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pathetic Joan Wheeler spouts more pathetic garbage from her garbage mouth November 3, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world.
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Joan (as 1adoptee) writes this garbage on the adoptee forum: 
nov 2 1adoptee

I have huge difficulties reading this kind of articles. Despite what I know, I am still aghast and astounded that adoption is seen as something almost sacred (for the a parents). With no regard for the child. I would take the writer to the court of human rights. Adoption is obscene.

Yes, absolutely obscene.

 Ruth here –
Joan – I’m taking YOU to the court of human rights for all the shit you’ve done to ME!
soo what is the address of this court – where is it? I wanna know, ‘cos I’ll be pulling Joan Wheeler in there real fast! – writing a slanderous book that says that I have a criminal and arrest record? – – when I’ve never been arrested in my life? boy Joan, the judge in the court of human rights is going to lock you up! ha ha ha
and speaking of “absolutely obscene” – how about that letter you sent me in February 1999 wherein you inform me that my infertile husband got the next door neighbor pregnant?
Apparently Joan thinks she can trample on MY human rights, but bitch and complain when she “thinks” someone tramples on hers. Wait a minute – did I say Joan “thinks?’ oopsey! that’s a BIG typo – because Joan never thinks. She just opens her mouth and all this garbage comes pouring out.
boy Joan, you just keep tallking trash – and I just keep laughing.
pathetic imbecile.
ps – I see I need to clarify something – it wasn’t Joan who wrote that whole paragraph – that was ‘moonbaby’ – Joan just agreed with moonbaby and said “Yes, absolutely obscene.” – but that still makes her a hypocritical imbecile – she doesn’t like when things are done to HER – and says those things are OBSCENE! But it’s ok for HER to do the shit she’s done to me and my kin the past 30 years! – so I still wanna see her in the court of human rig
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