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Thoughts on the recent post “Joan Wheeler’s obsessions with death, suicide, and blaming her birth sisters for her rotten life.” April 14, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Contradictions of Joan Wheeler, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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 Gert McQueen offers some thoughts about Ruth’s post  Joan Wheeler’s obsessions with death, suicide, and blaming her birth sisters for her rotten life. – and Ruth adds a little more of her comments.

Ruth stated:
On March 28, 2011, on the anniversary of my mother’s death, Joan Wheeler writes the following on her blog: “With the recent passing of my adoptive mother and my natural father now four of my five parents are dead. Only my step mother survives.”

 I state, Joan does NOT have any step-parent! After my mother’s death my father remarried, twice, those women are NOT any relation to Joan Wheeler, they simply are my father’s late wife/widow. (and they married my father AFTER Joan was adopted, ceasing to be the legal daughter of my father).

 Out of common respect most people refer to someone in a family with ‘honorary’ titles, such as mom and dad for an in-law or aunt and uncle and perhaps even grand…but…such honorary titles DOES NOT make that person a relative! Let alone any kind of entitlement to any inheritance unless given freely! In Joan Wheeler’s case she is NOT considered any kind of relative in our family!

 Joan also never had a foster parent like her birth siblings had and Joan NEVER gave the honorary title of aunt and uncle to them, even thought THAT WAS their unofficial honorary titles to us who ACTUALLY had the foster parents! But, that did NOT stop Joan from intimidating and using elder abuse to her birth siblings’ foster mother and she did it without any pretense of using of any honorary titles!! And Joan’s reasons for intimidating an elderly foster mother was to obtain family information for Joan to use in her book of lies!

 Oh yes, there is EVIDENCE to back up this statement and it will be placed on this blog in due time.

 As Ruth also points out… “Joan is very clever at manipulating people.” This is a very TRUE statement and one that EVERYONE had better pay close attention too.

 Joan states: “The pain of loss is real. All four parents are real. All adoptees have two sets of real parents.”

Why does she feel the need to speak the obvious!! Because of her agenda! And only because of her agenda! And on the anniversary of our mother’s death she chooses to promote her agenda.

NOWHERE has Joan written one word of honor and memory of any of the four people she calls parents!

Perhaps Joan’s pain of loss would be lessen if she HONORED her two sets of parents with words that come from her own HEART instead of her personal gnashing of teeth, tearing of flesh and generalized whining and crying. Is she the only one who has ever lost a parent? Has she NOT READ what her siblings have written to HONOR and REMEMBER our parents? Has Joan written ONE WORD of honor and memory of these four parents who gave her life! NO she has not! Not in her book of lies nor on her web site nor on any forum where she speaks only of the “abomination” called adoption.

Joan is too obsessed with her pain, she LOVES HER PAIN, she is ONE WITH HER PAIN! So much so that she must tell the whole world fantastic lies to justify her own suicidal thoughts!

Joan said:

My blood family told me this, too. Realize that they are crazy and you are sane. You deserve to be here, no matter what they say.

I agree with here with Ruth 100% when she writes in response to Joan’s latest accusation of her birth family …’Excuse me? Joan, WHO in your birth family told you to go kill yourself? No, nobody told her to kill herself. Joan has been threatening suicide as a means of getting attention and sympathy for years.’ and ‘But see how she admits that she is living with “suicidal thoughts everyday.”

And I add…come on out with it Joan…speak the truth…tell the entire world just WHO of your birth family told you WHAT about killing yourself! We all want to hear it from you, name the person, tell the statement! Come out with it…free yourself of the burden of it all, tell us all who and want we have said to you!

Joan has been having suicidal thoughts LONG before she even knew she had a birth family and she admits it AFTER she accuses the birth family of sayings things we NEVER HAVE SAID!

Joan said: Don’t let the ones who told you to do it win. Don’t let them have a good laugh at at you. Kill them with kindness to yourself and live!

Give us a break! Really listen to what she has said here…Joan believes that other people are laughing at her…NOT! Outside of refuting the lies she tells about family members and others we don’t give any thought to her, let alone laugh…she really isn’t all that important to us! We just want the lies in the book EXPOSED. But Joan believes herself to be a JOKE TO BE LAUGHED AT.

And what kindness has Joan been giving herself! All she ever portrays is pain, pain, pain, anger, anger and more anger! And she believes that is living! Good Grief!! Even Charlie Brown knows better than Joan Wheeler!

Ruth here, adding more comments.

Gert says:

And I add…come on out with it Joan…speak the truth…tell the entire world just WHO of your birth family told you WHAT about killing yourself! We all want to hear it from you, name the person, tell the statement! Come out with it…free yourself of the burden of it all, tell us all who and what we have said to you!


Do you people see how Joan just throws out blanket accusations against her birth family? Even on the adoptee forum she says “my sisters get on the internet and say horrible things about me.” WHAT things? She will NOT give details and specifics. But does she admit to the “horrible” things that she says about her birth sisters on the internet? Go back and read the home page of this blog, where I copied and pasted a comment that Joan posted in the adoptee forum – where she was urging the members there to go to WordPress and complain to get this blog shut down. Shut down those “fuckheads” Joan said. So I am a “fuckhead,” eh Joan? And during the Huffington Post debacle, when I answered her ridiculous lies on that forum, I started using the initials of her nickname Half Orphan. H and O. I began typing H.O. then shortened it to HO. Right away, Joan gets on the adoptee forum and accused me of calling her a whore. Only then did I realize what I had typed. Oh my goodness – do you see where Joan’s mind lays? I guess when Santa Claus is laughing , he is really saying “Whore, Whore, Whore.” And Hostess had better rename those delicious little chocolate covered doughnut rolls -because Joan must think they are named “Whore-Whores.”

So what other horrible things have I said about Joan on this blog? Come on Joan – copy and paste – don’t just give out blanket accusations! Back up your statements WITH THE FACTS! Have I called her perhaps, BITCH on this blog? – YES I have. Because she is a BITCH. Do I call her LIAR? Oh yes. Why? BECAUSE SHE IS A LIAR! Do I give details of her life? Oh yes – BECAUSE SHE HAS GIVEN DETAILS OF MY LIFE IN HER BOOK AND ON HER WEBSITE. If that is “horrible” well, too bad Joan, YOU were the one who chose to LIE about me in your filthy book. And when I say things on this blog – I back them up with specifics, with details, with names, with WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION to PROVE what I say. Joan offers NO proof – just more whines and blanket name-calling: “my sisters are saying “horrible” things about me” (oh boo hoo) and “fuckheads.”

The proof is what has been written. Lie your way out of that one Joan. Now go through this entire blog and point out anywhere you were told to kill yourself. If you perceive that I am laughing at you – well, all I can do is give out some good old fashioned Santa style, belly jiggling guffaws “HO HO HO!” Now go back to your sad little life and sad little forum and say how I called you horrible names again. Because this here “fuckhead” gives as good as she gets.  I stand up to the cyber bully Joan M. Wheeler.

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