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My comment, concerning Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler, on the Daily Bastardette May 21, 2011

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by Ruth Sippel Pace

A year and a half ago, I left a comment on the blog Daily Bastardette. I didn’t copy and paste what I wrote, and I don’t remember what I wrote. But it was my rebuttal to Joan’s lying statements on a CBS internet article “Adoptees Face Sting of Discrimination.” Joan distorted facts of MY childhood in it. So I tried to correct the facts. My comments were not published on that site. I had then gone to the Daily Bastardette and was reading the blog owner’s praise for Joan’s statements on the CBS article. So I left my comment, again, trying to straighten out Joan’s lies. The blog owner did not see fit to publish my comment. That is her right. But I wanted the truth to get out. I reasoned, “if Joan get her lies out, how can I get the truth out?” So I started this blog. Yes, Marley, it was YOUR rejection of my comment that was the impetus of this blog. Thank you. As you yourself quote Cesar Chavez on your blog “You cannot oppress the people that are not afraid anymore.” I was never afraid, just feeling oppressed.

Anyway, today, Saturday, May 21, 2011, I left another comment on the Daily Bastardette. We’ll see if Ms. Greiner publishes it. She probably won’t. It doesn’t conform to her way of thinking. That won’t shut me up though. Because I got my own blog to get my truth out. And it is getting out. And so, here is what I submitted to the Daily Bastardette. Notice, that not once in it, do I call Joan an asshole, or urge her to commit suicide. Never left comments on the internet that said that. That is just another lie told by Joan Wheeler.

Dear Ms. Greiner,

I want to give you an update.

A year and a half ago, I left a comment on this blog, the post “Joan Wheeler is a baaad girl,” November 23, 2009. You didn’t see fit to publish it. That was your right. I was only trying to get out my opinion. Well, seeing as how my opinion didn’t conform to your thinking, I started my own blog.

 In your blogpost about Joan, you mention her forthcoming book, “Forbidden Family.”  It might interest you to know that on May 9, 2011, Joan’s book was pulled from publication, by the publisher, due to the book’s slanderous and libelous nature, the inclusion of hate and obscene language, and the use of a certain photograph on the back cover that Ms. Wheeler did not have copyrights to. These are all violations of the terms and conditions set forth by the publisher, and not ME.

Yes, I am one of Joan’s “horrible” birth sisters. Our cause is not to undermine YOUR cause in any way. Frankly, we don’t care about it. You must do what YOU feel is right for yourself. And so does Joan. HOWEVER, when a cause distorts the truth or outright lies are told, something must done.

In her book, on her website, and on various forums on the internet, Joan has distorted the facts of her adoption, her birth family’s lives, and the aftermath of our reunion. She has told outright LIES about me and other members of my family.

You give this advice on your blog: “Hit your blogs, Bastards never shut up.”

Well, wronged individuals never shut up either. Joan has done wrong to her birth family since 1980, then self-publishes a book full of hate directed at every person in her life that ever disagreed with her.

You may approve this comment for admission to your blog or not. Suppression of the truth does not diminish the validity of the truth.

end of comment

addendum: Comments are closed to this blog, because Joan had her buddies come here and leave hate messages. Joan herself has never left a comment here because she is too much of a coward to speak to us directly and answer our charges of why she lied about us. Instead, Joan, the Master Manipulator, ;manipulated weak minded individuals to do her dirty work. We Sippel Sisters have never gone to her website, or any other website and left hate messages. We deal in the Truth, Joan deals in falsehoods, fact twisting, manipulations, whining, threats of suicide to garner sympathy. She is a con-artist.

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