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Our Second Success in recovering our lives from the many lies told by Joan M. Wheeler in her trashy book Forbidden Family – college professors are now agreeing with us! May 14, 2011

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With many more successes to come!

by Ruth Pace via Gert McQueen – Ruth’s note – Gert tells Dr. Rene Hoksbergen how unprofessional he is to have not done research into Joan’s allegations of the actions of her birth family. Apparently, he never read the book before he endorsed it – because Joan has three pages where in 1989, Dr. Hoksbergen come to my house with Joan, and Joan has me screaming at her and him, jumping up and down, flapping my arms around, and Dr. Hoks lecturing me as though I were child. This scene NEVER took place.  DR. RENE HOKSBERGEN NEVER STEPPED FOOT IN MY HOUSE AND HE KNOWS IT! So much for Joan assertations on her website and other places that what is in her book is the absolute truth! And for shame, Dr. Hoksbergen for endorsing such a lying book. You owe me a PUBLIC apology – and you owe Gert a PUBLIC apology for your assistance in damaging her reputation, along with mine, and the rest of our family. I demand it!  — I DEMAND it!

Forwarded Message —-
From: “Koops, W. (Willem)” <W.Koops@uu.nl>
To: Gert McQueen
Sent: Sat, May 14, 2011 6:48:17 AM
Subject: Re: about the book Forbidden Family

Dear Gert, thank you for informing me. I congratulate you with your apparently succesfull actions with respect to this book. I agree of course with your recommendations. Any scientist of my Department will agree with you. Again: a retired professor is beyond my control. Conversations with such a person take place, of course, but are personal and therefore confidential. 

I trust that you will eventually be happy with your own wisdom. 
Kind regards, Willem Koops  
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On 13 mei 2011, at 19:46, “Gert McQueen” <> wrote:Prof dr W Koops
I had written to you several months ago regarding Doctor Hoksbergen. I received a return letter from you in Nov 2010 informing me that Doctor Hoksbergen retired and that you could not help me in my complaint to him about his support and reviews of the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler.
While I accept that you are not responsible for his writings, since he retired, I still feel it worthwhile to inform you of recent developments regarding that book and it’s author, since you ‘invited’ me to ‘concentrate’ on the author and not on ‘others who may be convinced the book is about reality’. I had indeed been concentrating on the author at the same time I was concentrating on Doctor Hoksbergen! I thought you would like to know that indeed that book is NOT based on reality. And Doctor Hoksbergen should have, at the very least, contacted family members to verify the many outrageous claims that the author, whom he supported, was writing about.
In recent months, I and other family members, subjects of the book, provided enough documented proof to the publisher, Trafford Publications, and after their investigations they have pulled the book from their selling market. They will not print any more copies of it, in its present form, and any further rewrites submitted to them, will be looked at very carefully.
May I suggest that in the future you and those that you are responsible for, use more ‘fact finding’ means when assuming the truthfulness of any written theory, as Joan Wheeler presented in her book. The damage that has been caused to my family and I dare say the author could have been avoided if Doctor Hoksbergen had use just a little professionalism before he endorsed a manuscript that was full of lies, gross misrepresentations and hate.
I am enclosing a copy of my email to Doctor Hoksbergen for your information.
Thank you,
Gert McQueen
copy of what was email to:
Doctor Hoksbergen
I want to inform you about the recent development regarding the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler. 
In recent months I, and another sister, have informed the publisher, Trafford Publications, of the many errors, outright lies, slanderous and libelous statements and other various forms of hate speech in the book. We provided documented proof of those assertions. We asked them to review it and pull it from publication.
That is what has recently happen. Trafford Publications pulled the book, will not print any more copies of the book, as it is, and any rewrite that Joan Wheeler submits, will be very very carefully looked at.
It is unfortunate that such a book, as written by Joan, was used to promote adoption reform. I’m sure that she will continue with the belief that it is an accurate account and valuable for her causes and agendas; that  view is strictly untrue and it and that book will not help the true cause of adoption reform.
This note is just to inform you of the dispension of birth family’s quest to have a book of lies and hate, that Joan wrote, was indeed removed from publication.
I have informed you in the past that Joan has placed your review of the book on Amazon. You may want to contact her and have her remove it and distance yourself from it and her. Over time there will no longer be any physical books available to be sold on Amazon but it certainly doesn’t appear seemly for a Doctor of your reputation to have a book review on the internet for a book that has been pulled by the publisher!
Furthermore, I seriously wonder how you could have allowed yourself to be conned and dupped by Joan Wheeler for years! Believing all that crap that she told you about our family and you never laid eyes on us! You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for the harm you have contributed to my family and the many many adoptees who have read your review and endorsement of such a fifthy lying hateful book. But hey, that’s your business…my family took care of our business…we had the book of lies pulled from publication.
Gert McQueen
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