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attention adoption reformers part 2 January 3, 2010

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Here is another example of Joan’s LIES. Joan’s blog on wordpress was not shut down by wordpress. If you go to her blog, you get the message that the blog was deleted by the author. NOT by the webhost.  http://halforphan56.wordpress.com/articles/

She then BY HER OWN CHOICE, decided to get her own domain, which she was willing to pay for, because she said she “WOULD NOT BE CENSORED.” WHY THEN DOES SHE WANT TO CENSOR ME? Why is she afraid of the truth? I’m not. And why is blaming me and my sisters for HER decision to obtain a paying website.  Fact of internet life Joan: when you use a free webservice, you are subject to THEIR rules, not Ruth’s Rules. If you violate those rules, you get censored. I don’t know what you did to get wordpress mad at you. go ask them. I’m just trying to write my blog here, and abide by the rules of wordpress.com.  Because I respect my site’s host’s rules and regulations. If I make a mistake, and they delete one of my posts, I will ask them what I did wrong, so I DO NOT REPEAT MY MISTAKE. This is how we as human beings grow and learn, by taking responsiblity for our mistakes and  learning from our mistakes. We’re all human, we will all screw up. I have put my foot in my mouth in real life and cyber life many times. But I always take my lumps and don’t pawn the blame off on somebody else. JOAN: YOU TYPED WHAT YOU PUT ON YOUR BLOG, NOT ME. NOT MY SISTERS. SO KEEP THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS: ON YOURSELF.

 What happened was: Joan on her “adoption reform blog” made an erroneous statement about the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. Someone posted a comment and told her she had made a mistake in one of her statements, and corrected her. Joan left the comment, and after seeing the email, saw it was from our sister in England. She then sent her a nice email, stating “I always knew we would get reconnected again.” or words to that effect. Two days later, Joan removed my sister’s comment and nastily said that her blog was for adoption reform NOT for religous debates. What happened in those two days? NOTHING! And if her blog is only for adoption reform, why was she posting things about religion? she also showed her religious bigotry in an old post on her blogspot blog when she attacked “pagan values” knowing full well that her oldest birth sister (and me) are pagan.

For some reason, wordpress.com deleted Joan’s post about Yom Kippur. Because Joan didn’t like that, she started her other blog. Why was her blog at blogspot shut down? I DON’T KNOW. I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Joan’s blog at wordpress.com was shut down over a month ago. yesterday, on January 2, 2010, she says that I have complained to wordpress about her “AGAIN.” Why would I do that? She no longer has her blog at wordpress. This makes no sense! Why would I complain to wordpress.com if she no longer has a blog at wordpress.com?

Joan, please, stop. Your hatred of me and my sisters is making you say stupid things. Are you capable of putting together a sentance that makes sense? Because you just showed the whole internet that you just blithly keep making accusations against your birth sisters with no justifications, no reason, no sense, no logic. You keep making accusations just because we are telling the truth, and YOUR lies and YOUR misdeeds are now coming to light. I don’t know why your mother is afraid of me. I didn’t do anything to her. I don’t know why you are afraid of me. What is your problem? As for your children thinking that I am scum of the earth – that is because YOU brainwashed them. but why don’t you tell your adoption reform friends, how three years ago, I connected with your daughter via myspace and we had a nice “penpal” relationship? I terminated it in November (to keep peace between you and me, and to keep your daughter out of our feud) 2009, because of YOUR verbal abuse of me over the telephone when I called you to inform you of a relative’s death. Why don’t you tell the truth about that phone call? mmm? Yes, I got the number from my father. I called him to tell him aunt Doris died. I asked if he had your number. Because I knew that just a couple of months prior, he had to throw you out of his house.

When I called, he sounded tired. To spare him a phone call, I called you. And you started screaming like a banshee. Can you not keep a civil tongue in your head? The obscenities! Yet in your blog, you tell the world that I use swear words in my normal speech. How dare you?
Anyway, yes my father gave me your number and I shredded the piece of paper I wrote it on. Believe me, don’t believe me, I don’t care what you think. I only care about you NOT LYING about me. I emailed your daughter, apologizing for upsetting you.

Oh, but I’m such a bitch, ain’t I? lol. I told her that it was NOT my intent to upset you, that I made a mistake in judgement. I WAS NOT INTERFERING WITH YOUR LIFE OR TRYING TO WEASEL MY WAY INTO YOUR LIFE? WHY WOULD I WANT TO BE PART OF YOUR LIFE? YOU ARE ABUSIVE TO ME! I DON’T WANT YOU IN MY LIFE. I DON’T WANT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE. We are connected by blood. We share family members. We will always run into each other. I have been cordial to you. In the airport September 2, 2003, waiting to go to our brother’s funeral, I WAS NOT THINKING ABOUT YOU! YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO ME! IF I LOOKED UPSET, YEAH, MY BROTHER JUST DIED. On July 21, 2003, my husband’s maternal grandfather died. On July 28, 2003, my mother-in-law died, On August 4, 2003. my cousin died, on August 19, my ex-husband and still good friend died. And on September 1, 2003, my brother died. I was going in and out of the airport TO SMOKE! Yet in your book, you say there was tension in the airport.

What the f are you talking about? Your boyfriend was there. Did you think I was going to jump on you and beat you up? JOAN, YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO ME. YOU ARE NOT WORTH ME GOING TO JAIL OVER. SO GET OVER IT. My god woman, I even left my carryon baggage near YOU, because in a silly way, I STILL TRUSTED YOU, THAT IF I WAS OUTSIDE SMOKING, OR IN THE BATHROOM, NO ONE WOULD STEAL IT. Then again, the snake you are, you probably would have left somebody steal it.

As for your threats of revealing the secrets that I and my sisters have, GO AHEAD! WHAT SECRETS ARE YOU HINTING AT IN YOUR O-SO-PROFESSIONAL BOOK? What a professional, you showed your readership what a nasty slimeball you are. That you know secrets about your sisters and will reveal them. I’M CALLING IN YOUR BLUFF LITTLE GIRL. REVEAL AWAY! AND SINCE MY OLDEST SISTER GERT HAS NO COMPUTER, SHE HAS AUTHORIZED ME TO SAY THIS: REVEAL HER SECRET AS WELL!


AS FOR YOUR REPEATED ACCUSATIONS OF OUR INTERFERENCE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, WOULD YOU KINDLY TELL US WHAT THEY ARE? ALL YOU KEEP SAYING IS *whine* “they keep bothering me.” *whine* BE SPECIFIC. GIVE DETAILS. INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. (ME TOO). I sure would like to know what I’ve done, since November 3, 2009. And the last time I saw you was April 9, 2004. And NO, I was NOT warned at the birthday party. By whom Joan? YOU?

NO, no, no. what happened was: this was just after I booted you off my website (and as the webmistress, I had every right to do so). Why? Because you acted like an idiot again. At the party, everything was just fine. I was sitting in the living room with my stepmother. You were on the way out the door, and instead of keeping the peace, you just HAD to start your sh!t again. You turned to me, and said “Ruth, we have to talk.” I said nothing. You said nothing further. You turned and went out the door. OH MY GOD, I WAS JUST WARNED. yeah, warned that YOU wanted to talk to me again.

And liar, tell them the last contact we had in December 2004. I sent you a letter BEGGING FOR MONEY. My house was being foreclosed for back taxes. Due to my husband’s open heart surgery on September 24, 2003, we fell behind. YOU STILL OWE ME MONEY FROM WHEN YOU STOLE FROM ME IN 1990, ALMOST $900.00. I asked you for even 10 bucks. What did you do Joan? You tried to pull me into court for harrassment. And the court denied your claim, because they read my letter, and saw that it was not a harrassment letter, but a plea for help. So much for YOUR INTEGRITY AND HONESTY JOAN.
People reading this: I NOT WANT JOAN IN MY LIFE. I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN HER LIFE. The only thing I am doing is standing up for myself and my family and calling Joan out on the carpet for her lies about me and my family.



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