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Another contradiction by liar Joan Wheeler March 17, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Contradictions of Joan Wheeler.
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the other day at the Adult Adoptee for Change forum, Joan asks the people is she should post our fullnames on her blog (to get back at us, for what other reason could there be?) BUT she neglected to tell them, THAT SHE ALREADY HAD POSTED OUR FULL NAMES, OUR CITIES OF RESIDENCE AND MY EMPLOYER on her blog, and posted this info on a justanswers.com! I addressed her breach of our privacy in two previous posts. I had only put my name and Joan’s out on my blog. Mine, because, I choose to. Joan’s, because she’s all over amazon.com and on the abc news site and other places on the internet anyway. But my sister’s names were not mentioned, nor their cities, UNTIL JOAN PUT THEM OUT THERE IN DECEMBER 2009 AND JANUARY 2010! And on her blog, she accuses me of using my employer’s computers to troll adoption reform sites and names my employer! ohh, but she whines to YOU at the AAFC “get them away from me.”  She does things to hurt us, then wonders why we get pissed off, then like the coward she is, goes whining to her buddys to do her dirty work. If she can publicize our names, cities and employers, she had dam well better take the heat of her foolishness. Here are my two past posts addressing this issue, with an excerpt from both. Click on the link to see my full post.

Whining Teflon Dictator Joan at it again. December 28, 2009

So apparently Joan solicited free legal advice via the internet around December 19. She doesn’t like the fact that I, in this blog, am telling the darn truth of MY OWN LIFE! She reports that I am using her name in my blog. Yep, I am. But does she tell them that on December 7, 2009, she did the same to me and my sisters on HER blog. Of course she backtracked and took down her “cyber-bullying” page, but her post wherein she posts personal information about me and my sisters is still there, albeit “password protected.” So cronies of hers who deign to want a password can have access to some of our personal information. Only thing is: if you google my name, this is what comes up:

  1. Forbidden Family » defamtion of charcter

Ruth Sippel Pace (Buffalo, New York), G.S. M. (W.New York), and K. S. I. (L.) —
forbiddenfamily.com/tag/defamtion-of-charcter/ – Cached

Google results for Ruth Sippel Pace:

  1. Forbidden Family » personal attacks

Kaleidahealth.org and Buffalo General Hosptial employee Ruth Sippel Pace has Ruth Sippel Pace (Buffalo, New York), G.S.M. (W,
forbiddenfamily.com/tag/personal-attacks/ – Cached

Now I took out my sister’s names, and left only their initials and the initials of their cities. I left my info, because my name is right up on the top of my blog, and if you go to my page “my other websites” you can go to my facebook page where I already listed my employer.

 Joan Wheeler, coward. Won’t stand by what she says. January 5, 2010

At 10:00 this morning I saw where she amended her Attention Adoption Reformers post that she put out a couple of days ago, where she was “warning” adoption reformers that I, and my sisters are trolling their sites. (which we are not). Her original post contained mine and my sisters full names and the cities of our residences.

The amendment I saw this morning contained my online screen name and my employer. She also accused me, for the internet to see, of using my employer’s equipment to do this trolling. I found this out by googling my own name!

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