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I’m Back to Blogging October 15, 2011

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hee hee hee – althought I never really stopped! The last week of September 2011, my doctor cleared me to return to work. The sprain of my right thumb and wrist has healed, although it is still a little weak and I get an ache now and then. My one hand typing had gotten pretty good, and by the middle of September, I was back to two handed typing, but I was still not at the point to do some serious blogging. But ya know, ya can’t ever get me to shut up, so yes, I have been blogging all along, but not as much as usual – but now I’m back to full swing. I’ve mainly been blogging on my sister Gert’s blog  “Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor”

I have already revamped two of the opening pages of this blog.  “A Book of Lies and why it got pulled from publication” and “Why this blog – read before commenting.”  Plans are to revamp the home page as well in the next few days – so bear with me.  I added two entries to my Family Stories blog, “Grandma Genovese” and “My Cousin Mohamed.” 

I’ve also added a Recommended Sources page to my Keys to Life – Learning to live, living to learn blog. AND I’ve even started a new blog! It’s called Midnight and Mythos – this replaces my old Midnight and Mythos site I had on the old MSN groups service. It is dedicated to all things metaphysical and spooky. I will be blogging about my new hobby – ghost hunting! Yes, I am a paranormal investigator in training.

I’m part of the Meetup group called “Quest for the Unknown” (formerly “Western New York Unexplained Paranormal.” We meet at Iron Island Museum on Lovejoy St. – perhaps the most huanted location around. After a meeting, we split off into groups and do a paranormal investigation, ghost hunt if you will. We just had a meeting and investigation last night, October 14. I will be reporting on all my past and future paranormal activity on Midnight and Mythos.  Go on over to Midnight and Mythos to read “The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe. – One of my favorite stories.

As if I’m not busy enough – I’m going to have to start ANOTHER blog – where I can post my scans of pictures and clippings from my 45 years of collecting everything about Star Trek!  I found this great blog My Star Trek Scrapbook that the owner Fred has been putting up his pics and clippings. He was missing a page of a 1978 Seventeen magazine article and I found the complete article in my collection. I threw the scan of the missing page up on my Keys to Life blog, cos I didn’t know where else to put it! Now Fred wants me to put up whatever scans I have, so we can collect things from each other’s collection. yes, yes, we Trekkers are true fanatics to our cause – our deep love of Star Trek. After 45 years we Keep on Trekkin’! 

So stay with me while I refute Joan Wheeler’s statements in her book and on the web, learn about life with me, ghost hunt with me, explore the galaxy via my own local Star Trek fan group – the USS Ari (yes, I am the commanding officer of the starship Ari – Captain Ruth Pace), and come visit me on my facebook page!

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