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Cat KIDNAPS pups February 16, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Dreams, Inconsistent Angel Things, Lessons in Life.
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“What’s going to happen to these pups when they open their eyes and think their mother is a cat? Will it lead to a dysfunctional adult doghood?”
Joan Wheeler and other Angry Adoptees – get over yourselves!


I know what needs to be done now. The cat should made to suffer for her crime of nursing a bunch of unwanted discarded pups. She saved their lives, but that doesn’t matter – she adopted, nay, KIDNAPPED them. She must be made to suffer.

and the birth mother – the dog who turned her back on these poor pups – she is a bitch.

and any older pups she may have whelped in earlier years should also be made to suffer – for their crime of having had suckled from their birth mother’s mammary gland. No, it matters not that they had nothing to do with the cat – they are the birth siblings of the pups – and they are just as guilty as the cat and the birth mother bitch.

As Dr. Smith was quite fond of saying: “The pain, oh the pain.” Robot: “Will Robinson, put him out of his pain.” – Next time cat, leave them to starve. They will be dead, but they will be happy.

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