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who is being a sneak to view my blog? tsk, tsk, using an IP proxy server, why are you hiding? December 7, 2010

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got a hit last evening from this: http:// After googling this, I find that it is an IP proxy server. This means, you go to this website, and it will give you a temporary IP address that is different than your actual IP address.

I have never actually used an IP proxy server, never had the use for one, as I am usually aboveboard and honest in what I do on the internet. (see below for the one time I engaged in some espionage).  But in my research about IP addresses, I have learned about this. 

Now on Joan Wheeler’s cyberbullying page, one of her false and wild accusations against me is that I use multiple IP addresses, or different wireless networks to view her blog. Get over yourself Joan. You and your disgusting blog are just not that important to me that I need to hide myself. I have explained already why my IP address changes, through no action of mine own. HOWEVER, the first two sets of numbers are the same – because I have Verizon, East Side of  Buffalo. I have nothing to hide, Joan my dear.

But a couple of repeat readers/viewers of my blog keep hiding  from various different student loan blogs, ebonito wedding page, tvrizor, and others. Who are you that you have to hide yourself? Is it YOU Joan? roflmao! Or a couple of your adoptee friends?

No matter, the point is, SOMEBODY  is VERRRRY interested in this blog, and are desperate to keep me from finding out who they are. And if it’s Joan or her adoptee buddies, we see how hypocritical they are. Joan, who falsely accuses me/blasts me for using different IP addresses to view her website, and the adoptees who were pissed because I infiltrated their forum. roflmao! I infiltrated their forum to see what Joan was saying about me and my sisters, and yes, I found her lying about us. Because I knew Joan would NEVER tell the truth about us. And when I got on the forum, yepper, there she was – talking trash about us. It’s pretty much a public forum, altho some topics and discussion boards are private for members only. And that’s where I found Joan trashing us, and telling lies, saying things that are harmful to us. but then Joan INSISTS on her cyberbullying page that she is NOT trashing us – but turns around and goes to this forum and most certainly DOES trash us. And lies about us.

As usual, Joan berates me for my espionage, but engages in espionage herself.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting back, quite content. Because whether my regular readers want to be known or remain in the shadows, the end result is the same – this blog is getting read. And whoever is reading this blog, is learning the truth about Joan. So by all means, continue to visit her any which way you want. The only hypocritical “spy” I’m really laughing at is Joan.

Spy vs. Spy. roflmao

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