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Joan Wheeler is now self-promoting her book Forbidden Family under false pretenses January 11, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Contradictions of Joan Wheeler, Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Lies in the book Forbidden Family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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by Gert McQueen

Continuation of Joan Wheeler’s lies, her back tracking, her attempts to cover her tracks, her attempts to prove herself, which really only prove that she is digging the hole deeper for herself and…more of the same.

UPDATE Dec 2015; as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ yet again, her ‘story’, NOW called ‘duped by adoption’. There is NOTHING in it for adoption reform, for she is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



now to continue with this post…

Having recently seen Joan Wheeler’s web page about Forbidden Family I must say that she is again crossing the line. This woman has no sense of what she does, she can’t seem to see that she can not get herself out of the hole she dug for herself and it’s only getting deeper.

Joan must not have many friends left because she has resorted to ‘self’ advertising.
First things first: according to what is stated in the first pages of the book and elsewhere, the author states that there are no REAL names in the book…this is patently false and she gives enough information within the book that anyone can quickly do a research and find us.

Secondly, on the web site, for the purpose of promoting and referencing a book, which is suppose to keep the real names of the family, ie. my father, me, my brother and sisters out of print, the author posts the death notice of our mother and that contains all our real names.

Her argument that we have identified ourselves is a NON issue. We did not write the book! Joan Wheeler did and Joan Wheeler is PROMOTING her book under false pretenses and Joan Wheeler is exposing the real identity of the characters in her book that is suppose to keep those characters names out.

So where does the author protect the family! If her book is a true story, as she states,and she is “protecting” our identies by changing our names in the book,  then why is there a need for the author to publish a death notice that has all our names in it? Purely for hurting and exposing the birth family. Thank you very much Joan Wheeler for not only telling untruths about us but by giving the world our names…long before we started the blog and even now on your PROMOTIONAL blog for a book that claims it is about adoption reform.

This exposure is under the tab, on the Forbidden Family’s web site, called about the author. It is a recent addition placed there as punishment to the birth sisters because we will not stop telling the truth about the lies in the book. By doing this, the author has discredited herself by doing the very thing that she states in the book that she has not done! This action is a clear violation of privacy to our family and ourselves, is a direct lie that the author is now stating and a violation of the ethics according to the Association of Social Workers, that the author is a member of.

Under the tab called press release, the author has posted some statements that are in and around the book. This is NOT a press release. The author needed to fill this empty space, because we sisters had a press release REMOVED back in June 2010! So to fill the space and make herself look good, she does a bit of self-advertising.

Under the tab about the Book and Buy the author STILL has the advertising of a web-site that is hate based against the sisters, calling us cyber bullies and stalkers and gives out false statements of a personal slanderous nature. And like a fool she keeps advertising our web page where we report all the lies in the book! Joan Wheeler is shooting herself in her foot.

Ruth’s note: yeah, that’s right – that page is HATE based – so Russ ol’ boy and any other of Joan’s friends, don’t be coming here and leave little comments that this blog is hate based – go see what YOUR friend Joan is writing. roflmao at Joan’s stupidity and her friends hypocrisies.
Joan Wheeler clearly cannot accept the fact that she has been CAUGHT in more lies than she even knows she has stated and still is stating them.

We sisters shall continue on with telling the truth and Joan Wheeler can not stop us.

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