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A Letter I wrote to the district attorney in 1995 sheds light on Joan Wheeler’s harassments of me and refutes the lies on pages 325-333 in her book Forbidden Family November 27, 2011

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The purpose of this blog is to refute the book “Forbidden Family” by Joan Wheeler. Several times, on several posts, since this blog’s inception in November 2009, I have addressed several key points of lies contained in the book, and told the truth behind those lies. The true stories were also chronicles of the harassments that I endured from Joan Wheeler over the course of many years.

Two months ago, I pulled out a manilla folder that contained some old paperwork concerning Joan Wheeler. I found several old letters. I have scanned into my computer these letters, and while watching episodes of my favorite soap opera, Young and the Restless, I have transcribed these letters.

This post contains the transcript of a two page letter that I wrote to the District Attorney, and the City Court of Buffalo, to be used in conjunction with the harassment charge that I brought about against Joan Wheeler in March 1995. Copies of this letter was sent to the police detective who handled Joan’s annoyance phone call case against me in 1993, This post also contains references to other posts and scans of court documents and links to those posts and documents. All links will open in a new window, so you will not lose this post while looking at the physcial evidence – actual court documents that prove without a shadow of a doubt that Joan Wheeler LIED in her book. She cannot gloss over these things by saying the book was her point of view or to the best of her recollection. She puts forth things like a fictious three month court battle in 1994 (never happened), I (and her) were arrested. Nope – nobody was arrested. She says she had more than one order of protection agains me – nope – there was only ONE and it was for six-months, then dismissed. She says I was placed on probation – nope – and she knows it. Her “point of view?” About court proceedings? Well, if her point of view of court rulings were different from what the court’s actual decisions were – then she is either DELUSIONAL  or a filthy LIAR! Either way, it negates her claim that her book  is “truthful.” – by the way, my next post will be my actual complaint to Trafford Publications, which contained the scans of the actual court documents which proved I was – never arrested, never sentanced to probation, there were NEVER any court proceedings in 1994, and the one and only Order of Protection Joan received against me (or anybody for that matter) was for six months. Because of these falsehoods – which proved Joan SLANDERED me, the book Forbidden Family was pulled from publication.

By the way – in her book, she says on page 316 that a restraining order was issued against me for one year. She doesn’t give the dates but I will – it was for August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994. Joan lies about this. See the graphic here. She also says that on August 1, 1993, I violated that restraining order. No, the restraining order was not in effect until August 9. On page 325 she claims that I spent 4 months calling her on the phone. Wrong – never did that. On page 328-29 she says that I called in a false child abuse call on her in early December 1993.- She then says on page 329 that three months of court battles. So that would mean January, February and March 1994. But if the Order of Protection was in effect until February 1994, or as Joan says, until August 1994, I would have been in violation of the Order – right? She says on page 330 “Mom and I were granted an Order of Protection agains Brenda (me) in the summer of 1994. It was good for one year.”
WRONG – Because if an Order of Protection was already in effect from 1993 – they would have put cuffs on me, arrested me and thrown me in jail! THIS NEVER HAPPENED! In 1998, I attended a class at the Buffalo Police Academy to be a VIABLE volunteer for my work in my block club. A thorough background check was done on me – a pre-requisite for this class was to have a clean record – the background check showed NO ARREST RECORD, NO PROBATION RECORD – NO VIOLATION OF ANY ORDER OF PROTECTION.

To recap – in 1989 – 90 Joan stole hundreds of dollars from me. Despite numerous promises to repay me and then actually telling me that she would not – I never got my money back. Because I dared tell her off in January 1991, she began sending me harassing letters. In early 1993 I began receiving envelopes addressed to me, but inside were greeting cards from her kids to my fiance (now husband). But those cards had Joan’s handwriting on them. One letter came in June 1993 and I called her up. She said “hold on.” click. disconnected! I redialed – same thing! I redialed – again! WTF? I said to myself “fuck that crazy idiot.” The following week, my electricity was shut off. Joan owed me money. I called her up – same damn thing. I borrowed some money from neighbors then called Joan back and did swear at her. – admit it – you’d do the same thing. The bitch had a trace-trap on her line because she was getting annoyance calls – but not from me. BUT to make sure that I would get “caught” she sent the letter, knowing I’d call – and she played me AND the police. What could I do? I did call her – and she took me to court and she got a six-month order of protection against me. See the post “Did Joan’s 10 year old son write that letter I got in June 1993? Or did Joan herself? “  You can see for yourself, how Joan forged a letter to make it look like her own 10 year old son wrote a letter to my fiance. But the envelope was addressed to me. And it did not say “Dear UNCLE John.” That lowlife Joan stooped that low to involve her own child to manipulate me, the phone company and the police.

In February of 1994, Joan began receiving hospital bills for a patient whose name was similar to hers.But in the book she said it was in May 1994.  She called Buffalo General Hospital where I work and accused me of hacking into the computer system and tampering with her bill. She was told at that time it was impossible for me to access the hospital billing computers. Joan would not accept that. She then set out to force Buffalo General Hospital to believe that I was guilty of this. From about September 1994 up to April 1995, Joan placed almost daily phone calls to various people and departments in the hospital. I was never told about these calls until January 1995. I met with various people in the hospital and hospital administration. They had already told people to hang up when Joan called. But some of her calls did get through.

In the meantime, on December 22, 1994,a child abuse call was made against Joan Wheeler and my fiance (now husband) John. The caller identified themself as me. Joan then wrote a letter to New York State Child Abuse Center in Albany, New York (Dec 31, 1994) accusing me of this phone call. In her letter, she referenced the annoyance phone call court case, where she was given a 6 month order of protection against me. She lied to an official New York State agency by saying that I was sentanced to probation. (slander). This letter can be seen here.

Beginning in January 1995, Joan then proceeded to write slanderous letters about me to various elected officials, including the mayor of Buffalo. She then assembled copies of these letters and sent them to me in February 1995. When I received them, I saw one letter to the Director of Patient Accounts of Buffalo General Hospital. I spoke to him and he told me the full extent of what Joan had been doing – the almost daily phone calls, etc. See the letter she wrote to him here. And in this letter – she has the correct date and time duration of the six month order of protection of 1993 – but she lies to him and says that I was sentanced to probation. Also, this is a letter of complaint concerning a mixed-up bill – but she has private details of my childhood and my medical history. Yet she’s constantly screaming she wants HER privacy maintained, but she cares nothing about anybody else’s privacy!  Hypocritical lying Bitch!

I called the police detective that handled Joan’s annoyance phone call case against me and he sent me a warrant card to fill out to start a harassment charge against Joan. When Joan received her summons into court, she wrote letters to my fiance and sent them to his mother’s house. She wrote letters to my future mother-in-law as well. In those letters, she pleaded with John to get me to drop the charges. She then urged him to leave me. She trashed me to my future mother in law, and asked her to appear in court against me. My future mother-in-law had never even met Joan. See the letter here.

Unfortunately, the judge assigned to my case, Margaret Anderson dismissed the charges, saying we were sisters and should get along. I filed a complaint with the district attorney’s office and they sent out an assistant district attorney to my house who yelled at me saying they had better things to do than fix a fight between sisters. She made me promise not to contact Joan.  That promise was easily made by me, since I was not contacting Joan. But I did tell her that she needed to go tell Joan the same thing. She did so, and the phone calls to my employer stopped. I have always felt that I was victimized three times over these events: first by Joan, second by the court, and third by the district attorney. Sigh. But in any case, Joan stopped her harassment for three years. I had three years of peace until out of the blue, on May 25, 1998, Joan sent me a letter. The envelope was addressed to me and John, but the letter inside was for Gert, about a guy in South Carolina talking shit about Gert to Joan’s ex-husband. And this had WHAT to do with Ruth? I sent Joan a letter of no contact but then 9 months later, Joan contacts me AGAIN (February 1999) using a friend’s return address (without her knowledge) and informed me that my fiance got the next door neighbor pregnant. See post “Harassing letter from Joan Wheeler to Ruth Sippel Pace in May 1998″ Never mind the district attorney told both of us not to contact each other. But Joan thinks she is above the law. This post also contains the scanned copy of  the envelope, sent certified mail to me- that I sent back to her with my notes to her on it.

I just want to relate something that happened after Judge Margaret Anderson dismissed my case in 1995.  Joan and her mother left the courtroom before me and my friend Francine. By the time we stepped on the escalator to go down, they had stepped off the escalator and turned and were almost directly below us to our right. And Joan looked up at us – and fucking smirked! That’s what made Francine yell “You fucking bitch – Ruth may not be able to touch you – but I sure will!” and started  running down the escalator. I ran after her and stopped her – by this time Joan’s smirk had disappeared and she was truly scared. The security guards started coming. I said to Francine “let the bitch go. She’s not worth us going to jail over. She’ll get her just rewards one day for this shit.” – There were security guards, people, lawyers all over the place and heard me say that. And when I did, Joan put her head down said nothing, and kept on walking – and everybody saw it – they may not have known what was going on – but they knew – from the way Joan slunk out of there – who was the lady and who was the tramp.

Now how does Joan relate all this stuff in her book? First, she doesn’t say anything about the escalator scene but Oh my god, the lies in that filthy book! First, she gets the dates all mixed up. She claims that the child abuse call was made in 1993. – She says this because she wants to present it as though I made the call as revenge for her pressing charges for the annoyance calls. She then says that SHE pressed charges against me in 1994 and because it involved her children – she brought them to court. (Judge Anderson told the court NOT to bring children to court, but Joan brought them once – and they stayed outside in the hallway with an adult babysitter). Joan then says we had “three months of court battles.” – Wrong – in 1994, we were NOT in court at all. see this graphic from 1999 which shows there were only two court proceedings between Joan and me – 1993, and 1995. This research was done by the court itself.  In 1995, we were in court for the charges that I pressed against her – three times – about 15 minutes in front of the judge each time. The first was when Joan was arraigned, and it was adjourned to a later date. When we appeared, the court ran out of time, the judge suggested mediation, which Joan refused. So we went in front of her a third time, where she dismissed it. In Joan’s book, she says that in 1994, she was granted a one-year order of protection against me. Wrong. The only order of protection she was granted was the one in 1993 for six months. see graphic here. Joan also says on page 316 that a warrant was issued for my arrest. This is false, a lie, slander and libel. I have never been arrested in my life. (and since I presented the actual court documents to Trafford Publications, who published Joan’s lying book, they saw the clear slander and libel that Joan committed against me – and because of that – they pulled her book from publication).

On page 314 Joan, in regards to the annoyance phone calls in 1993, says the detective asked her “Who is Brandy Sippel?” She  then explains that Brandy is my cat. She then quotes the detective as saying “Well she’s got  Brandy paying the bills in her residence! No kidding! The phone bill is in the name of Brandy Sippel!” Joan then states that she told him to be on the lookout for Francois. “He’s my sister’s other cat! Maybe he’s paying the gas bill!’

I blogged about this before. But I want to point out that Brandy was my dog. Joan put this little anecdote in her book to make me out to be someone who is an ass. No, my phone was listed as Brittany Sippel, to keep her from finding out my number. And the letter I found and have transcribed below proves it. And since my phone bill was under the name of Brittany, not my dog or my cat, for Joan to be stating in her book that the detective was laughing at me for doing so, she is putting words in the mouth of a Buffalo Police Detective. -n other words – she was LYING! And we have proof of it – in the letter of January 7, 1995 that she wrote to our niece Karen, she admits that she knows the phone number is under Brittany Sippel. see post written by Gert McQueen Evidence of how Joan Wheeler sets people against each other and how she exploits and tries to enlist my daughter into committing crimes!”

In regards to her receiving a hospital bill for someone whose name was similar to hers, Joan writes about this on page 332. Previously she had said that I worked in the billing department at the hospital. WRONG! I have been employed as a nursing assistant (nurse’s aide) in the night shift since being hired at BGH on September 18, 1972. Except for 4 years (1976 – 1980) when I worked the day shift (7am – 3pm), I worked the night shift – 11 pm – 7am. Joan only puts down in her book that I work in the billing department to lend credence to her accusation of me.

Listen, everybody knows that companies put into place computer security systems – they have the ability to trace every, and I mean EVERY keystroke you do. Joan puts down in her book that she first received a mixed-up bill in May 1994, but in her letter to Buffalo General Hospital in 1995, she claims it was done in February 1994. So which date was it Joan? You really need to GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT if you’re writing a TRUTHFUL book! – Anyway, in 1994, she complains – they check into it. Because they have to. I totally understand that. It was attributed to a typing mistake and Joan was told this. Joan was told that the computer terminals on the nursing stations were not even connected to the billing computers. Joan didn’t believe them. Then in December 1994, another error occured. And Joan called again. They checked again. They found the error – it occured on December 14, 1994. When I met with Mr. P.S., he told me the exact date and time: December 14, 4pm. – Sorry, even if I worked the day shift (7am – 3pm) I would not be in the building at the time). Joan wasn’t going to have it. She was not going to accept the fact that I was innocent. She set out calling my job almost every day – like she had started a couple of months earlier. She was going to CHANGE the fact that I didn’t do it – and get me fired in the process. – I ask you – is this coming from a rational person? Joan needs to be f’king locked up in the psych ward.

So let us examine a couple of things. December 14, 1994 was on a Wednesday (google a 1994 calendar). The error occured at  4pm. The bill was printed out and placed in an envelope and put in a bin for outgoing mail. I don’t know if the bin went to the US Postal Service that day or the next. But at any rate, let’s give it until the following Monday, December 19, for it to arrive at Joan’s house. (I have direct deposit – I get my paystub in the mail only 2 days after payday – so the mail is really fast). Joan spends that day on the phone screaming and yelling at different people at the hospital about me. (I know  this, because I spoke to several of them). Joan is yelling that I did it. She does not believe that I didn’t, COULDN’T have done it. SUPERVISORS are telling her that not only didn’t I do it, but I COULDN’T have done it. (and she puts right in her book that she didn’t believe them). Three days later, on December 22, someone calls child abuse on Joan, identifies themselves as me, accuses Joan and MY fiance as abusing Joan’s children. Now I find this timing very interesting. – Then Joan starts writing letters to the mayor of Buffalo, a state senator, the district attorney, the commissioner of social services, my neice. And in those letters, she’s accusing me of all sorts of nonsense, and blabbing MY personal, private medical history.

THEN, she makes copies of these letters – and mails them to me. Not to mentioin the almost daily phone calls to my job, telling them to fire me. When I press charges of stalking and harassment against her – she writes to MY fiance, urging him to leave me. – So this was all a revenge plot by Joan against me – for something I had nothing to do with – her mixed up hospital bill! She set out to 1. break me and John up (something she’d been trying to do for years – from 1993-1999), 2. get me to lose my job. 3. ruin my reputation.

On page 333 – Joan relates that she received an envelope that was full of cut-up pictures of her that she recognized as being from my photo album.She says that she got this a few days after she got a letter from Buffalo General Hospital telling her that I was innocent of the billing error. She says the envelope was smeared with cooking grease. – No – she is deliberately mixing up things again. To make it look as though I tampered with her bill, called child abuse on her, harassed her for revenge for the court case of 1993. – She takes events from 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999 and 2003 and mixes them up into a different timeline, even taking words from a letter I sent her in 1999, and has me saying them in person in 1994! Okay – I think I know what’s going on – the Joan Wheeler we know is really from an alternate universe, where things happened in different years. My court documents and personal letters are from a different reality than Joan’s. Yeah – that’s it. That explains it. Joan is not from this planet. uh huh, I always thought so.

I mentioned earlier that Joan brought her kids to the court, but they stayed out in the hallway. I went out to the bathroom and stopped at the water fountain for a drink. The baby sitter and Joan’s kids never left the bench they were sitting on. Words were never exchanged. In 1999, when I received the letter from Joan with her friend’s return address, I was so angry, I wrote her back and I told her a whole bunch of stuff. I have already transcribed this letter and scanned it and will be posting it soon. (there’s just so much convoluted stuff involved here). I mailed it to Joan. She sent it back. I had not put a return address on it. She had opened it, read it, probably photocopied what I wrote, put it back in the envelope and stapled it, wrote my address for a return address and marked “refused – return to sender” and dropped it in a mailbox. When I got it, I saw what she did, and said to myself – oh, no, she is not going to play her little post office games with me! Now John and I had been without a car for several years – and just two weeks prior to me getting her letter to me saying that John got the next-door neighbor pregnant, we had bought a car from John’s nephew. It need transmission work, we were waiting for our income tax refund check to fix it. In the meantime, it was leaking transmission fluid and it was necessary to keep a few cans of the fluid in the car and keep pouring it in the engine. I kept it on the floor behind the driver’s seat, so I wouldn’t have to keep opening the trunk. To prevent a mess, the opened cans were kept in a metal tray.

 Now, in addition to the “revelation” that my infertile husband got another woman pregnant, was the accusation that Joan’s son saw me drive past their house! This was an impossibiltiy! When I had received the letter, I HAD NO CAR! By the time I had written to Joan, she received it, and sent it back, we had gotten Jamie’s car. I was so angry when I received it back, I took the envelope and jumped in the car. I threw the envelope on the back seat, and it fell into the tray with the transmission fluid. Oh well, I thought – she won’t be able to drop it back in a mailbox now. THEN I drove to her house and threw it up on her lawn. Oh and by the way – the letter she sent me in 1998 about the guy in South Carolina threatening Gert? It contained her ex-husband’s phone number. So when I got home – I called him long distance and I told him the whole dam thing – that no, I did not drive past Joan’s house – so either their son is a liar or Joan is lying by stating that. AND I told Colby about the letter and the tranmission fluid.

Convolution time again: contained in that letter in the greasy envelope was my asking Joan why were her kids in court in 1995. I said I went to the bathroom and water fountain, Dennis looked bored, Catherine was sleeping. What does lying Joan say about this in her book? She took MY words – water fountain – on page 330 changes the year to 1994, (she can’t even lie correctly) and says that when the court broke for lunch, she and the kids were at the water fountain and I walked up to them and yelled “See what your mother is doing to me? You see? She drags you in court to see your poor Aunt go through this!” No, in my letter in the greasy envelope in 1999 I said “why were the kids in court after the judge said NOT to bring kids to court? To drag them in there to see their dirty Aunt Ruth abusing their mother?” So we see how Joan takes words out of my mouth and twists them to lie! Now Joan said on the bottom of page 329 to the top of page 330: she filed charges of harassment against me for the child abuse call: “We couldn’t prove conclusively that she made the ..call. but we could prove continued harassment in various forms throughout the years. Our only recourse was to seek an Order of Protection. Three months of court dates followed. I brought my children to court as they were part of the case and needed to see for themselves just what was going on.” She then relates the buillshit about the water fountain. She then says that in the summer of 1994, she was granted a one year Order of Protection against me. WRONG, WRONG WRONG!

She didn’t prove ANY harassments from me because I didn’t harass her! But she does say just WHO had been harassing her for more than 20 years – a member of the adoptive family – he had been sending her filthy things for years – and I was getting the blame for it. And not only does Joan admit on pages 344-345 that he had been found out – she doesn’t clear MY name – because she hates me and wants to make out that I did all sorts of things to her – when I didn’t! Listen, if she had conclusive proof in 1994 that I harassed her – why didn’t the court arrest me and throw me in jail? This is all nonsense – lies, blaming me for things other people had done. The whole section of her book, pages 295 to pages 342, covering years 1992 – 1995 are so full of twisted lies, pure hate, blaming Ruth for other people’s actions  – it was JOAN who refused to send Kathy’s belongings to England – not Ruth,(they were in JOAN’S house, not mine.  It was JOAN who was responsible for them. It was KATHY who called our father for help in getting her things. It was DAD who called Joan and yelled at her. It was JOSELYNE who called Joan and yelled at her for upsetting Dad. RUTH was not involved in any of that – yet – Joan wrote me a letter saying “Because of you … blah, blah, blah, and then puts it in her book that all that was MY fault. I’m sitting at MY house, minding MY business, yet I”M the one getting blamed for 1. Joan’s own actions, 2. Kathy’s actions, 3. Dad’s actions, 4. Joselyne’s actions. Can I slap the shit out of her now? pleeeaasee? God help me when I saw that book and saw pages 295 – 342, I couldn’t believe it! And I cried – how could someone of my own blood do this to me? When I had done NOTHING to her. All I ever did was love her. In 1990 I had hundreds of dollars stolen from me by her. I called her in 1993 for that money and got hauled into court. She tried to get me fired from my job! She tried to break me and John up. Filthy letters followed, one telling me my infertile husband got another woman pregnant. And then to read this shit in her filthy book. -Now you know why I have this blog.

In 1999, after I received her letter telling me that John got another woman pregnant, because she had contacted me in 1998 after the DA told her not to, and I wrote her telling me to leave me alone, I had grounds to press harassment on her. In the court papers – drawn up by the court itself – it listed all previous court dates between me and Joan. it correctly showed our case in 1993 where she was granted a SIX-MONTH order of protection against me. It correctly showed MY case against Joan in 1995 that was dismissed by Judge Margaret Anderson – It did NOT show ANY court case between us lasting three months in 1994, nor did it show ANY one-year order of protection granted Joan in the summer of 1994. If that was the case – if Joan was truly granted a one year order of protection against me from summer of 94 to 95 – what the hell was she doing stalking and harassing me in the spring of 1995? That would be like the kettle calling the pot black! see the graphic here of this court document.

As to the cut-up photos in the greasy envelope- nope – never sent them to her. Yes, I cut her pictures out of my photo album and threw them in the trash.Way back in 1991!  In 2003, when we went to Arizona for my brother’s funeral, I brought my photo albums for the family to see. (Joan belittles me in her book for this – said I was doing a “Show and Tell” – and why not? Is there something wrong in passing around family photos? Oh, I see, it’s when RUTH passes around family photos  for family members to see – THEN it’s wrong. I’m sure that EVERY family shares family photos at a family gathering. But when RUTH does it, it’s wrong. Do you see what I mean about the hate Joan has for me? It’s perfectly obvious – it’s practially jumping off the pages of her hideous book. And for those people like HeatherUK of the adoptee forum to think this is a wonderful book – Heather – you are an ass that you can’t see this hate.

Anyway, she recognized where her pictures were cut out – and between 2003 and 2009 when that filthy book was published, went in and changed dates and events around, trying to reshape the past. But Joan forgot she mailed me all that stuff back in the 90’s – with her own handwriting on it, and she forgot that I kept the court documents. Joan may have presented in her book that Ruth was a lying, conniving bitch, but the TRUTH wins out in the end – it is not Ruth who was and is lying, conniving bitch – it is JOAN MARY WHEELER, who was always the lying conniving bitch – as she still is to this day.

So here is the letter that I wrote for the courts, the district attorney and the police.


Enclosed are two letters written by Joan Wheeler concerning me, Ruth Sippel. One is a letter written to my niece Karen Finken, who resides in B., New York; and who sent these letters to me to give to the proper authorities.

The other letter is written to Mr. P.S., the director of patient’s accounts at Buffalo General Hospital, where I have been employed as a nursing assistant for the past 22 years. In this letter, Ms. Wheeler accuses me of entering the hospital computer system and changing the address on a bill that she had received. Apparently, in February (1994) and December 3, 1994, Joan Wheeler received a bill intended for a J.Wheeler. (name censored by Ruth Pace, November 2011)

I first became aware of this accusation on January 3, 1995, by my immediate supervisor, G.W., RN, who had received a telephone call from Ms. Wheeler in December 1994. During this call, Ms. Wheeler accused me of conspiring with someone in the billing department in order to “mess up her bill.”

Ms. W. told Ms. Wheeler that the computer terminals at the nursing station where I work can not access the hospital billing system. However, Ms. Wheeler kept insisting that I had done it, and asked Ms. Williamson “Don’t you know what kind of people you have working for you?” Ms. W. told her that she had known me for more than 15 years, and that I was an exceptional worker.

Ms. W. called patient accounts and they told her that when Ms. Wheeler had called them, they had explained to her that it was a simple typing error and it had been corrected while she still on the phone with them. I spoke to a supervisor in the billing department (whose name I cannot recall), the first week of January, 1995. This woman verified that Ms. Wheeler had called, and the problem had been corrected.

I also spoke to Mr. S. on February 16, 1995, and he told me that he had checked into Ms. Wheeler’s complaint, and found that it appeared to be an honest mistake, and he told Ms. Wheeler that.

However, Ms. Wheeler has continued to call Buffalo General Hospital demanding to speak to supervisors about my “behavior,” although she had been told that I had nothing to do with it.

I was informed by a secretary at the nursing office that during the late afternoon of February 9, 1995, nearly two months after the problem was taken care of, Ms. Wheeler called and wanted the names of my supervisors so that she could “write letters to them.” I have also been informed of at least 4 other occasions in December and January, where Ms. Wheeler had called the hospital and either demanded to speak to my supervisor or to obtain the names of other supervisory personel.

I have alerted hospital administration to this problem, and Ms. E.F., of the Human Resources Department has also been of great help and support to me. My employers are aware that I am not the cause of Ms. Wheeler’s billing problems and these events are not related at all to my performance of my job. In fact, I received an excellent job evaluation on March 1, 1995.

I maintain my innocence in any problems that Ms. Wheeler may have concerning her bills from Buffalo General Hospital. I was not even working either December 13, or December 14 when the last error occured (December 14, 1994).

I attended the hospital’s computer training class only recently, (March 8, 1995), and on March 22, I received my assigned secret password that will allow me access to the nursing station computer terminal. I can only access the programs that pertain to the nursing care for the current patients on my nursing unit.

I object to Ms. Wheeler calling the hospital and accusing me of all sorts of harassing behavior towards her and discussing my private family matters. She also did this as long ago as 1987, calling Mrs. C. M.-H. told me that Ms. Wheeler had told her details of our family history. I also object to Ms. Wheeler informing Mr. S. details of my private home life, my private medical problems, and of my previous dealings with the court. I also fail to see what my having been in an orphanage while I was a child has to do with Ms. Wheeler’s erroneous bill.

She accuses me of trying to “do something” to her, but on page 2 of her letter to my niece, she admits that she tried  to sabotage my relationship with my fiance by telling him that “he had better think twice if he wants to continue living with a woman who would accuse him of child abuse.” I maintain my innocence of any call made to child welfare about Ms. Wheeler and am also angry that someone would involve my fiance in it. My fiance believes in my innocence, and did not let this accusation stop him from presenting me with a diamond engagement ring on Christmas morning, 1994.

In another letter that Ms. Wheeler wrote to my niece, she admits that she (Ms. Wheeler), knows that I am listed with the phone company under “Brittany” Sippel. I had requested to be listed under that name to prevent Ms. Wheeler from obtaining my unlisted phone number. Since I had never informed her of this, the only way Ms. Wheeler could have found this information would be for her to call Directory Assistance and asking for any listing for my home address. For obvious reasons, I do not want her to have my phone number and I am concerned that she is trying to obtain it.

Ms. Wheeler has also recently written letters to Anthony Masiello, mayor of Buffalo, State Senator Anthony Nanula, Erie County District Attorney Kevin Dillon, and Erie County Social Services Commissioner Deborah Merrifield. Ms. Wheeler sent me copies of these letters which I subsequently passed along to Detective Martin Harrington, of the Buffalo Police Department, as proof of Ms. Wheeler’s harassment of me. These letters are also libelous against me in their content, and in her letter to Commissioner Merrifield a reference is made to a “detailed family history” that Ms. Wheeler apparently sent to Ms. Merrifield. I have not seen this “detailed family history,” but I am sure my name is mentioned in it, since the purpose of all this letter writing is nothing less than a vicious smear campaign against me. (Ruth’s note – as these are public officials, I have not censored their names.)

I respectfully ask the court to tell Ms. Wheeler to stop writing letters about me and stop placing phone calls in an obvious attempt to damage my good name and reputation at Buffalo General Hospital.
Respectfully submitted,

Ruth B. Sippel



1. My complaint to Trafford Publications concerning the slander and libel contained in the book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler « Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family – - November 30, 2011

[…] was contained in the book. She signed the contract under false pretenses. In my last two posts, A Letter I wrote to the district attorney in 1995 sheds light on Joan Wheeler’s harassments of me …and  Graphics of scanned court documents, etc. that prove without a doubt that Joan Wheeler is a […]

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