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Joan Wheeler’s obsessions with death, suicide, and blaming her birth sisters for her rotten life. April 13, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, mental illness, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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by Ruth Sippel Pace

Joan is obsessed with the death issue. She has been on the internet, whether on her blogs (she had two previous ones, in addition to her present ones), or on internet forums,for about 2 years now, reporting that her birth father and her adoptive mother were “dying.” The way she talked about them, they were drawing their last breaths. And she kept saying if for about 2 years! In her book, she’s describing when her adoptive mother was very ill a few years ago, and then she tells the nurse that her father also was “dying.” Joan says in the book that nurse cries, “your father too?” oh boo-hoo. NO, my father was not “dying” then. Elderly, yes. Approaching the end of his days, yes. But hardly on his deathbed, considering he was still at home, taking daily walks with his dog. Joan just loves to manipulate people to wring every shred of sympathy out of them – sympathy for “poor Joan,” her parents are dying, oh no. What is Joan going to do? oh, oh, oh, poooor Joan.” Now that her adoptive mother and her birth father are indeed dead, she’s back on the suicide issue.

Get this nonsense that she wrote just today, April 13, 2011.
Joan said
 Re: Im going to kill myself on my birthday.
« Reply #14 on: Today at 11:51:39 AM » 

I hope you take the words written here from your online friends very seriously. We all know the depth of despair that adoption can bring us. Many of us, and I speak largely about myself here, know the baseline of major depression, living with suicidal thoughts everyday. I wish with all my heart that the pain I feel from adoption would go away, but it doesn’t. So I live with it and learn to accept it. I can’t hide from it, nor can I get rid of it. Coming here to this forum helps. Knkowing that you have other people who are experieincing that same level of pain can help you cope. Don’t kill yourself. Don’t let the ones who told you to do it win. Don’t let them have a good laugh at at you. Kill them with kindness to yourself and live!

Oh, the “depths of despair.” “the baseline of major depression”
But see how she admits that she is living with “suicidal thoughts everyday.” So she admits that. So where does her birth family come in this drama? She says right here it’s caused by the pain she feels from adoption. Over and over in this blog, we have told Joan, as we have told her in person through the years to GET PROFESSIONAL HELP! Would we say this to her repeatedly in person and via the internet if we were urging her to kill herself?

If words were spoken in anger on this blog – it is because she deserved our wrath! NO ONE likes to have lies spread about themselves. NO ONE likes to receive lying letters in the mail – she says that she received hate letters from her sisters. Does she say anything about the hate letters she sent to US? In particular the letter that I received from her in February 1999 that falsely said that my husband got the next door neighbor pregnant and they had a baby girl in 1994? I have lived in my house since 1987 and have known every tenant of the house next door to me. there were only 2 babies born to women in that house – both BOYS! Our street is small – only one block long. From 1987 to the present, I know every baby born to women living on that street. I also got a letter from Joan saying that her son “saw” me driving past their house. ??? I didn’t even have a car at that time! Joan not only is a liar and a troublemaker – she makes her own son out to be a liar. I called her ex-husband long distance to straighten that lie out!

Joan, I’m going to say it again: GET SOME DAM HELP AND SHUT UP YOUR LYING MOUTH!



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