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Joan Wheeler has conned another person about her book of lies, Forbidden Family May 24, 2011

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by Ruth Sippel Pace

Some poor lady actually parted with her good money to buy this lying book from Amazon.com and then she left a “review” – she didn’t even read the book, because her review wasn’t even about the book, it was mostly about Barrack Obama and Donald Trump. Some people just love mixing apples and oranges.

So Gert and I left a couple of comments – and when I went there – I saw another person had left a comment – not a review, but a reminder – that this book was pulled from publication. Thank You Andrea, who ever you are.

So here is the new “review” and the comments posted by Gert and myself:

 Timely Informative, May 23, 2011


Ruth Willerth “SmatteringsBooks”

This review is from: Forbidden Family (Paperback)

Forbidden Family by Joan M Wheeler is timely considering it took the resources of Donald Trump to make public President Obama’s birth certificate. I’m so glad to find out that he really is an American. I live in the part of America that must produce whatever forms government says we must like birth certificates, social security cards, photo id… Being one of millions of Americans not understanding Hawaii seals all birth certificates from the public, I wonder… How the public would respond if our president was adopted so had two conflicting birth certificates?

Ruth Willerth
Knife of Truth series consulting editor

 Gert’s comment to this “review” – posted to Amazon

 It is obvious that this ‘reviewer’ HAS NEVER read the contents of this book! This reviewer obviously is a personal friend of Joan Wheeler and has become yet another person conned and duped by Joan. For a person who makes money for providing reviews she really ought to be more careful about which books she is reviewing. Joan’s book of lies has over 600 pages and perhaps only about 200 of them any information about adoption reform including birth certificates. Those other 400 pages are hateful lies and misrepresentations towards both birth and adoptive families and that is WHY the book has been pulled from the selling market, by the publisher.

 Ruth’s comment, posted on Amazon:

 I have to wonder about this other Ruth. “Timely” she says? Um Ms. Willerth, this book of lies came out a year and a half ago. What was “timely” was YOUR purchasing it. And I agree with Gert – you didn’t even READ it, before you posted your review. But by all means, keep reading it – I wonder how you will feel about this book when you get to the part where Ms. Wheeler trashes the Catholic Church.

 Seeing as you are a youth pastor, perhaps you can help Joan learn the 10 Commandments, particularly the ones about honoring one’s parents, not stealing, not lying. Please go to my blog at https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/ to see actual proof of Joan’s violations of the 10 commandments.

And please do your research as to why this book is no longer being published – because the publisher found out about the slander and libel and Joan stealing MY photograph for the back cover – a photograph that she does NOT own the copyright to – a violation of the rules of the publisher – hence, the book was pulled. The copies listed here on Amazon are just those left over from the first publishing run, and the book will not be printed again.



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