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Why is Joan Wheeler scared to have her sisters see her cyber-bullying page? Joan, you’re not afraid of the truth, are you? oh – just afraid of us seeing more of your lies. October 9, 2010

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addendum – October 15, 2010 – Joan apparently has either taken the cyberbullying page OFF her website, or has hidden it inside of other pages – so you can’t find it. the true taletell signs of a cut and run bully – put something for the victim to see, and before the victim can get others to see it and believe what the victim says – the bully removes the evidence – then spouts their innocence – “what? me? little ol’ ME? write things? Well if I wrote them, where are they?

right here, Joan, right here:

and if this page looks different than what you see today on her website – that’s because she just last week revamped it. Doesn’t matter Joan – you can erase it all you want – but it’s still right here! The internet don’t lie –  Joan is the one who lies. Foolish trolls with no brains who cannot logically figure this out even when faced with photographical evidence make me laugh.  If it is password protected or removed, of course you can’t find it. Ninny. Because I know how Joan Wheeler operates – YOU don’t. This is why I provided the screenshot of her insulting her sisters! Because I knew she would remove it after awhile – try to remove the evidence. Think logically you ninny – in the meantime, I made a copy of the evidence so she can’t squirm her way out of it. And have Foolish Wormy Trolls named Rus respond when she pulls his strings. what a joke – a squirmer and wormer!        So here is this original post, dated October 9, 2010.

Joan Wheeler’s cyber bullying page is NOW PASSWORD PROTECTED.

Why is that? What are you scared of Joan? Scared for us to see what you write about us? roflmao! What a cowardly bully! The post and run tactics of a true cyber-bully! Yes, Joan, if you want to see a real cyber-bully – all you need to do is look in the mirror.
Yeah, post crap about your sisters, then hide it. roflmao! — That’s quite all right dear, we have plenty of your printed word to take apart as lies – all contained in that silly book of yours – and we got some good stuff coming up in a few days. Besides Joan, you’re a little late – I already showed MY readers what a lying little snot you are – posting such honorable stuff on your front page, but on the same day, post garbage about your sisters on another page. – Do you really think people can’t see what a FOOL you are making of YOURSELF?

Joan’s hypocrisy shows true –
On our mom’s birthday last week, she shows another Academy Award Performance – such a loving daughter!  Oh – I have a tale to tell – about when Joan stole beadwork off a dead woman’s wedding gown – and that dead woman was our mom. Yeah- that’s what I said – she stole the beadwork off my dead mother’s wedding gown – and it was in 1983 NOT 1978 like she says in the book. And that’s how Joan honored our mom in 1983. What Joan put up on her website had nothing to do with honoring our mom on her birthday – she posted that for the benefit of her readers – but her actions belie her words – as the old saying goes ‘ Actions speak louder than words.

And I got proof positive that Joan Wheeler is a liar about another event she relates in her lying book – an actual photocopy of a newspaper published in June 1978, which shows that Joan is a complete fabricator of things.

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