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The Three Sippel Sisters as named in the book – just for fun. January 4, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Having Fun with Disfunctionality.

Joan names her three birth sisters, The Three Sippel Sisters, Irma,  Edith, and Brenda in her book. These names are unfamiliar to us.  I have come up with some characters  with whom we can identify with.

This is Edith Sidebottom, (aka former Liverpudlian Michael Hurst) who appeared in 3 episodes of Hercules the Legendary Journeys as The Widow Twanky. The Widow Twanky is an accomplished dance teacher, choreographer and charm school mistress.

for more information on this amazing woman and her alter-ego the Widow Twanky go to : http://www.michaelhurstnow.com/con2009LA.html

to see this marvelous woman in action, you can see the video “Widow Twanky’s Song” on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuB8gebM0p0   from there you can see other Widow Twanky videos.  Be sure to check out the Widow Twanky’s Dance Training video, where she  tutors Hercules and Altheia. There’s even Herc’s and Altheia’s performance in the Dance Competition.

Joan names me Brenda in her book. Thank you Joan! One of my childhood heroines was Brenda Starr, reporter. This lady had class! And even has red hair like me! (I used to be a mousy brown – mousy, Joan, not dark brown – geez, can you EVER get ANY thing right?), but now I am a red head – thanks to Lady Clairol!  I’ve got comics books, fashion dolls, even Brooke Shields played me in a movie!

Speaking of comic strips, I remember reading a comic book called My Friend Irma when I was a little kid. Irma started out on radio and made it to TV. There were even a couple of movies about her. Joan names the eldest Sippel Sister as Irma.  While in real life, my eldest sister is not a blonde, nor dumb (far from it),  My Friend Irma seems a nice comic character to represent her.


PS from Gert Sept 14, 2012…I have forgotten on great this post was…is…great



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