOUT ME TO THE MAYOR OF BUFFALO AND OTHERS, AND I TOOK HER TO COURT IN THE SPRING OF 1995, THREE MONTHS AFTER THE CHILD ABUSE CALL. SO WE SEE HOW JOAN TWISTS EVERYTHING AND OUTRIGHT LIES IN HER BOOK. Also see below her letter dated December 31, 1994 that she wrote to Albany asking for a copy of the child abuse call of December 22, 1994. How do I have these things? The idiot sent me them. I recieved them on February 25, 1995, along with the letters she wrote to the Financial Director of the hospital where I worked, telling him I am a computer hacker and giving this stranger to me, personal and medical details of me, letters that she wrote to the Mayor of Buffalo, a state senator, the commissioner of Social Services of Erie County, all with personal and medical information about me. This was the basis of my harassment suit against her, my complaiint signed on March 19, 1995. In response, she sent another letter to my fiance via his mother. And in it, she is clearly trying to break us up. And speaking of annoyance phone calls, Joan Wheeler was calling my mother in law left and right, trying to get her to appear in court against me. Finally my brother in law got Joan on the phone and cussed her out and threatened to call the police on her if she called his mother again. My mother in law never met Joan, why would she go to court for her, when even she saw that this was nothing but an attempt by Joan to break us up. She told her son, as I did, to stay away from Joan, not because I, or my mother in law hated Joan’s children, as she says in her book, but because Joan is nothing but a liar and a troublemaker. My mother in law gave the letters to John and he brought them home and gave them to me. He said, “what am I going to do?” I told him, “I know you love those kids, but you got to stay away from that family. The kids are good, but Joan and her mother are bad news.”  John finally stopped going over there, ON HIS OWN DECISION, AFTER HE SAW WHAT JOAN DID TO HIS OWN MOTHER. But of course, in her book, Joan doesn’t say how she tried to drag John’s mother into this mess. The mess made only by: JOAN WHEELER in her demented attempt to discredit me in the eyesof my fiance, who incidentally IS NOW MY HUSBAND!


documents proving Joan Wheeler is a liar in her book Forbidden Family, to Albany New York, and evidence of her trying to break me and my fiance up.



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