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a little delay July 25, 2011

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Gert here

we are having a bit of a delay…Ruth has had a small accident and is a bit out of commission…more posts to be arriving soon…

addendem july 25, 8:30pm  – ruth here –

i got a sprained right thumb. doesn’t hurt too much, a little achy at times – but it’s been splinted with a soft cast. typing is difficult – and i’m otta work for a bit. tomorrow i do battle with the dreaded worker’s comp red taped beastie. and as with all my battles, i shall be victorious. lol.

so while gert gets her bloggin’ feet wet – i will be catching up with young and the restless, my dvd sets of the collected adventures of indiana jones, and listening to a couple of audiocassette sets of coping with diffificult people; relationship strageties [not romantic] and other communication skills seminars i’ve done thru-out the years.

i’ll probably be spending time at my favorite retreat – stiglmeier park and reinstein woods preserve -ggogle them- i may not be able to type or even write for a couple of weeks, but that don’t mean i’m down and out. cos i ain’t no quitter or whiner – –



1. gertmcqueen - July 26, 2011

right…getting my feet wet…
I do have a blog now!
but there’s nothing there yet…
need to learn about links…

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