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hiding behind other websites to view this blog – it’s either Joan Wheeler or her adoption buddies June 7, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Having Fun with Disfunctionality.

oh sneaky sneaky.

I have a regular reader that comes here from other websites: tvrizzor, tv spot9, online paralegal degree and online psychology degree, digg.com. I also have a regular reader from their email inbox of hotmail and yahoo mail.

lol. Only DIRTY ROTTEN SNEAKS DO THAT. come on be honest, why are you hiding?

Oh, but in the past Joan accused ME of using multiple IP addresses to view her blog, until I researched it and found out – and informed Joan via this blog – that when your modem is shut off, the number changed AUTOMATICALLY. Of course it is too much to ask of whiny bitch Joan to APOLOGIZE when she has made a mistake. Like falsely accusing me of something yet again.

well, if you like the coward’s way of doing things, if you really feel the need to hide behind another website to view this blog, hey, that’s ok by me. You’re more than welcome to come back any time. See, I don’t view it as cyber-stalking at all.

So, come on in, set a spell. Read all you want. And ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

I keep my coffee hot and have cake for everyone - even in virtual reality.

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