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Last Leaf of Autumn November 3, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Dreams, Inconsistent Angel Things, Lessons in Life.

totally off blog topic.

I wanted to blog yesterday, but was done in by errands, shopping, and the need to leave my van at the mechanic’s. hopefully it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to get it fixed. Life really sucks sometimes.

when this stuff happens, there’s nothing you can do but regroup. here’s a beautiful piece of music – The Last Leaf of Autumn by Grant Wilson. – enjoy. the link will take you to a myspace page – I hope the link works – and just click on the play button.

If Grant’s name sound familiar, you’re more used to seeing him as a paranormal investigator on Sci-fi’s Ghosthunters series.

we paranormal investigators are people with many interests and talents. We don’t get ourselves stuck in one little groove of life – why would anyone do that? There is so much out there to learn – to enjoy – to discover! Anyone who has only one interest in life is a very boring person.

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