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Guest Post by Kathy Inglis January 25, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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(Joan Wheeler writes) ‘As author of FF I don’t have any words these days…’

That’s cos she can’t, or won’t, think for herself, so all she does these days is copy other people’s words about Haitian orphans-at least she credits THEM. Are we supposed to think the reason words fail her is she is genuinely affected by the scale of human tragedy in Haiti-a tragedy which encompasses the ENTIRE Haitian population, not only prospective adoptees? Perhaps if JW were to use her OWN words to express genuine empathy for the Haitian people as a whole, rather than, as always, use other people’s thoughts and ideas to promote her own agenda, she would redeem what little is left of her ‘professional and personal credibility’. Or are her OWN words reserved for attacking and lying about her own birth family? Just a thought, and my opinion. But I wouldn’t want JW to think I’m attacking her.

Ruth’s Thoughts:

Yes, I am well aware of Joan’s inability to think for herself. I have noticed several key phrases taken from me and my blog, (and cleverly changed the spelling of a mild oath I like to use), key phrases from our eldest sister Gert’s open letter to Joan, key phrases from Chayelet’s blog too!

A lot of Joan’s rhetoric seems to also have been lifted from a certain adoption reform site, whose owner is a tad on the radical side.  Joan paraphrases this person, and even uses several key phrases of that person. I noticed recently that links to Joan’s blog has been removed from that site. Are people finally getting to see the “real” Joan Wheeler? The one that her adoptive and natural families have known for years? The sneaky, lying, thieving, abusive real Joan Wheeler.

A snake always sheds it’s skin, to reveal it’s true hidden identity.



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