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happy birthday, not January 7, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Having Fun with Disfunctionality.

so here I am, on my lunch break. ON MY PERSONAL LAPTOP my little Acer Aspire One Netbook. Bonnie brought in blueberry muffins. Laura brought in some chicken soup. And I just finished my third cup of coffee. After this, and I send off an email, I’m gonna put my feet up, go to my music file. I might listen to Bliss by David Young, It’s always a nice album to listen to while I take a quick snooze.Andreas Vollenweider is also good to listen to.

Next weekend I need to go to Borders to get my monthly fix of sci-fi and Witchy/Pagan magazines. John’s Heavy Metal mag should be out too. While I’m there, I’ll sit at Border’s Cafe and get a cappucino and drag out my Acer. Hook it up to Border’s complimentary wireless internet. I might troll on over to The Nameless One’s blog. The IP address will show up as coming from Borders. lol. Do you think she will accuse me of hacking into Borders computers to troll her site. Darn right she will.  Her day is not complete unless she accuses me of something.  sad, very sad. that her life is made up of little vignettes of Ruth’s bad behaviour.

I think she’s gone senile in her old age. lol

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

laughing at the stupidity of some people.

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