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Season of sadness? – No, ’tis the season of madness! Joan Wheeler lies AGAIN about her birth family. March and April 2011 April 13, 2011

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by Ruth Sippel Pace

The following was published in The Buffalo News on April 8, 2011:

 DEAR ABBY: I have an issue regarding my 18-year-old son, “Jake.” His father and I divorced several years ago — amicably for the most part. Since then, and even before, Jake has had emotional problems.

My son makes up stories about himself. On one of his online social network sites he has been talking about a vehicle he doesn’t own. He even invited a friend to go four-wheeling with him in his nonexistent vehicle. This is only one of many lies Jake has told. When I call him on it, he admits it but says it’s “no big deal.”

Abby, people believe what my son is telling them. What is going on, and what can I do? — CARING PARENT, LITTLETON, COLO.

 DEAR CARING PARENT: Your son may lie in order to impress others, or be so emotionally troubled that he can’t tell the difference between what he fantasizes and what is real. I assume that because Jake has had emotional difficulties for some time that he has been under the care of a therapist. If so, contact the therapist and explain what’s going on. If Jake doesn’t have a therapist, find one. Perhaps an intervention will help Jake. If the lying persists, your son will become increasingly isolated as it gets out that no one can believe a word he says.

Ruth here: This really caught my eye. Because I can substitute’s Joan Wheeler’s name for this “Jake.” Because not only do I know FOR A FACT that Joan Wheeler lies, but I can see that Joan can’t tell the difference between what she fantasizes and what is real.

Why else would she be so adamant that what she has written in her book is the truth?
Even after her book was published (self-published, by the way), she maintains the book is the truth.  Even to this day, in April 2011, a full year and 5 months since I started this blog, she maintains that her version of events is the truth. Even though I know she reads this blog and I have posted actual court documents that prove that what she says is NOT the truth – Joan still keeps saying on the internet that what she says is the truth. What is happening with Joan is that she has told a lie so much, that she actually BELIEVES the lie is the truth. I don’t know what she thinks when she is confronted by an actual document, be it from the court, or a letter from her hand, that is IRREFUTABLE in that it proves that JOAN WHEELER IS A LIAR!

In an email exchange back in January 2011 that I had with Colby Allen Bell, Joan’s ex-husband, he said the following:

Oh well life i guess…and yes she could make pretty children but it took the best thing to be in her life to do that, ME, and she abused and drove that away like everything else good in her life. The lies she told about me and you and everyone.

In an email exchange on myspace several years ago that I had with Joan’s daughter, she said, “My mother is crafty at twisting words.”

 Yes, my dear blog readers, words from Joan’s own daughter and ex-husband.  Not from Ruth, not from Gert, but from 2 people who actually live/lived with Joan Wheeler and know her intimately.

 On the front page of our blog, Gert wrote the following some months ago:

 Not only is this blog about Truth Telling, It is about Joan getting some healing. All we sisters are doing is an intervention, which a recommended technique by Joan herself.

 On pg 440 Joan tells about how she was to deal with a violent boyfriend. Joan is a Social Worker and she knows what he needs, an intervention! Her professional assessment is ‘when loved ones intervene it doesn’t mean that trust is broken, it doesn’t mean a person is crazy, it means that a person’s out of control behavior needs to be confronted, worked through and overcome to resolve the past and heal the pain.’

So, we are only following Joan’s own professional opinion and techniques that she has so graciously put in her book for all of us to follow. Too bad she doesn’t see that we sisters are only following her most pointedly expert techniques! By her own standards and expected outcome from the technique, she should WANT to have her out of control behavior pointed out to her and confront it squarely. She MUST work through it and OVERCOME that negative behavior so that she can RESOLVE THE PAST and heal the PAIN. – Gert McQueen

And this is exactly what Dear Abby recommends to “Jakes” mother – Jake needs an intervention to help him see that his lying is going to make people avoid him – because as Dear Abby says, “…your son will become increasingly isolated as it gets out that no one can believe a word he says.”

What did Colby say? That Joan “… abused and drove that away (meaning her marriage to Colby) like everything else good in her life.”

Face it Joan – you’re a liar and a loser. You were reunited with your birth family, but drove us all away due to your lying and troublemaking. Get yourself some help, because one of these days, you will be all alone rambling around and talking to yourself. Because nobody wants to near you. We are all sick of you and your bullshit. Like the following continuing bullshit and lies from Joan about us. On March 17, 2011, Joan writes on an internet forum:

 Other forms of hate mail I received were hateful letters from my own sisters. Now they are on the idea that the book I wrote about my adoption is full of lies and they are writing horrible things about me on the internet and calling me a liar. It is very hurtful.

 Oh gee, Joan, do you mean that lies HURT? You dam right they hurt. And no, we don’t have an “idea” that the book you wrote about your adoption is full of lies, we KNOW it is full of lies. How do you explain the fact that in your book, you state that you signed a complaint against me for annoyance phone calls in February 1993, when the phone calls weren’t made until June 1993? And you then say you were granted an order of protection against me for the duration of ONE YEAR, and I have posted the scanned copies of the ACTUAL court documents, right here on this blog, that shows the complaint with YOUR signature on it, dated in JULY 1993, and the order of protection was for SIX MONTHS. Also I have provided the scanned letter that YOU wrote to Child Protective Services in Albany New York, and you LIED to government officials saying that I was sentanced to PROBATION. No, Joan, I was NOT sentenced to probation, I was given a order to stay away from you for six months, which I did, and all the whole matter was DISMISSED. In your book you LIE and say that I came to your house on July 31, 1993 and I was in violation of the order of protection. NO, I came there to get my husband, and the order of protection was not in effect until August 9, 1993, therefore, I was NOT in violation of the order. I have posted the actual court document on this blog, with the date AUGUST NINE, so on July 31, or Aug. 1, I was NOT in violation of the order. This is only ONE example of LIES contained in Joan’s book.

 Then on April 12, 2011, another member of the forum writes:

 “What do you do when your blood family tells you to go kill yourself?”

 Well, Joan the LYING snakes writes back:

 My blood family told me this, too.

 Realize that they are crazy and you are sane. You deserve to be here, no matter what they say. Trauma effects us all differently. Realize that whatever trauma they have lived through, real or imagined, is what is driving them to hurt you. You are better than that. Rise above and don’t let their pettiness and ignorance rule your life.

 Excuse me? Joan, WHO in your birth family told you to go kill yourself? No, nobody told her to kill herself. Joan has been threatening suicide as a means of getting attention and sympathy for years. In late 1985, or early 1986, she was at my apartment, crying, because she missed her husband, who was living in Charleston, South Carolina. (in her book, she writes of him in that time period as their marriage falling apart, but no, she was loving and missing him in reality). So she’s at my apartment, crying, and then she said she wanted to kill herself. I didn’t say anything. But you know, I had a handgun in my house, maybe I should have given it to her. But no, I didn’t. If I wanted Joan to commit suicide, I would have given her my gun right there and then and told her “go for it.”

 Joan, would you please shut your lying mouth! And stop going on the internet and telling lies about your birth family.

And what’s with this statement “Realize that they are crazy and you are sane.”

Who the hell is Joan to say that this person’s birth family (or Joan’s birth family) is crazy? Is Joan now a psychiatrist? Again we see Joan for the person she is: a hateful BITCH. How do you dare to go on the internet and say that ANYone is crazy? If there is anyone around that is crazy – it is JOAN M. WHEELER.

And as to your statement “Realize that whatever trauma they have lived through, real or imagined, is what is driving them to hurt you.” Yeah, I get that Joan – whatever CRAP you went through as a child you are now taking out on your birth sisters.

Well, I don’t give a DAMN what you went through. I don’t give a DAMN that your adoptive parents lied to you – you don’t get to write a book and tell lies about Ruth Sippel Pace and her kin, without Ruth refuting your lying shit. You don’t get to get on the internet and tel lies about Ruth Sippel Pace and her kin, without Ruth refuting your lying shit. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!

do you want to see the actual scanned court documents that I posted elsewhere on this blog?

 In my post of 12/18/09, titled Lies in the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler  is the complaint of July 1993 with Joan’s signature on it, also the close up of the dates of the order of protection that she got against me, from August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994.  Does Joan Wheeler know basic arithmetic? I’m so sure that she does, because she got on the Huffington Post forum in early March 2011 to say that she has not had a relationship with me for over 3 decades. 3 decades is 30 years, 2011 minus 30 is 1981. And she says in her book that I was one of her bridesmaids in 1983, took her and her son to the beach in 1985, and in 1988 and 1989. Guess she also can’t figure out that from August to February is SIX MONTHS, not a year.

 In my post on 12/23/09, titled Forbidden Family, by Joan Wheeler pages 316, 324, and 330 Clear evidence of lies is the letter that Joan herself wrote to Albany and lies and says that I was placed on probation.

 In my post on 11/14/2010, titled Who Harasses Whom? is the court document of the order of protection. In this post is also a screen shot of Joan saying on a forum “suicide thoughts and bitterness are with me always.” Yep, she’ s got that right about herself – Joan is bitter, bitter, bitter. But that does NOT give her the right to take her bitterness out on me or my kin!

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