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I haven’t forgotten Joan Wheeler or my blog about her filthy lies — June 17, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates.

I have just been really sick the past couple of weeks.  A viral illness that has been going around – nausea, vomiting, the runs, high fever, dehydration, severe headaches.  And my husband caught it from me.

Now if I was so dam nasty, as Joan likes to tell everyone that I am, I would have gone over to her house and made sure I breathed on her so she would get sick too.  But no, I am NOT as evil as that.  But now watch – since I have let the cat out of the bag – If Joan has been sick, she will find SOME way to pin it on me – after all, I seem to be her favorite scapegoat. Anything that goes wrong in her life is always MY fault – or the collective Three Sippel Sisters.

Don’t know how we got merged together like that – we aren’t a tapeworm you know – But this is how Joan’s mind works – if you can call that “work” – I call it stupidity.  But you know, stupid people are too stupid to hide their stupidity.

So hopefully, I will finish the blog post I started a few weeks ago – I do have a life you know,  I don’t spend every waking moment on my computer, well, not EVERY waking moment, but a lot, but NOT all of my time is devoted Little Miss Joan. 

And I got some great upcoming posts – I got one that will blow Joan’s mind – and yours – when I refute a MAJOR lie.  and this is NOT the one we hinted at (we – Gert and me) last month. This is a doozy – and the proof I have – well you guys better hold onto your seats when you see the proof!

Oh, are you worried Little Miss Joan? You should be – but then go back to what’s written on my sticky post on this blog’s home page – “If you don’t want people to know what you’ve done, you should not have done it.”

and oh yes – my “warning” to everyone who stops by here – WARNING – EXTREME REFUTING OF LIES AND TRUTHTELLING DONE HERE.

Little Miss Joan, you have told lies about me, my sisters, and other members of our family,  and now those lies are coming back to slap you right in your face – better get on some meds because the ugly truth about YOU is coming out.  And you won’t be able to squirm your way out of them either little girl. You wanted to play games? With my life? You wanted to play games with MY personal, professional and political reputation? We have not reached the end of the game yet little girl – we have not reached HOME yet – we got a long way to go – tighten your seatbelt – it gets really bumpy from now on.

Me, I’m cool – right now I’m listening to Beethoven’s Ninth – Second movement – best dam music EVER in the world.  Get a life Joan – isntead of spending over 30 years writing a piece of trash like that lying idiotic book of yours – you should have been getting an education on classical music, learning how to respect people and learning how NOT to lie.



1. Gert - June 18, 2010

Ah, yes, we have been busy, but some things are just worth a bit of a wait.

As I’ve been reading the book and writing my blog posts, I’m amazed at how often the three sisters are mentioned, by Joan, as if we were one! The witches of Macbeth we are!! boil, boil, toil and trouble, stirring we are. The brew we are stirring is nothing but Joan’s own words a mixture of lies, exagerations, fabrications, fanasties, and madness.

2. Ruth - June 18, 2010

Or as Shakespeare said:
Whom Gods destroy, they first drive mad.
We Three Sippel Sisters may not be gods, and we have not driven Miss Joan mad, but destroy? – now I like that word!

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