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Selfish Whiny Joan Wheeler strikes again, and gets another person mad at her (via Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family –) June 16, 2011

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lest people think Gert and Ruth are the only ones pissed at Joan – here is a post from a year ago

Selfish Whiny Joan Wheeler strikes again, and gets another person mad at her On a post elsewhere on the net, Joan writes the following about her adoptive mother, who is in a nursing home. She says, "She's very old and I'm trying to celebrate what life she has left. It is awfully difficult to sit there and hear her say that she is glad she could see her sister on Easter. Someone else got her into a wheelchair for that visit. I just am so hurt and angry that Mom wanted to see HER sister on that special day, but me, I spent … Read More

via Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family —


Gert McQueen answers Joan Wheeler’s attempt to dictate her birth sister’s use of the internet – Part 1 June 16, 2011

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by Gert McQueen

Joan Wheeler said on the adult adoptees forum after our comments to her article in the Buffalo News, the following…

“For those of you who care to comment further, I need your help. The sisters who still stalk me on this forum have made comments online following this article about how they were able to pull my book from the publisher because of the lies that I told. First,, my article iin the Buffalo News has nothing to do with reunion, and second, the publisher pulled the book without an attorney representing me so I am having my own attorney look into the matter. Thirdly, the book was written from my point of view, not theirrs,, so of course they would disagree. This is all so very costly, both in money and emotional energy for me. They insist on publicizing their own blogs which continute to be filled against me.”

 Gert says: Here again Joan goes off begging for help from those on the forum to go after her nasty sisters who are stalking her! Yeh right! And who is harassing whom? Like I have stated in my comment to the newspaper…Joan does not like anyone who opposes her.

 It appears as if Joan Wheeler does not or can not understand the nature of public comments, particularly those that are against her views or by those individuals she hates. Last I knew I have freedom to express my view and I exercised that in my comment to a comment that someone had posted about Joan. I did not address Joan’s article in particular. I don’t have a comment on her article, but, I do have a right to express my view about whether or not Joan Wheeler has any kind of ‘political clout’ or whether she would be a good person for a job in the New York Assembly, which is what I was addressing. The best endorsement (pro or con) is from one who has had experience with knowing and dealing with the other or buying a particular product. Does Joan really believe that people DON’T do their homework and do not want to know about her moral integrity?

 And what does Joan Wheeler do? She immediately has to insist that we commented to stalk her, lie about her and publish our blogs that are filled against with her. Okay…one out of three ain’t bad! The one being about our blog being filled ABOUT her not against her. We are not stalking her nor lying about her…that is her view of it. She does not understand that I was addressing the issue of whether or not she has the moral integrity to be trusted…with politcal clout or anything else. That is the REAL reason for my comment, which is lost to Joan because she believes I don’t have any right to speak about her and her deeds.

 And then there is the book! Obviously Joan doesn’t have a sense of reality to why the book was pulled. She can say all she wants about how the book was from her point of view, but, the fact remains that what she published was libelous in nature, period, end of story. The only reason Joan and the publisher are NOT in court is because it costs lots of money. But the publisher was wise enough to just dump the book and count their blessings. I would most certainly welcome Joan Wheeler’s attorney to contact me so that he will see for himself or better yet why not just take me to court? Joan has all the resources of the New York state welfare and disability lawyers at her disposal…she is on disability and therefore has no problem with getting a lawyer. I certainly can’t imagine how much money she is spending on this but she is throwing good money after bad…meaning…she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But, hey, if she really wants her day in court, come one already, and sue me!

Dictator Joan Wheeler commands that her birth sisters CANNOT read The Buffalo News online or submit a comment, even though Joan does not own The Buffalo News June 16, 2011

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In a previous post, I wrote about the latest whine from Joan Wheeler. She had written a very nice editorial about adoptees and their birth certificate and submitted it to The Buffalo News, our local newspaper. Apparently they didn’t print it fast enough for her, because right away she started whining that the Buffalo News was a conservative paper, the city of Buffalo was full of conservative backward ignorant people, and so forth.

So her letter was finally published on June 10, 2011. Guess what people? I LIVE in the city of Buffalo, and I READ the Buffalo News. Both the hard copy and online. And if I read an editorial that is put out by the newspaper that I read on a daily basis, who the hell is Joan Wheeler to say that I am stalking her? I did not respond to her editorial, because it did not concern me. So how am I stalking her when I don’t respond? Gert also did not respond. So how is Gert stalking her? And by the way, Gert has every right to read an online edition of the newspaper that is put out in the city she was born in. How is that stalking anyone?

On June 13, a writer from Potsdam NY, left a comment online and said that she wished Joan Wheeler had political clout. Gert and I both had the same thought, that this person doesn’t know the real Joan. So we both responded on June 14 to THE LADY FROM POTSDAM, NOT JOAN.

Of course, Dictator Joan got her panties all bunched up and started screaming “they’re stalking me, they’re stalking me!” Then she goes to the adoptee forum and tells them this and asks for help from them to stop us. What is she? A little child? This behavior is akin to a 7 year old – “You stop bothering me, or I’m gonna go get my big brother and sic him on you.”

But this is typical of Joan. She accuses her birth sisters of everything wrong in her life. And when we are going on about our business, she’s got to put her foot down and dictate to us how to behave.

So I have this to say to Joan:


I am an American citizen and I have the freedom to go to any dam internet site I want. As long as I pay my internet bill and the website’s owners give me access, I WILL GO TO ANY WEBSITE AND READ IT – GOT THAT MISSY DICTATOR? Just who the hell do you think you are? Well I know WHAT you are: a BULLY! And I don’t give in to bullies! Got that?

And I have EVERY DAM RIGHT to submit a comment on The Buffalo News website. DO YOU WORK FOR THE BUFFALO NEWS JOAN? NO? THEN SHUT UP.

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