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Sunbeams – what a shame Joan Wheeler doesn’t notice sunbeams January 20, 2011

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Sunbeam by Gert McQueen –
written November 2010

Sitting in the sun or wasting your time?

During a walk in the woods, on this November morning, I sat down to soak up the sun; it isn’t often in the middle of November that a person has that opportunity when you live in ‘snow’ country. We have been blessed with lovely weather, recently, and one does have to take advantage.

I’ve often wondered why it is that some people can’t get out and sit in a sun-beam. Even when the land is covered with snow and ice and unable to get out; you can still catch that sun-beam sitting near or under a window just as well! It doesn’t have to be the sun-beam, it could be the birds at your feeder, or a squirrel on the street corner, it could be November or July, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you notice something; the sky, the sliver of moon, a leaf bud, the ever-green, all the various colors over the year…there is just so much…to notice and to help clear one’s mind.

Time…you just don’t know how much you have…why waste it…without noticing what is going on around you, you lose what time is left to you. And how will you be remembered after your time is up? We are our deeds, you know! The only things that remains is what people remember about you.

Every life contains times when you must take a stand for or against something…sometimes it’s done quietly, sometimes more loudly and sometimes you learn to have ‘no comment’…and hopefully you learn more wisdom about people and causes and yourself.

In my life I have been an activist; I had a cause…spoke and wrote about it…taught and fought…cheered and cried…had fans and supporters as well as detractors and haters….and learned that I was only, after all, speaking my ‘opinion’, even with all the research behind it, it still was only my opinion. You know what they say about opinions? They are like a…holes, everyone has one!

Along the way I did learn some important things; an activist does not get the ’cause’ mixed up with one’s personal feelings and agenda, that just kills your message. You will not affect real change in your chosen cause if you are full of self-righteous indignation and allow not the opposing opinion. The powers that be will turn a deaf ear to rants and fit of anger and hate; even friends will shy away after awhile. Real people are not stupid, they can see sane and insane presentations with or without some ‘heated’ words. It is better to keep your mouth shut, less open it and remove all doubt. Self-flattering and immitation of your opponent is seen by all; who do you think you are kidding? No one…. but yourself.

I am highly regarded, by those that matter, in my chosen cause, because I did affect a change. I still am consulted and hold a place in the historical record of the ’cause’. My reputation is established.

And so I sit in the sun and muse while I notice life around me and ponder this dishonorable business that a blood relative has done and how I must address it and her…yes, am still an activist…I shall speak out for I must…for her ’cause’ and her way of presenting it, crossed a line…a line of decendency, honor and respectfulness. I must set the record right, for honor sake, for my family’s honor.

Time…moves on…what have you noticed today?

I want to say thanks to Joan for giving me the opportunities for keeping my mind active. We all know how important it is to keep mentally, physically and spiritually engaged as we age. For the most part, being curious, I have a wide variety of interests, so I don’t normally lack anything to get mentally engaged with. But this business, of refuting Joan’s book, has allowed me to get back into researching and writing and for that I’m glad to have that creative activity to keep my mind strong and health…

so thank you Joan for giving me SO much material to work with. I have written so much, about you and your book, that I just might publish a book myself…after all ….I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. And unlike you Joan, I know how to physically make a book and have the monetary means to do so. ..and I don’t need the money from sales…I can GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE.

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