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Legal Notice to Joan M. Wheeler – Part 2 January 17, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, mental illness, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements, Statements from The Three Sippel Sisters.
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Legal Notice to Joan M. Wheeler – part 2
January 17, 2011  – 7:30am by Ruth Sippel Pace

First and foremost – if any comments are placed on your website, they are not and will not be from any or all of the Three Sippel Sisters. If any comments are placed and signed with the name of Ruth Sippel Pace, Kathy Inglis or Gertrude McQueen, they are not from us. If any email address is attributed to these named persons, then someone has fraudulently opened an email address using or name(s) WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. If you, Joan Wheeler have any complaint about any person leaving comments on your website, then by all means, excercise your right to call a law enforcement entity and have the IP address and email address investigated. Just because you voluntarily adjusted your website’s security and privacy settings, doesn’t mean that these things cannot be traced. Don’t whine and complain, make a formal charge. Put up or shut up. And Joan – when it has been found that it was YOU and YOUR BOYFRIEND impersonating me or my sisters – it will be YOU and Russell D. Thomas up on identity theft charges – so you better think twice before you start something you can’t finish. Every keystroke can be tracked – every email and every IP and computer signature code can be traced.

Second, as long as MY name is mentioned on a website, I claim the right to visit that website. It is MY legal name, not yours Joan, and I claim the right to see and read and know what is being said about me and my name. If you have any objection to me reading your website, then remove my name from your website. And this goes for my other sisters. Is your website not for the purpose of adoption reform? As I have no interest or contribution to this topic, WHY IS MY NAME ON A WEBSITE DEVOTED FOR ADOPTION REFORM? This also applies to my sisters.

Third, if your readers want a “bloodbath” that is not my concern. That is between you and your readers.

Fourth, re: your warning to me and my sisters to “stay away from you.” Excuse me, I am not near you. Don’t want to be near you. Nor do my sisters.

Fifth, if your mother is dying, that does not concern me. Nor does it concern my sisters.

Sixth, when you yell “my mother is dying, for god’s sake, leave me alone.”
Please state exactly what you think we did to bother you. Again, we have not called you, nor have come to your house, or gone to any health care facility that your mother is at. Nor have we written any letters to you. And I wouldn’t invoke god’s name if I were you.

Seventh, do you mean leave YOU alone, like YOU harassed US the other day when OUR father lay in his casket and you permitted your sleaze boyfriend to desecrate our father’s guest book and sign it with the names of four dead men and one man who was hundreds of miles away when his name was forged by your sleaze boyfriend? Won’t the police be interested in hearing about that!

I really think you need to get on some medication.

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