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To Tell the Truth – who lies? Joan Wheeler or The Three Sippel Sisters? August 7, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Black and White Evidence of Joan Wheeler's Lies: Letters, Court Documents, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Lies in the book Forbidden Family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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I am currently on vacation, but with lots to do. My high school reunion is this weekend, and I’m going to the dinner tonight for that. Then I have plans for things to do. I am working on the companion piece for Gert’s post on Chapter 13 -14 of Forbidden Family. But until I get that post finished and posted, here is something:

I was just listening to an internet podcast from Wednesday, August 4, which featured former Ghosthunter cast member Brian Harnois. Brian and his wife Michelle, who are facebook pals of mine, are currently involved a personal problem involving another former Ghosthunter cast member. Brian started talking about lying and said “Before you take the word of someone, make sure they’re not liars themselves.”

So how can anybody reading this blog tell who is telling the truth about the Sippel family/Joan Wheeler adoption drama? Well, first, unless you shell out up to forty bucks to get Joan’s book, you won’t know what’s in it. But what we are doing, is quoting from the book. And when we don’t quote, we give you an accurate description of what Joan has written in it. Then we give OUR side of the story. For example, when Joan says this or that happened, and it is wrong, we come on the blog and correct it with the truth. Like when Joan has said that I was driving her around in 1974, and I didn’t even learn to drive until 1976, who do you readers believe? Well, in other instances, Joan has said that she has had a one year order of protection against me and gives the dates of August 1, 1993 for the start date, well I’m here to tell you that that is a LIE! The order of protection was for SIX MONTHS and to PROVE this, I scanned and uploaded the actual court document that I have that states that the order of protection went into effect on August 9, 1993 and it was for SIX MONTHS. See the post “Lies in the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler December 18, 2009”

On one page of her book, Joan refers to an email exchange that she and I had early 2004 and says that I had blasted her for airing family dirty laundry on a website that I was building to exchange family photos. ha ha. Well, I had gathered up all the emails between me and her and had forwarded via email to her live in boyfriend at the time. – April 2004 – then printed them out! I scanned the pages and posted them right here on this blog. The pages have the actual date and time that I printed this out. If you read them, there is not ONE mention of “airing dirty laundry.” See the post “an email exchange of March 31, 2004 December 14, 2009”

Joan will keep telling people that I am “harassing her and interfering with her life.” But does she ever say EXACTLY what I do? When I blog that Joan has harassed ME and interfered with MY life, I have told EXACTLY what she has done, like writing letters to my then fiance, now husband John, telling him to leave me. And sending those letters to his mother’s house. And to back up what I say, I give the proof right here on this blog – the actual scanned and uploaded copies of the letter, and the envelope! see the post “Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler pages 316, 324, and 330 Clear evidence of lies December 23, 2009”

Ask Joan for her “proof.” She has none! Ask the Three Sippel Sisters for our proof – we have plenty! Some is yet to come. Some in the form of more written material – more actual letters written by Joan herself – and we have a real big surprise email from someone that will knock your socks off! stay tuned!

excerpts from the post about the order of protection, which includes actual scanned court documents to prove that Joan Wheeler is a liar:

Joan relates in her book that it was February 1993 when she took to me court for these phone calls. WRONG! She signed the complaint on July 9th, 1993. We went to court and I was railroaded. They had me for the 3 calls I made on June 21. Joan was given a restraining order against me effective August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994. FOR A TOTAL OF SIX MONTHS! Yet on page 316, she LIES and says it was for one year.
On page 323 in her book of lies, she tells a story of her moving on August 1, 1993. She relates how I violated the order of protection and came to her house. LIE! The restraining order was not in effect until August 9.

Here is the complaint that Joan signed on July 9, 1993

and, yes, if you go to that post, you can see the actual court document with Joan’s signature on the complaint next to the date of July 9, 1993. And her complaint was for “annoyance” phone calls she received in JUNE 1993. So why does she say she made the complaint in FEBRUARY 1993? To add several months onto the order of protection – to stretch it out from it’s actual SIX MONTHS duration to her saying that it was for one year. CLEAR EVIDENCE THAT JOAN M. WHEELER IS A LIAR IN HER BOOK FORBIDDEN FAMILY. – unless she was psychic and foretold the future. Perhaps she consulted a crystal ball and was told that I would be calling her in June 1993, so she wanted to do pre-emptive strike. Why wait until the calls are made? File the complaint months in advance!

Adoption reform people – is THIS the kind of person YOU want representing you or your cause? Someone who WILL NOT tell the truth about her very own birth sister? If she could lie about her own blood kin, she can lie about anyone, and she has. And she can lie about YOU!



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