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Telling the Truth Part 1 – Joan Wheeler – The Three Sippel Sisters September 7, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Contradictions of Joan Wheeler, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Lies in the book Forbidden Family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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A month ago, I blogged a post called “To Tell the Truth – who lies – Joan Wheeler or The Three Sippel Sisters?’

In that post I bring up the subject that strangers to this situation may not be able to tell just WHO is telling the truth here. Now I have been posting actual court documents and actual letters written by Joan Wheeler right here on this blog. Despite having this undisputed PROOF of Joan’s lies, and she KNOWS dam well she lies, Joan keeps insisting that it is SHE who is telling the truth. She gets on her site and starts writing, embellishing and twisting things. We know she reads our blog, (because she keeps whining about it and quoting from it to her adoption buddies). And she has SEEN the documentation that I have provided. But on her site, she keeps rehashing the same thing (ok, I’m a bit guilty or rehashing myself), but the one thing Joan will NOT do – is even mention or acknowledge the documentation that I have provided. As Kathy pointed out in her comment to Myst’s post, Joan has never ONCE acknowledged the pain that SHE has caused US.

I have posted two actual handwritten letters from Joan that were sent to my husband, via his mother’s house, and in them, Joan is clearly trying to turn my husband against me and trying to involve my mother in law in our dispute. My mother in law never met Joan, had nothing to do with her, yet Joan wanted her to appear in court AGAINST ME, when I took Joan to court for harassment in early 1995. So come on Joan! You said on August 25, 2010 on your adoption forum that you did do some wrong things. You said this to your adoption buddies, but not to ME, the one who was hurt by you. You did not say this to Gert or Kathy or Gail. But you say it to strangers.

 And yet Joan, despite her whinings about her birth family keeps saying that she wishes things had turned out better, that we didn’t hate her so much. But she fails to get it through her head that WE DO HATE HER. And we cannot forgive her. Perhaps we can, but first, we must get an apology. Or even an acknowledgement of what she has done to us. So Joan, you say on the adoption forum that you DID do some wrong things – well, tell us, tell the internet just WHAT did you do? Never mind, don’t sweat it, you don’t have to say a bloody thing – because we Three Sippel Sisters will do it for you – and we are – right here on this blog.

And is Joan one iota remorseful of these “wrong things?” NO! On the contrary, she is PROUD of what she has done. Her whole book Fobidden Family is nothing but a manifesto of hate against anyone in her life who had dared to anger her.

As proof of her pride in upsetting people, pages 350-356, she relates an incident of her giving a lecture during for one of her classes at State University of New York at Buffalo (Buff State) while she wasgetting her social work degree. She lectured on infertile women and their selfishness in wanting a child. As if they were bitches for not being able to reproduce. Joan attacked them for seeking infertility treatements, and of course adoption. Joan tells us in the book that the classroom erupted in anger (oh, yes, Joan ALWAYS gets people mad at her). She says that several women ran out of the room to barf. (what a professional term for a professional writer to use. The professional term is VOMIT! – I thought she said this book was properly edited, vetted, checked out – BALONEY! This book is a piece of trash, not only for its content, but its style of writing). 

Joan continues for 7 pages to regale us with the tale of her upsetting an entire roomful of people, including her professor. Her message is clear: infertile women are not entitled to the joys of motherhood. Because of a fluke of nature, they must be condemned  to a life of loneliness. This is the same thing as saying anyone with a birth defect is not entitled to corrective surgery, even if the technology exists. So if conjoined twins can be seperated, we should not – because they were born that way. But Joan doesn’t see it that way – she sees things the way she wants to see them and will play GOD and tell infertile couples to their face (and mine, don’t forget how she rammed this shit at me, just after I lost my son, while I was greiving and I begged her on the phone to stop talking about it) they are SELFISH, they DON’T DESERVE THE LOVE OF A CHILD.  When Joan refused to stop talking about babies on the phone with me in April of 1987, I slammed the phone down. She had just ripped out my heart. Did she care? NO. To this day – JOAN HAS NEVER APOLOGIZED TO ME FOR THIS. She hurt me so bad, my own blood sister – and yet, I turned the cheek and took her back in my life, because SHE WAS MY SISTER AND I LOVED HER. But does she say this to anyone? NO. She will have you believe that I am a bitch. When after she hurt me, and very deeply, I FORGAVE HER! But I retract my forgiveness, because she does not deserve it. JOAN WHEELER IS THE LYING BITCH, NOT ME.

So right after I posted the “To Tell the Truth” post, Joan scrambles and tries to point out that SHE is the one telling the truth. But she doesn’t do it with hard evidence, instead she uses old newspaper clippings and editorials giving HER stand on adoption! And what does all THAT have to do with her trying to break me and my husband up? NOTHING! And just because she wrote a bunch of stuff in newspapers and a reporter got a few things mixed up gives HER the right to stab me and my sisters in the back? And in my case, twist the f’ing knife around and around and try to destroy my life? Yes- she tried to destroy my life – she set me up with the phone company – baited me with a falsified letter, knowing I would phone her, kept hanging up on me, yet reported to the police that it was me who was hanging up on her. She called my job repeatedly trying to get me fired. She tried to break me and my husband up. She involved my mother in law. She wrote lying letters to the mayor of Buffalo, she wrote lie after lie about me in that trash book of hers. Even asked for a hitman to kill me! (how’s that for rehashing – and I will keep repeating Joan’s sins until you numbnuts get it!).

And people wonder why I hate her. Are you as dense as Joan?

Next post: Telling the Truth Part 2, from Gert McQueen.



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