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Endeavour (our shuttle) – or as Yoda says, “Do, or do not…there is no try.” June 12, 2011

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 by Ruth Pace

I was experimenting, and now I know how to embed videos directly into posts. You learn something new everyday. And if you’re not, you’re stagnating. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it inerita caused by depression. Where you sit and do NOTHING. Or you sit and whine and whine and whine. Whining is NOT a solution. Panic is where you’re treading water and don’t know what to do. This is Joan. Panic and Whining about her sorry life. And instead of taking up her bootstraps and making a life for herself, she writes a 600 plus page book that BLAMES everyone in her life of how sorry her sad life is.  She doesn’t take one ounce of self-responsibility for her own life! WTF?

I’m pissed because of changes in my job – we may be going on  strike in a week. Like a good fighting AMERICAN, I’m doing something about it, not whining. I didn’t like the way Joan lied about me and my family in her book Forbidden Family, so I started this blog to get the truth out. And it took us several months of talks with the publisher, but we accomplished our goal: WE GOT THAT TRASHY BOOK PULLED OFF THE MARKET!

What’s Joan done? Nothing but go on an  adoptee forum and whine about how tough her life is, and ask others to come over to this blog and give us hell. Why? Why can’t Joan speak for herself? Because she’s a LOSER! She’s wallowing in poverty because she never would get off her ass and get a  job. Now she’s too old to work. She says she’s disabled now. She has allergies and IBS. So do I. AND I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) – I was born with it. Yet I have a job that requires heavy lifting. AND now I have arthritis in my spine. BUT I’m still at my job and doing it, despite the same physical ailments that Joan has, PLUS chronic back pain. what a wuss Joan is! (translation: LAZY!)

In writing about the birth of the American space program, Tom Wolfe  showed us great American determination. In 1982 a movie was made of that book. It’s called The Right Stuff. I believe I have the right stuff. I know my sisters Gert and Kathy have it. I know that Joan does NOT have it. Teddy Roosevelt is puking in his grave to see an American act the way Joan does – whine, whine, whine.

What are the names of the shuttles? The prototype, named after the ship of Star Trek, Enterprise. Which means an act. Others are called Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour. All names of getting off your butt and doing what would make Teddy Roosevelt proud – being a person of action, no whine, but action! 

I honor those of  our early NASA days, from Chuck Yeager on down to the present – oh gods, how Yeager would PUKE if he saw the whining and hate on that forum! Go read his autobiography for an autobiography of an American who ACTED, not whined.

To our Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle astronauts I say: a job well done! To those on the Hubble program I say also, a job well done! Onwards! – my first video – opening credits of Star Trek Enterprise. sung by Russell Watson. Good stuff in there – from Amelia Earhart, to the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Alan Shepherd (Mercury astronaut) is in there, the pullout of the shuttle Enterprise, and other exciting inspirational events! The second video is of shuttle Endeavour. The 3rd video is a clip from the movie The Right Stuff – actor Sam Shepher plays Gen. Chuck Yeager – the old man behind the bar is the real Chuck Yeager – who first broke the sound barrier in 1947! Enjoy!

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