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do the right thing and remove all references to that book! July 26, 2011

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introduction from Gert

with Ruth’s permission I am posting this post

When will Joan Wheeler do the right thing and remove all references to the non-existed book that she libelously wrote and remove all hate speech against her siblings? 

Joan Wheeler’s ego-centric personality, with all its perversions and disabilities along with her desire to expose and hurt anyone who has had anything to do with her adoption can no longer be denied!

Can a book, that was published, but then pulled by the publisher, be considered a real book? No! Because if the publisher refuses to print any more copies of it, that book does not exist! But…some people just can’t let go….namely Joan Wheeler.

 As Ruth has recently pointed out…certain email providers keep every email that has been written. I would venture to say that every where, in that great out there of the internet, is every key that has ever been stoked.  So now a person can’t say ‘hey I didn’t say that’, because the proof is out there and it doesn’t take long to find it.

I have noticed lately that everything that Joan Wheeler has written can be found, via a google search. Of course that also means everything Ruth and I have written can also be found. We personally don’t have anything out there that we are concerned about because we haven’t been lying about anything, but others have or maybe they ought to rethink what and how they say it…out there, for when it comes to our and our family’s honor and name, will shall find it and expose it for what it is…hate speech and harassment.

Generally speaking I find it interesting the kinds of things that Joan Wheeler DOESN’T comment on as much as I find the things that she DOES comment on. Must be related to what kind of mood she has at any given time period or perhaps it has something to do with current affairs…like the inconvenience of the truth coming out or how it would be best not to show herself to be the fool that she is. There’s really no way of knowing what Joan will or will not do, because she is not in reality. But, if any of her friends have any influence on her…they are strongly advised to get her to remove references and blogs against her sisters!

Here is the beginning of a recent thread on the adoptee forum…the forum where everyone on it is full of hate and rage about being adopted and feed off of each other…perfect place for Joan and others who have major anger problems….they sure are getting the help they need to let go of anger/hate and learn how to love themselves and others. But hey, if that’s the kind of ‘support group’ they want…just make sure that you are not in their line of fire for they are a mean bunch of adoptees. We know because several of them have come over here on our blog with their hate and venom trying to stop us from telling the truth. Lots of Luck!

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If you were to write a book of your life as an adoptee, what would be a good title for your book?

 Interesting topic! don’t you think? There are currently 34 replies, with many proposed titles but not ONE from Joan Wheeler. And not ONE has mentioned her and her book! Interesting!! Just where is Joan on this thread? Just where are her supporters? Here on a forum that Joan participates on and whom she has asked for help from and where several of them have indeed tried to ‘fight dirty’ with us, not ONE even mentions Joan’s book. If they have seen the light and reality, why has Joan not and why has she not removed mention of us siblings from her two hate filled blogs?

Back to reality about Joan’s book, the subject of this blog.

Just before the book was actually pulled by the publisher, in early May, Joan had placed on her website a new section called ‘Thank You’. I had answered that section in a blog post here…date May 10. In a clever little dig to her sisters Joan was giving us credit for the ‘great success’ of her book. At that time there was a spike in her sales; probably due to the fact that Joan had conned some people in a writer’s guild to help her with her propaganda. We exposed that here too.

Yes I know, about the spike in book sales, for I have been monitoring those sales since the first of January 2010 after I went to Trafford Publications with the evidence of libel in the book. Being busy as I am I had not looked for awhile at her web site until around July 12th. I have also noticed that there has been another spike in book sales and guess what? On Joan’s website she has REMOVED that little thank you to us! But it was NOT REMOVED until around July 9th (there are ways to find even that out). I wonder why she removed it! Could it have been about the posts that I had placed, here on this blog, on July 6 and 8? Did those posts piss Joan off? Or did someone ‘talk’ with Joan to get her continued harassment of us off her site? With each post that we place on this blog we keep REMINDING people that Joan is continuing HER harassment of us. It certainly was around this time that Joan had sent yet another ‘friend’ to our blog to try to get us to stop ‘stirring the soup’! Did that person talk with Joan about the contents of her own blogs against us? Don’t know and it doesn’t matter…the point is that Joan thought herself to be very clever by putting up another harassment to us by using a thinly veiled false thank you and then when the heat was applied, by us, she goes and removes it!

But she still has continued hate and harassments up on two blogs! And the reason she can’t or won’t bring herself to remove them is because of her ego-centricness, with all its perversions along with her desire to expose and hurt anyone who has had anything to do with her adoption!  So this is another call for help to Joan’s friends…get her to do the right thing and remove references to the pulled book of lies and libel from TWO BLOGS.

Now for the record…Joan’ s book Forbidden Family is no longer available and it will NEVER be reprinted by Trafford Publications. You don’t have to take my word for that just go and try to order it. As recently as the first of July, in a phone call to Trafford, I was told that the book is NOT being reprinted and they have NO COPIES, any and all orders would have to be placed via Amazon or others. Also, in an email exchange between Ruth and a top-level manager at Trafford, she was told that the book is not and will not be reprinted and that the number of physical copies of the book is ‘nothing to be excited about’.

With that being said, I ask you, why, WHY does Joan Wheeler insist on advertising this book, a book that has clearly been labeled for what it is…libelous! Because she doesn’t know any better, because she insists she is correct. Well she is wrong, dead wrong. Not only does she continue to promote this dead libelous book, she continues with her hate and harassment to us sisters with dishonorable words and deeds towards our parents and family.

She still maintains a Facebook page for the book Forbidden Family…now just how dumb is that!!

On July 15 her web site still contains, under the ‘about/buy book’ all information and links to Trafford Publications…if you go there you will NEVER find that book! What you will find there is still the harassment and hate towards us sisters via misrepresentation of facts and a link to her second hate/harassment blog towards us! These things need to be and must be removed!

Under the section ‘about author’ she still has many misrepresentations of facts and the death notice of our mother, which contains all our names. Under this Joan gives her ‘justification’ for violating our privacy by stating that because our names were printed in a death notice, in 1956, that proved she didn’t have to protect our identities in the book or elsewhere. Now, that kind of logic is precisely WHY the book was pulled, because she not only violated our privacy but she violated the very contract she signed with Trafford as well as their publishing guidelines to the author. The publisher  guidelines state do not print anything libelous. Stupid woman!!! She has two college degrees, paid for by the adoptive parents, and she can’t understand what she did wrong!

For the record, we have posted several of Trafford’s guidelines before and again here are Trafford’s guidelines, that Joan Wheeler obviously did not follow, for to her mind, they were not important, afterall, she was only writing about her sisters and they have been a thorn in her side for ever and her ego-centricness, with all its perversions along with her desire to expose and hurt anyone who has had anything to do with her adoption is more important than honoring a contract! 

Trafford’s guideline about libel says:

Libel has a variety of definitions throughout the United States depending on each state’s laws, but in general it is a written false defamation, or the publication of any statement that could cause damage to an individual or organization’s character or reputation.

 Joan obviously doesn’t see how anything she wrote about other people matters to them or how what she wrote, could cause damage to an individual or organization’s character or reputation, because all she wanted was to expose and hurt everyone. Everything she says or writes is related to ‘her view’ and how and what she ‘believes’ the other person said or did. She is so mentally off balance that she can’t understand this very basic premise. It didn’t take Traffords’ editors and lawyers long to see the defamation and libel when it was pointed out to them by us. As a general rule, Trafford DOES NOT read a manuscript when the author only pays for ‘print ready manuscript’ UNLESS they get a complaint and they got a complaint alright…from us siblings.

How can I protect myself against libel in publishing?

Although truth is in most cases a defense in a libel case, it is often difficult and lengthy (thus expensive) to prove in court. If your published book tells a true story about events that occurred, the first step to protect yourself is by changing the names of people or organizations in the book. However, simply changing a name from “Jim” to “David” is often not enough. If a person or others can recognize themselves from the situation, places or events even if their name is changed, you can still be sued for libel. Changing the location also helps to distance the story so that it is unrecognizable to real people. You can use a pen name to further distance any recognizable trail back to you or, most importantly, the real person, in order to avoid trouble.

For instance, imagine an individual reader knows you, the author in real life. If you make claims about your husband’s doctor, even if you change your husband’s name and the doctor’s name, but you keep your real name, it is pretty clear to someone involved who you are talking about in reality. By using a pen name and changing the name of people in the book, this will help to further remove the specifics and protect you against any libel claims.

Voicing an opinion is not libelous; however, be careful that you are not actually making an accusatory statement. Even if you say “in my opinion” before a statement, that does not automatically make the statement an opinion if you are speculating or asserting something about someone.

Do not make the following statements or claims, as they are clear grounds for a libel case: Falsely accusing someone of a crime, or having been charged, indicted or convicted of a crime; falsely identifying someone as the carrier of an infectious or loathsome disease; falsely charging someone or an organization with a claim that discredits or disqualifies a business, office or trade and lowers their profitability; and falsely accusing someone as being impotent.
Seriously consider if you are self-publishing a book that makes statements or reveals information that could damage someone, and consult a legal advisor if you are concerned.

Now Joan has referenced, in several places, that she had the manuscript reviewed by lawyers, that’s in the plural, including in my father’s presence and with Trafford’s lawyers. Well, I doubt that my father was ever in the presence of any lawyer related to Joan’s cause! When he did see a draft of a couple of chapters where Joan insults him and then had the gall to ask him for money to publish it, my father denied her then and forever! If she ever showed a draft to Trafford she certainly didn’t show them all of it or the book would never have seen the light of day in the first place.

Joan wanted to keep her names and can’t distance herself from her names, plural, because her identity is so wrapped up in her being adopted that she can’t conceive of writing a story that doesn’t contain her names. Therefore everyone related to her had to be exposed. She didn’t follow her publisher’s guidelines. Once it was pointed out to the legal department of Trafford they realized they wanted nothing more to do with that libelous book. If a person or others can recognize themselves from the situation, places or events even if their name is changed, you can still be sued for libel. So in Joan’s cleverness she changes ‘certain’ names, but because she uses her real names, our family names, and publishes documents with both my parents names and locations, she NAMED us….


There are two very good reasons why Joan is not in a court being sued for libel by me. One, I don’t need to spend my money for lawyers to do the job that we have been able to do…get the book pulled from publication and by exposing her, and two, Joan has nothing in monetary value for me to claim for damages, she lives on SSI and is what she never wanted to be…poor, dirt poor. So she is off that hook, unless I win a lottery.

Recently Joan said on the forum, when she asked her friends to come and ‘get us’ that she was not represented by an attorney when Trafford pulled the book and she is having her lawyer look into the manner. Ha! So where is her lawyer now? It has been 3 months since the book has been pulled so I ask again…where is her lawyer? When shall I hear from her lawyer? She doesn’t have one and never will be able to take this to a court, it is nothing but another empty threat from her diseased mind. But…if she ever did get a lawyer, please send him to me…I’d love to sit down with him.

When, just when will Joan Wheeler give it up and get rid of all that hate and hassements on her web pages? Are there any friends and supporters of Joan’s that can get her to remove the cyberbullying that she continues against us?

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