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An April Fools post by a true Fool – Joan Wheeler April 1, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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Seeing as this is April 1, usually known as Aprils Fools Day, it is quite appropos that a certain fool writes another foolish post. This particular fool got her hair done and started talking about adoption and tells her hair stylist that her “family of birth was destroyed by adoption.”

Where does she get this foolish idea? Our family was NOT destroyed by HER adoption! Our mother died. Jesus Christ, Joan, won’t you let that woman rest? Have you no shame?

Anyway, our mom died, and Joan was adopted out. Our father remarried. His second wife was mentally ill. We kids were scattered into foster homes, an orphanage, various relatives homes, but WE WERE NOT DESTROYED! Relationships suffered, yes, but NOT DESTROYED! How does Joan account for this blog, maintained by The Three Sippel Sisters? Our sisterhood was NOT DESTROYED by Joan’s adoption! Our relationship with our father is shaky, again, NOT BECAUSE OF JOAN’S ADOPTION, but because of not being with him during our formative years and lack of bonding. Again, this was due to our step-mother’s illness and frequent hospitalizations. JOAN’S ADOPTION HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CHILDHOOD AND HOW WE WERE RAISED.

Incidentally, wherever we were during our childhood, we were raised with morals and values that Joan clearly does not have. We learned things like familial loyalty. We learned not to steal from family members or anybody else. We learned not to tell lies about family members or anybody else. Joan has stolen from me and my older sister Kathy. Joan has lied repeatedly about all of her members of both her birth and adoptive families. Joan has stalked members of her family. Joan has filed false police reports on me. Joan has filed a false child abuse report on herself, posing as me, and reported my husband as the offender, all in an attempt to discredit me in the eyes of my husband. Joan has called my job repeatedly in an attempt to get me fired. Joan has written letters to the mayor of Buffalo, giving him my personal health and family information.

It was Joan herself who has tried to destroy her birth family, but has failed. A true neurotic, she sees that instead of being destroyed by her adoption, and despite being raised in a seemingly hap-hazard way, our family was NOT destroyed, but sought out ways to keep together. Even when, in our adult lives, siblings moved to other cities, we still kept our closeness. And this is what is eating Joan up. She sees our familial loyalty, and wonders why she is not part of it. She is not part of it, because of her actions. Would you want someone in your life who calls your job to get you fired? I don’t think so. So she sees The Three Sippel Sisters still together, and in her heart of hearts wishes that we had been destroyed, so she deludes herself with her foolish imaginings.

She writes, “We – society – are influenced by what we hear, and what we hear influences our perceptions around us.” Unfortunately, Joan hears only what she wants to hear. She is not part of her birth family. She was, from 1974 to 1982, then she started her meddling, her lying, her stealing. She meddled in our eldest sister’s upbringing of her minor child. She stole beads off my wedding dress, the wedding dress that originally belonged to my mother. (she has no shame), and refused to return the beadwork. She made a mockery of my miscarriage, she stole almost $900.00 from me in 1990.

So we turned our backs on her. Our relationship with Joan as a family member, or even as a friend or acquantaince, was destroyed, not by her adoption, but BY HER OWN ACTIONS. I don’t keep thieves around me. I don’t keep liars around me. Face it Joan, YOUR relationship with your birth family was not destroyed by your adoption, it was destroyed BY YOU LYING TO AND ABOUT US, AND BY YOUR STEALING FROM US! It was YOU and YOU alone that destroyed your relationship with us.


NEW COMMENT from Gert….March 30 2015

This post of Ruth’s was written LONG before I had begun making my own blog posts, placed on Ruth’s blog, and before I had my own blog.

As birth siblings, our collective and individual lives were NOT affected by Joan’s ADOPTION, as Ruth points out in this post. It is Joan who REFUSES to accept that fact. The reason is because Joan is anti-adoption; actually she wants to abolish adoption! In order to present her case, from HER point of view, she uses, willfully, and for exploitation, her birth family, seeking to prove that ADOPTION is why the birth siblings REJECTED her and for any of OUR faults.

While Ruth, in this post, tells much about what Joan did to her, there is far more damage that Joan did to EACH BIRTH SIBLING and BIRTH FATHER and extended BIRTH FAMILY.

Before Joan wrote, and got published that libelous book, Forbidden Family, she had already started a campaign on the Internet against us. We of course had no idea of that campaign or the book! But once we did, we took action against her, with our blogs and on as many sites where we found lies against us. And we still continue to do so.

Joan knows NO boundaries, she respects NO ONE. Because she HATES adoption, she attempted to stop the ADOPTION of one of our step-sisters by our father. Joan also attempted to stop MY adoption of my own child! She called me an unfit mother, in front of my children. She VIOLATED my parental rights going behind my back telling my children they didn’t have to listen to me. When I told Joan to BUTT out of my business she called false child abuse upon me and husband.  That action of Joan’s is WHY I had nothing to do with her since 1981. There was an attempt to reconcile in 1992 but Joan started right away with violating my privacy and condemned me for my RELIGION. It was Joan who continued to attempt to contact me. And even when I truly wanted to end the negativity between us…it was Joan that again lied to me and then wrote LIBEL about me in that fucking book!

So be it April Fools are not, Joan is a complete FOOL and should NEVER BE TRUSTED by anyone. She is mentally unstable and will stop at nothing to present a false picture of the birth family.


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