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To Rus – the fool October 5, 2010

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Having Fun with Disfunctionality, mental illness.
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This is the last time I am going to respond to the troll Rus –

you only see what you want to see – you say what you see on the front page of Joan’s blog was very nice – oh but you did not go to her cyberbullying page to see all the filth she has written about us – and for the remembrance of our mother’s death – she calls us fools.

Rus, you have a lot of nerve lecturing me and my sisters to rid ourselves of our negativity – but go and look at the garbage written by Joan – it is full of negativity – and dear Rus – YOU are one to talk about negativity – weren’t YOU the one who called me a bitch? Not only was that very negative, but it shows you for what you are – a hypocrite!

Your posts are marked as spam – you do not get any more attention – you are nothing. If you don’t like what is written on this blog – why are you here? If there is nothing but negativity here on this blog – why are you subjecting yourself to it all? What are you? A Masocist? Or you get your jollies from cat-fights? lol. Whatever – YOU don’t matter. YOU will not stop us. YOU don’t know what you are talking about – because YOU don’t have the courage to have an open mind and actually READ what we are blogging.

Myst said to put ourselves in Joan’s shoes – no, how about YOU people put yourselves in OUR shoes – Do you think we are making this stuff up? When I have scanned and posted actual court documents that prove that Joan is a liar? How can I make something up like that? Or when Joan says she has had no contact with us and I post PHOTOGRAPHS of us and her –

Rus, I think you are delusional. And you’re acting like a fool. oops, what’s the matter Rus? dont’ like being called a fool? Well neither do I. And yesterday, Joan said that, all the while pretending to honor my mother. And here’s the proof: a screenshot of her cyberbullying page, that I took just 20 minutes ago.  And you are really the fool Rus for believing what Joan said last month that she wants to keep the peace. By calling us fools, she is NOT keeping the peace.  Joan is a Master Manipulator and she is just pulling your strings. Not only are you a fool, but a little wooden puppet with sawdust for brains becaus you obviously are not thinking for yourself. well, doesn’t bother me anyway. lol I’m off to bed!  have a nice day Rus!

There will be no more said on this matter. Spammers will be ignored because they have nothing intelligent to say. And no intelligence to research things before they post. That’s why they are called Trolls Acting Like Fools.

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