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The Power of Words by Dick Sutphen; submitted by Ruth Pace February 18, 2011

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by Dick Sutphen

Funny how a few words can change your life. I am writing this in a restaurant, a couple hours before conducting a workshop. Looking at the menu, I contemplate the cheeseburger, a chicken pasta plate and broiled fish with fresh vegetables.

Words ring through my mind: “Every time you decide what to eat, you are choosing life or death.”

The cheeseburger is hormones and red meat. Pasta is white flour. Fish and veggies win.

Because I am eating alone and have nothing better to do, I start to think about other words that have changed my life.

Whenever you are upset with anyone else, you are seeking approval or control. (You desired the other person to approve of your actions, or you were trying to control their actions or reactions. When you didn’t get what you wanted, you got upset. Your expectations were in conflict with what is.)

Everything you say, with the exception of some statements of fact, and some legitimate questions, is an attempt to make yourself more important or to obtain sympathy.

It is your resistance to what is that causes your suffering.

Argue for your limitations and they shall be yours. (Richard Bach)

Where do your words not match your deeds?

Your body believes everything you say, so watch your words. (Patti Conklin)

When you act with intention you create karma.

Wisdom erases karma.

There is nothing that cannot be healed by love.

One of the prices of freedom is to give up boredom.

Thoughts are things and they create.

Your suffering is also the source of your awakening.

Don’t get to be right and lose the game.

Blame is an expression of self-pity.

Wake Up!


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