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update and reassertion…in case Joan Wheeer or anyone else still believes what she says or prints about her having a step-mother June 7, 2011

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by Gert McQueen

On Monday, May 30, 2011,  I had phone conversations with my stepmother and stepsister in which I told them that the book of lies has been pulled and no more copies will be printed. They both said THANK YOU to us daughters of our father’s first family. They both are very glad that I,  Ruth and Kathy have taken strong action against Joan Wheeler and her book of lies and filth, that has been a source of disgrace and dishonor to the birth family. My step-mother, my father’s recent widow, told me that ‘Dad said that Joan was NOT a member of the Sippel family’. My step-mother told me that she doesn’t want to see nor speak with Joan, ever. The entire birth family wants nothing to do with Joan Wheeler. My step-sister said that if Joan ever showed up at the house, the police will be called.

 So even though Joan insists and still keeps lies on her web site, in this case about having a step-mother…that so-called step-mother refuses any acknowledgement Joan Wheeler’s existence! Joan Wheeler has NO CLAIMS to the Sippel Family!

 Who does Joan Wheeler think she is talking to? Any fool can see that Joan just can not bring herself to alter her reality…by…removing those lies from her site. A fool she is and a fool she remains!

UPDATE, JUNE 2016, as older posts are being seen I’m updating with links to my second blog and a Facebook page wherein I expose AGAIN the lies, fabrications and hate that Joan M Wheeler says about me and family. After the first book was pulled from publication by the publisher, May 2011, she has ‘self-published’ another ‘revised’ version. In this ‘version’ called ‘duped by adoption’ she has increased her exploitation by including PICTURES and REAL NAMES and much more personal information violating again the families. Joan has no decency NOR shame. There is NOTHING in this book for adoption reform. She is totally against adoption and her two families. To learn more see…



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