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slimeball Joan Wheeler – are you proud of yourself? Lying about the family just days before the anniversary of our brother’s death? September 1, 2010

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warning: adult content here and strong language. Proceed at YOUR consent and risk.
I write this in anger and hurt feelings. I am threatening no one. The person I write about deserves everything written in this blog. She is an insect – an insect to be squashed.
A friend of mine commented on the facebook comments of my wanting to remove Joan’s teeth via my fist. She said that I must have a good reason, because I am usually a fair person.
So I wrote this in response and I want Joan to read this:
yes C., I am. But you know me, when I get stepped on – watch out.
for my own blood kin, to lie about me and the family, just days before the 7th anniversary of our brother’s death – I just saw red!
By the gods, Joan, Butch wil be swinging the hammer of Thor on your f’ing head! And Mom is just hurting to see her babes (me, Kath and Gert) be put thru the shit you do to us.
now here’s another message from me to Joan:
Joan, You will NEVER be a part of this family again. Nobody ever laid a hand on you! Liar.
May Goddess have mercy on your fucking soul! I hope you rot in hell you bitch. Got that?
get a bottle of pills and take them so this family can have some dam peace!
I HATE YOU.  I am ashamed that you came from my mother’s body. and she’s probably thinking the same thing.
You can lie to your adoption friends, but you can’t lie to my mother’s spirit or my brother’s spirit.
And don’t let me ever catch you at MY mother’s grave. I will not have her grave desecrated by a pig such as you. Take your  filthy body and stay the hell away from MY FAMILY.
You do not deserve to even claim kinship to that sweet woman. To tell such a lie about Genevieve’s family – you know DAM well you were not EVER physically attacked by ANYONE from Genevieve’s family – F YOU AND DON’T EVER LET ME LAY EYES ON YOU! THAT MEANS YOU LEAVE A ROOM WHEN I ENTER IT. 
Better still – don’t sully us with your filthy body ever again. You are not welcome to any family gathering. I will call 911 and have you forcibly removed – as a stalker – yes – YOUR history of stalking ME – writing letters with MY personal history to the mayor of Buffalo – you f’ing crackpot. Those letters are still forthcoming on this blog – hard evidence of how YOU are the one who is causing trouble – not me, not Gert, not Kathy,not Gail – YOU and YOU alone.
Who the hell writes letters to the mayor of a major city with personal details of her sister’s life? Telling him that I can’t get pregnant, that I’m living with a man without benefit of marriage, that he is of a different race than me? Is that the mayor’s business? BITCH! That’s right readers – only a f’ing asshole with a f’ed up mind with no brains, whose name is Joan Mary Wheeler does shit like this. But she didn’t put that in her book – so I’m telling you right here, right now what a bitch she is.
then go whining “I don’t know why my sisters don’t like me.” Please Joan – either sign yourself into Sheehan or take a bottle of Loritab. Please do the latter. It would put YOU out of your misery – because you keep saying what a horrible life you have. And it would give our family the peace we need after dealing with your shit for 36 years. And maybe too, my mother can finally rest in peace.
by the way Rus Thomas – I do have class – it is Joan who does not – as for bitterness – buddy, you don’t know me – so shut up. I have had to deal with Joan’s lies for years and to pick up the pieces – as for class – ask Joan about the pool table in Lulu’s in Kitchener Ontario in 1984, when she had a new husband and baby at home.
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