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Joan Wheeler is strangely quiet after we get her “press release” yanked. June 28, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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This is very wierd. In the past, when Joan has falsely accused me and my sisters of shutting down her blog(s) and shutting HER up (oh how I wish we had THAT power), she has been very vocal about it. But the ONE time we DID get her lies yanked off the internet, she has nothing to say!!!!

In the post titled “Joan Wheeler issues press release for her “new” book – no, it’s still the stupid book of idiotic lies, and even her press release is bull”  posted on June 22, 2010, are the statements that we Three Sippel Sisters wrote to the website that hosted the “press release” for her “new” book. The book Forbidden Family came out late November 2009. It is now 7 months later. This book is not new. This website is merely another vanity website, a place where Joan can “publicize” her lying book, trying to drum up business. I really could care less, EXCEPT in her press release, was yet ANOTHER slam against her birth family. She claimed that her birth family “terrorized her to the brink of suicide.” THIS IS SLANDER AND LIBEL! If Joan was at the brink of suicide, it’s because she needs professional help, or else she threatens suicide for attention. And she did it in the past – to me, in my apartment in 1986. Because her then husband Colby moved to South Carolina for a better life and gave her an ultimatum – move to South Carolina (where she would have to leave her new-found birth family in Buffalo) or get a divorce. She came to my apartment and was whining about it, and actually threatened suicide. I don’t remember her exact words, but I could tell it was just for attention – it was all dramatics. Joan should have gotten a career as an actress!

Well, I fired off a separate complaint to the website stating that Joan’s lying statements about her birth family driving her to suicide was slander and libel and even told them about that suicide “threat” in 1986.

We Three Sippel Sisters are taking credit where credit is due: we fired off our complaints to the website, and they yanked Joan’s bullshit press release off the internet.

So why does Joan need to issue a press release months after her lying book has been published? Because it is not selling! I could have told Joan a long time ago, that her book was NOT going to sell. Why? Because it is NOT a true book about adoption reform, it is merely Joan’s “payback” to everyone in her life that ever disagreed with her or made her angry. The book is not about her adoption or her reunion. If it was, it wouldn’t have stuff in there about MY life, like I was a neighborhood activist in the 1990’s. What does that have to do with HER adoption that took place in 1956 or her reunion with her birth family that took place in 1974? I will tell you what it has to do with even adoption reform: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So why is it in her book? It is just a bit of tawdry gossip about me, that is all. Because I live in the “inner city” where conditions are less than perfect, so she paints me as white trash. And yes, conditions in my neighborhood weren’t all that great, but they have greatly improved. Why? BECAUSE I AM A NEIGHBORHOOD ACTIVIST! I organized and headed a block club on my street. I had discussions with the police chief of Buffalo, the mayor, my district councilman, and others. Joan holds me up to ridicule in her book just because I was/am a neighborhood activist. What kind of person puts down another person for their efforts in trying to improve the quality of life in their hometown, for fighting drug activities, for taking a stand against guns and violence in our streets? I will tell you what kind of person does that: a screwed up nutball like Joan Wheeler, who is so full of hate towards me that she talks about me like I was slime. Yet whines and complains if somebody “talks” about her!  She wants it both ways! JOAN will put down other people, but gets mad if they put her down. Typical narcissistic bitchy behavior.

If I am white trash because I live in the “inner city,” well so is Joan, because she lived only a mile and a half from me – also in the inner city. When she puts people down for living in the inner city, she puts herself down. It is called “transference.” There are things about HER life, HER personality, that she can’t stand, and instead having the guts to be a WOMAN and changing what she doesn’t like in her life, she will transfer the putdowns onto other people and put them down. And her favorite scapegoat is ME, and from time to time my other sisters. Gosh, I just had a thought – if I were to have a heart attack and die tomorrow – Joan’s whole reason for living (blaming me for everything that is wrong in her life) – will be gone! Maybe she will up and commit suicide. Oh my! I better be sure to take my Lipitor and my Omega 3 fish oil capsules to keep my heart healthy. I don’t want to get blamed, even posthumously, for Joan’s suicide! roflmao1 and believe you me, Joan would blame me – she would leave a suicide note – it would read: “My birthsister Ruth died of a heart attack last month. Things are going awful in my life. My book isn’t selling. The readership on my blog is down. In fact just last week, another post of mine got shut down by her. Yes, I know she died, but I just KNOW she is responsible. I don’t know who else to blame for my own screwups, Ruth is gone. What am I going do? I can’t blame anybody else. So I will just end it all.”

roflmao! – just another example of Joan Wheeler Speak!

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