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To Joan Wheeler’s adoption buddies – hi! (lol) August 30, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Having Fun with Disfunctionality.
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Your site’s rules do say,
to hold prospective members at bay:
“no defamatory or falsified posts”
shall grace your message boards boasts.

But you let one sinner defame her kin
left and right, again and again.
You believe her version of the “facts”
sucked up in her Academy Award acts.

All I want is the truth be told
and for this, yes, I am bold.
Ask yourself this one query,
With falsehoods on ME, yes, I’d be weary.

Now as to your message so clever,
for my sly visits to sever,
On my “sweet” sister, I will stop spying,
when with her foul mouth she stops her lying.

 For all she has written about me
on YOUR site, for your members to see,
are defamatory, falsehoods-yea, breaking YOUR rules
 for you not to realize this – your’re nothing but fools.

And now I have one more thing to say to thee,
I do have a life, one truly BLESSED without Joan-ie.
And on this fine bright summer morning,
I thumb my nose at her, at you, and at your stupid warning.

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