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Photos from the Past March 15, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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In her book Forbidden Family, Joan Wheeler  paints the Sippel family as being “po’ white trash.” We were “working class poor” we were not trash. She writes in her book on page 542 that my father was so poor he couldn’t afford a dress to bury my mother in, and almost buried her in the nude. WTF? Well what the heck was hanging in her closet? No, I’m sure my daddy couldn’t afford a dress suitable for the Academy Award Red Carpet, but I’m pretty sure my mommy had some clothes in her closet.  “Honor thy mother and thy father” Joan puts in the beginning of her book, then writes this garbage? How is this honoring them? THIS IS TRASHING MY MOM AND MY DAD, AND I WON’T CENSOR MYSELF IN THIS! What? Was my mother walking around in her underwear before she got sick and went to the hospital in late 1955? I kinda think she had a dam dress! And what? Did she attend Sunday Mass  on Sundays in her underwear? As most people of that generation did, I am sure my Mom had a few nice “Sunday” dresses. And Joan, if you’re going to spread lies, please make them believable! geez!

This is how Joan puts it on age 542 “The most hurtful rumor first reached my ears in the summer of 2007 – that my father was going to bury my mother in the nude because he was too poor to bury my mother in a dress.”  Joan doesn’t say who told her this rumor, nor does she say if she defended my father, her birth father, who by 2007 she has known for 33 years.  And does she stop and think about what I said in the above paragraph that my mother must have had clothes in her closet? Nope! Joan admits it is a rumor, and instead HONORING MY DEAD MAMA, she doesn’t dismiss this disgusting piece of hearsay, but publishes it in a book for the world to see! 

March 16, 6:52pm. Just received this via email (from public library) from Gert McQueen.

ruth and kathy
dont’ know about you two but
I was at the wake and Mom had cloths on, they certainly would not take them off after the viewing. I believe the comment comes from relatives that hated dad and told it to joan to discredit him and joan is such an asshole and she really believes that dad was poor that she belives it all, don’t worry about it.
I will be addressing that issue when the time comes, I’m doing a very indepth book report. there is nothing wrong with that if joan doesn’t like the critizism she sould not have written a book that would be subjected to a report

1. chayeletMarch 16, 2010

I also saw my mother in her casket- I was held up close to her so I could see her face, and I attended the funeral. She was fully clothed. Family myths and hearsay do not equal truth, and, really, do not have anything to do with the FACTS of Joan’s adoption, and have no place in a work of ‘non-fiction’ as the book FF purports to be.

right click on pictures to enlarge. see the details in the background. especially the  picture of my first birthday. Notice the detail of the kitchen pantry in the upper right hand corner. The neatness of the pans hanging on the wall. The overall cleanliness of the spice rack in the upper center. By the way, if we were so “poor” how come we had one little cake just for the birthday person, and a large cake and ice cream for everyone else? (not that this has anything to do with the topic at hand, but don’t you think I’m soooo cute holding that little football?)

1. My mom and dad. See how happy they look.  Hardly the man who would bury his wife in the nude.

2. My first birthday. Photo taken by my mama. See how well nourished + well dressed the  kids are. The kitchen clean and neat. But Joan in her book paints a picture that the Sippel family was so poor we lived in squalor.

3. Carousing in the street. The woman sticking out her tongue is my mama. My dad is in the middle. My Mama was a fun-loving woman! Not like Joan, a dried up bitter thing who is full of hate and rage. Yeah, read her book. Every page is filled with hate and rage. (some may say my blog reflects this from me, and I agree. BUT I am only angry at ONE person in my life: Joan. In her book, Joan shows hate and rage to EVERYONE in her life! To my mom for dying, to my dad for giving her up, to the Wheelers who adopted her, to her adoptive family, to her birth family, to her ex-husband, to ex-boyfriends, to the lawyer who handled our failed real-estate venture, and the list goes on and on and on!)

4. The Sippel kids and stepbrother. See how nice and neat we look. If the clothes look funny, lol, think back on how YOU were dressed and had the 80’s Big Hair! It was the style of the day.

5. My junior year high school yearbook picture. Nice and neatly dressed, wouldn’t you say? We didn’t have a lot of money, but we were clean and had good clothes.

Joan alo says on pge 542 that our father fed kids hotdogs while he (and presumably my mother and then my siblings’ step-mother) ate steak. This is a family anecdote that Joan in her “brain fog” has gotten wrong.
What happened was this: my father’s mother was from the old-school, she would send over a steak every Friday for my dad. My mother, and then later my stepmother would say “thank you,” and put it in the freezer and the next week, another steak would come, and then we all would eat steak. and yes there were times that we kids would eat hotdogs.
As to the next “story” that my father sent my brother to the Broadway Market for hotdogs, and he ate them on the way home, leaving no dinner for the rest of the family, this makes no sense. Broadway Market was 2 and a half long blocks up Smith St. and then 5 short blocks over. There was Matty’s Deli right around the corner if we needed something in a hurry. Besides, there was Loblaw’s at the corner of William and Emslie only 5 blocks away and Joan was not there, I was. I went shopping every week with my stepmother. We had money for dinner people. come on. What Joan is doing is having “brain fog” in hearing another family anecdote that my brother was sent to the store and probably did eat the hotdogs. I WAS THERE, I HAD DINNER EVERY NIGHT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And if we were so “poor” how come we had one cat, 2 parakeets, turtles, fish, Visible V8 Engine set, chemistry sets, build your own radio kits, a backyard gym/swing set, electric football game, kitchen sets with hoses to a bottle to supply running water, the first Easy Bake oven, Chatty Cathy dolls, Nancy dolls, Janet Lennon dolls, Elsie the Cow doll, some doll, if memory serves, The Breck Doll, sponsered by Breck shampoo, where you learned to style hair, and these weren’t Barbie doll sized, but big – their heads were at least 3 or 4 inches across! I had a Drink and Wet doll who was at least 15 inches long! The first Lite Brite sets. Sno-Cone set. I had a chair and desk set with reversible top – chalkboard on one side, artist easle on the other, paint by number sets, the oirginal Cootie and Mr. Potato-Head.

AND we had our living room set from Ethan Allen furniture – colonial style! with a couch that opened to a bed. Colonial style rocking chair, coffee table (of which I had until the early 80’s), colonial style dining room furniture, of which I have TO THIS DAY, one of the chairs – it’s sitting  four feet away from me right now! I vividly remember being with my step-mother and step-brother bringing home the living room lamps from downtown Buffalo, Hens and Kelley. AND if we were soooo poor, how come every week, my step-mother took me, my brother and stepbrother downtown to the movies, usually to see the new sci-fi, stuff like “The Cosmic Man” “Invaders from Mars” “Darby O’Gill + the Little People”  We saw Fantasia, went to the circus, I vividly remember not liking the clowns and my stepmother holding me. And all the junk we brought home. I also vividly remember my stepmother taking ME alone to see the brand new Hayley Mills film, The Parent Trap. My brothers and I had Roy Rogers capgun sets, complete with belts, which my grandmother didn’t like. Rubber Jim Bowie knives, Davy Crockett hats. I had a Howdy Doody doll who came to the hospital with me when I had my tonsils taken out at 7 years old, where I threw a temper tantrum because they shut my tv off just as Chuck Connors The Rifleman came on! (I had to leave my rifle home, dad wouldn’t let me take it).  All these brand new toys, and pets, but we were poor? I DON’T THINK SO!
in my post the other day where I stress that my father was not coerced into giving Joan up for adoption, I GOT THIS FROM MY FATHER’S OWN MOUTH MANY TIMES.
Joan says that he told her in 1974 that a Catholic priest coerced him. This is not true. My father told me that he consulted with his parish priest and they advised him. He never talked my father into it. My father thought long and hard about it. Joan makes it seem as tho she was turned over to the Wheelers at my mother’s funeral.
Joan was born the first week of January. It was discovered that Mom had cancer AFTER the baby was born. There were no x-rays showing a baby AND a large tumor. It was ovarian cancer. Mom went downhill fast.Joan, after she was released from the hospital went to live with Mom’s brother and his wife for 3 months. It was clear that Mom was not going to make it. Dad was making tough decisions for ALL of his 5 kids. Joan’s adoption was not finalized until the following year. in the meantime, my dad remarried to a woman with 2 sons. From the summer of 1956, to January 1957, my father had ample time to reconsider the adoption.
Joan continuously “mixes” things up, such as dates and names. She even says she does, and attributes it to being “in the fog.”
She even says that in 1974, she was given so much information, she couldn’t process it all. WELL OBVIOUSLY SHE DIDN’T PROCESS IT VERY WELL ABOUT THE CATHOLIC PRIEST.
Are you calling my father a liar Joan? There is only one liar around here, and I think we all know who that is! And I  would certainly like to know how I’ve been “hunting her for 54 years” considering 54years ago, I was only THREE YEARS OLD!

Stop the exagerating, the embellishing, the LYING, Joan! I wasn’t hunting anbody when I was 3 years old. And 54 years ago my sisters were 8 and 9. Nobody was hunting you then, and not now.  We are merely setting forth THE TRUTH in some things you say about us and our family. When I say something about my miscarriage, and tell people about MY WANTING CHILDREN, how is that about YOU? When I write about MY mother and MY father, and you don’t like it, too bad!



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