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Joan Wheeler: you are a disgusting piece of shit after what you said on the Huffington Post March 7, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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by Ruth Sippel Pace

So this idiotic neurotic nutball has the nerve to say on the internet that her birth sisters were sexually molested by their grandfather. What a lowdown bitch she is.

First, this never happened. Joan keeps scraping the bottom of her filthy black heart to come up with lies to use against her birth sisters.

Second, even if it were true, how would you dare to post this – what a filthy bitch Joan is – this is called exploitation of a rape victim, and is the lowest a person could go in a smear campaign.

Yes, what Joan did is to try to exploit a rape victim, even if the event never happened, it is Joan’s INTENT –  she wanted to hurt us. Why would anyone want to try to hurt another human being in this fashion? – Joan has no morals. And she proves it when she wrote another filthy lie about her birth family in her continual smear campaign against her birth sisters and true to her ELDER ABUSING character, she sullies the character of my elderly grandfather, a man who having died 52 years ago, is no longer around to defend himself.

What kind of immoral bitch are you Joan? Please take your delusions and shove them.

Adoption reformers: take a good look at Joan Mary Wheeler. do you like what you see?

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