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To Joan Wheeler, from Ruth Sippel – drop dead March 8, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family.
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A personal message to Joan Wheeler

Are you proud of yourself? Your latest low-down rotten slur against your blood kin shows not only us, but the entire world what a low life you are.

Blabbing on the internet a suppposed sexual molestation – you have the nerve to first accuse my grandfather of this heinous deed, which is completely FALSE!

And what if is was true? what kind of f’ing sleaze goes on the internet and blabs that?

Guess what readers? There is a person, close to Joan Wheeler, who at the age of 3, was sexually molested. And I KNOW it is true, because at the time, I was close to this young person. I will NOT blab who it was, or who did it. Why not? Because I have more class than Joan Wheeler.

We Three Sippel Sisters do not like Joan, not because we are jealous of her, or any other kind of delusional thought patterns that Joan may think of – We hate her because of her continual acts of hate towards us – we have been using this blog to chronicle her rotten deeds to us, and this act is another example of how Joan treats us. We, as human beings, do not deserve to be treated like this. Who the hell does Joan think she is? Well, she’s getting slapped down now, and slapped down hard. Because she doesn’t act like a normal human being. She acts like a f’ing moron. Only a moron goes on the internet and spreads shit like this.

Joan does not owe us an apology however, she owes an apology to all the adult survivors of child sexual abuse – yes, because when Joan posted what she did, merely as a ploy to hurt us, she made a mockery of this heinous act. And she needs to be deeply ashamed of herself. Because of the person who I alluded to above. I wonder how Joan could look at that person in the eye after making a mockery of what that person went through. And all other child sexual abuse victims – Joan is an asshole! She will burn in hell for this.

Let her run to her adoptee buddies at the Adult Adoptee forum and say some lies about us now. But she can’t weasel her way out of this one.

Joan Wheeler – DROP DEAD!

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