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Legal Notice to Joan M. Wheeler Part 3 by Gertrude McQueen, first born of Leonard Sippel January 17, 2011

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Face the facts Joan Wheeler you don’t belong to us! The blame is all on you!  You had it, but you blew it, with your crazy crap! No friend of Joan Wheeler’s is a friend of me and mine!

UPDATE OCTOBER 2016; as older posts are being seen I, Gert, am updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler (Doris Michol Sippel) says about me and family. The first book ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011. Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’. This woman has no shame no sense of family honor! Then in 2016 Joan changed her name back to her birth name and rewrote and republished the SAME crap in another book; a Third edition! CALLED ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’! Talk about conning people!


this blog’s title/sub title is… DUPED BY ADOPTION & AN WOMAN’S STRUGGLE FOR IDENTITY, A BOOK STUDY an in-depth analyzes of the books called Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by adoption & An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity by Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel.


to continue on…

By Gert McQueen, first born child of Leonard Sippel. 

I wish the entire the world to know, in particular, the families of my parents, Leonard Sippel and Genevieve Herr and all my brothers and sisters of the families of my father’s current widow, my stepmother, to know, that Joan Wheeler is no relative of me and mine. She is a disgrace! Her male friend, Russ Thomas of Wilson NY has stepped into territories that are called harassments; hate speech, desecration of a family’s funeral item, and character assassination of several members, both living and dead, of an entire family. I hope that everyone who is related to or knows of our families, make it known to Joan Wheeler just how evil, her and her male friend’s, behaviors are. 

Joan Wheeler is not a legal daughter of my father, Leonard Sippel, who died January 11, 2011. Period, end of story, fact of life, nothing else can and will change that fact. 

After very tragic life circumstances that led to my father having to place a child into adoption that child was then reunited with birth father and family. That was a grave mistake…she, Joan, should never have been contacted and united but, fact of life, she was, and we all have been dealing with the aftermath ever since. That being said, my father did indeed recognize Joan Wheeler as the child he placed into adoption, but, fact remained that Joan was NOT his legal child, she was LEGALLY a child of the Edward and Dorothy Wheeler. Dad did indeed, with joy in his heart, accept Joan in reunion and tried over many many years to be a Dad to her, but Joan continued to cause much trouble over the years and Dad had to remove Joan from his home and presence often. 

Facts that Joan Wheeler refuses to accept are these:
She is not a legal member of the Sippel family. She is not welcomed nor wanted by any member of the Sippel family and all our descendents. She wrote and published a hateful book of lies about every member of birth and adoptive families. She has been told to stay away and she doesn’t. 

For historical continuity the following are facts that are not generally known but are indeed facts related to the change in my father’s relationship with Joan Wheeler. 

In April 2008 my father told me that every one of his children would be getting an inheritance, including Joan, to which I said fine, great, not a problem. My father had all his affairs in order. I and other children were given copies of certain paper work dated 2006. 

In 2009, before Joan’s hateful book of lies was published, she had a couple of episodes with my father, one over the content of the draft manuscript and her lack of money to have it printed. Dad sent her back to the Wheelers to get the needed money saying he wasn’t interested in the book. Why would he give her money to publish a book of lies? To other family members he said, of the book, that it was ‘garbage’, Joan is mentally ill and will never be satisfied with it. 

Another episode in 2009 was over money for gas in Joan’s car when she took Dad to doctor appointments, which she volunteered to do, and for money for car repairs to Joan’s car. The ways in which Joan spoke to Dad about this money was insulting to him. Dad told her that the car was her responsibility not his and that he didn’t need her help any more if she was demanding money from him to fix her car. She writes about this, of course with her own spin, in the book of lies.

The final episode of 2009 was when Joan insulted Dad about his ancestry and religion. Joan writes about these things in the book of garbage and on page 559 states ‘Dad yelled at me…kicked me out of his house again…so be it, that is the last time, I am done.’ Remember this… ‘I (she) am done’. This episode and her statements were around Feb of 2009 as she states in the book.  

In 2009 my father told me about all these episodes saying that he told Joan that ‘it is best that they don’t see each, that Joan should stay away and call only’. My father did not mention Joan to me during the rest of 2009 and all of 2010 and I never mentioned her name to him. 

Joan published the book of lies in November 2009. When Ruth first obtained a copy of it she went to Dad, he told Ruth, put it in the garbage because it is garbage and Joan is mentally ill. It would be my guess, for I have no real knowledge of when my father did it, yet, when he found out that she published the book, Dad REMOVED Joan as his child. I got a copy of Joan’s book in January 2010. I never mentioned it to Dad and he never mentioned it to me. I, Ruth and Kathy have been refuting and condemning the book since January 2010. We never spoke to Dad about it. 

In a visit of August 2010 my Dad told me that he was ready to leave this world when his time was up. I spoke with my Dad frequently during 2010 and Joan and the book were never mentioned. When asked by my sister Ruth, in November of 2010, if Joan would be at a family event, Dad said ‘no, I’m done with her’.  (ruth’s note, he also told me “I don’t want to see her.”)

Dad received, sometime before Christmas of 2010, a blank ‘diary’, with, if I recall correctly, a publication date of 2009.  I saw this book the day we buried him, Jan 15th. This diary is a ‘memory’ diary for elders to record various things such as parents’ names and family histories and childhood memories and favorite things and children’s names and so many important things so people will remember them later on. Everything written in this diary was in Dad’s handwriting. Under the ‘list of children’ there is NO WRITTEN MENTION of Joan Wheeler! In a blank diary book published in 2009 that he received and wrote in, in 2010, he DOES NOT LIST Joan Wheeler as his child! 

When my father died, January 11, 2011, the pre-paid funeral papers, which I had a copy of, dated 2006, does have Joan listed as secondary family contact and in the obit that my father wrote himself. But, the funeral home director had received an UP DATED changed paper that REMOVED Joan from the contact and the obit! Dad REMOVED Joan and it was done sometime in 2009! 

Furthermore, these are also the facts of recent events, done by Joan Wheeler and her male friend Russ Thomas of Wilson NY to our family.

On Jan 4, 2011, Joan Wheeler, presumably because her adoptive mother had ‘taken a turn for the worst’ went unannounced to the home of my father and stepmother, who are elderly. I know of Joan’s adopted mother’s conditions because Joan discussed them in a public forum. Joan’s reasons for going to my father’s home were to ‘make peace’ with Dad. I have written about this in a blog entry around Jan 6th. What I didn’t know at that time was that Joan brought with her, her new boy friend, a stranger, into the home of my elderly parents without asking for permission! She took this stranger with her when she then went to the hospital to see my father, against his wishes that she not come around him. The fact that Joan had a large male stranger with her while she calls on two fragile elders is an intimidating factor. As stated before, the condition of Joan’s adoptive mother has nothing to do with my father and wanting to ‘make peace’ with Dad is Joan’s problem, not my father’s and stepmother’s! As stated in my blog entry around Jan 6th, it was confirmed to me that no one in the family wanted Joan around, that was my reason for my blog entry of Jan 6th to tell Joan to stay away. 

During phone calls that Joan made to my stepmother Joan had given her phone number where she could be reached, it was thrown in the garbage. Joan had spoken to a stepsister on the phone saying that ‘she had a good visit with Dad and Mom and could I speak to her’. When asked if she wanted to speak with Joan my stepmother said no! No one wanted to hear from or speak with Joan. I myself heard a phone message that Joan left on my father’s home phone around Jan 6th and she said that she ‘will keep calling till she finds out what is going on with my father’.  (ruth’s note: admission of intent to harass. She had been told “don’t contact us” yet she says she WILL keep calling.)
My stepmother had not been living at home since Joan ‘stopped by’ on Jan 4th; for the family made sure that Joan could not reach her.

On Jan 11, 2011 my father died. Earlier that day I placed a call to his hospital room and was told that he was moved and was given the main number of the hospital. Before I could replace a call to him, I received the call that he had died. I had several phone calls during the 11th and 12th with family members related to events that had to taken care of. Joan had called the hospital room twice after my father died. (ruth’s note: my stepsister answered the phone the first time, I answered it the second time. Joan was told 1. “sorry, you just missed him. 2. “he is not available.” at both times, there were 8 family members in the room, and  in unison, all 8 family members agreed to this.)
The entire family agreed that Joan was not to be allowed in the presence of our father and stepmother, at the hospital, the funeral calling hours and the church service. When Joan finally managed to speak with a stepsister and ask ‘what is going on with my father’ she was told that he died, Joan said ‘it would have been nice if someone told me’. No, Joan had no right to be told, for Joan was NOT his legal daughter. 

When the arrangements were made with the funeral home, it was discovered that Dad made the changes that removed Joan from the family and the obit announcement. A decision then was made to call Joan but my father’s wife had thrown Joan’s phone number, that she was given, by Joan, in the garbage and someone had to ‘fish it out of the garbage’ to make a call. A call was placed to Joan by a brother-in-law, as spokesman of the family, telling Joan that she had a 4:30 pm calling time, at the funeral home, on Jan 14th . She was not to come at any other time, or at the church service on Jan 15th. If she did come outside of the 4:30 time period, when no family would be there, Joan would be physical escorted out! 

At the funeral calling hours, at 4pm, as we all were leaving the room and building, I happened to see a young woman approach through the doorway. As she came towards me I saw, a familiar face, a family face and said to her, ‘I see a face from the past but I’m sorry I don’t know your name’. She said her name was ‘Cathy’ and I gave a puzzled looked at her. The woman asked me my name. I said, ‘I’m Gert’ and then the woman did an impression of Joan, for the woman was Joan’s daughter and said ‘I’ve always wondered about this moment of meeting you’. I said, ‘I know now who you are’ and instinctively we hugged and I gave her a kiss on the cheek as she said to me ‘I came for grandpa’ and I said ‘and you should and you go there now’ and I pointed to Dad and I left the room. The last time I saw Cathy was in 1992. It needs to be mentioned that Dad did indeed recognized his grandchildren Dennis and Catherine. 

When we returned to the calling hours at 7pm I had looked at the register book and noticed the signatures of Cathy Wheeler-Bell, Joan’s daughter, Joan Wheeler (Doris Sippel), as she wrote it, and the signature of Russell Thomas of Wilson NY, current boy friend of Joan’s. I then looked back at other pages and saw on the bottom of the previous page, where the above signatures were, a hate statement against my father with the names of all the brothers of my mother and their last name. This is an act of hateful desecration of my father and my mother and the rest of our families.  I called Ruth over to see it. We were shocked and instantly knew that Joan was behind it. Other family members were made aware of the hate statement. The next day, Jan 15, we had the church service and the burial. 

By the late afternoon after we buried our Dad, I found out that Russell Thomas had left another hate message on our blog. His comments automatically go to the spam folder but Ruth and Kathy were able to read it. I believe that Ruth has posed the entire message, but for here, in it Russ addresses the Three Sippel Sisters, as Joan calls us, and informs us that he was with Joan on Jan 4th etc and he informs us that Dad accepted Joan’s apology. First off, what makes a stranger to the family think he has any right to tell us he ‘witnessed’ our father’s acceptance of Joan’s apology? This stranger’s words mean nothing to us; he is a harasser. And So!! What’s that proof of, nothing! That message is an attempt to assert that, Joan is a legal accepted daughter, when in fact, she is not. Russ Thomas is doing what he is good at…harassing with hate filled messages. Russ Thomas of Wilson NY has been leaving hate messages for months on our blog for the benefit of Joan and has identified himself by signing his name and giving his place of residence in the register book at my father’s wake! 

It was late on the night of Jan 15th, after my father’s burial, that I, Kathy and Ruth had gotten direct information, from a witness who was at the calling hours when Joan, her daughter and Russ Thomas were there. The witness saw and heard Joan complaint loudly to a funeral home attendant that there was a mistake in the obit that she Joan Wheeler was the daughter and should have been in the obit. The witness also stated that she was behind the man that came in with Joan Wheeler, at the register book stand and saw him, after he signed his name, turn the page over to the previous page and write the statement without pause as if from memory and return the page back to where he and Joan had signed. When the witness went up to the book to write her name, she turned the page back and saw what he had written. 

Now as if this weren’t enough, we find that on Jan 16th, Joan Wheeler had published in the Buffalo News a new obit declaring her self to be the loved daughter of my father! What kind of fool is that? She doesn’t see that by doing that she showed the world just what she is ABOUT; a crazy person who doesn’t know or get it that her father disowned her and that she wants to assert her parentage so she can be in line for the inheritance! And of course if she is not in this man’s obit, how does that jive with what she states in her ‘true’ book? 

As I have said above: on page 559 in Joan’s book of garbage she states that in 2009 ‘Dad yelled at me…kicked me out of his house again…so be it, that is the last time, I am done.’ So, if she was done in 2009 why is she writing, in 2011, a obit declaring herself to be a daughter to a man who had already written his own obit, who removed her from it, who was dead and buried? Why? Because Joan thought she was in, in the family, in the heritance! She thought that if she could ‘make peace’ with Dad, get him to accept her apology etc, that everything would be alright and those nasty Three Sippel Sisters would go away. No, it is not about us sisters, it’s about, the entire family and the fact that when Joan Wheeler published a book of lies and hate, her birth father disowned her, just as the rest of the family had already done. Dad just didn’t tell anyone. 


Blame yourself Joan, not only have the three Sippel Sisters been refuting your book of lies, your birth father, removed you from all inheritances that you would have received, if you did not publish a book of lies! Joan herself has named myself, and my two sisters, Ruth and Kathy, the Three Sippel Sisters labeling us harassers and stalkers. Doing this not only sullied our and our family names but also proves that Joan herself DOES NOT consider herself a Sippel. If that is the case then why should she NOW be insistent on being known as the daughter of my deceased father? Because she can’t accept the fact that she has LOST everything! Too bad, Joan, you have been OUT a long time ago and nothing will get you back in. Now GET LOST!
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