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Graphics of scanned court documents, etc. that prove without a doubt that Joan Wheeler is a liar in her book Forbidden Family. November 27, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Black and White Evidence of Joan Wheeler's Lies: Letters, Court Documents, Contradictions of Joan Wheeler, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Lies in the book Forbidden Family, Refuting Joan Wheelers statements.
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Here are some documents that I scanned into my computer. Just click on each picture to see the larger version. They are very interesting. These are actual court documents. These have been posted in the past – they prove without a doubt that Joan Wheeler lied about the court proceedings between me and her. Come on, Joan – explain – you’re the one who’s always saying adoptees are looking for “truth.” So here’s the truth. Let’s hear your explanation!

First up: the ruling of Buffalo City Court in August 1993 giving Joan a six-month order of protection against me for annoyance phone calls. The dates were from August 9, 1993 to February 9, 1994. It was NOT for August 1 as she puts in her book. As for the court giving me her new address after she moved, that was done to tell me where I was not supposed to go – but she put in her book that she complained because now I had her new address. Big deal – I didn’t go there, didn’t call her – didn’t know her boyfriend’s name – not like the lying crap she put in her book. If I violated the order of protection, and she called the police like she said in the book, I would have been arrested. Since I was NEVER arrested, (because I didn’t violate the order of protection), and the court reviewed my conduct in February 1994, (and they found I was “clean”), the order of protection was dismissed. Of course Joan puts her own little spin on the events in her book. – Oh by the way – she says in her book that in early December  1993 I called child abuse on her and then she took me to court. Well, wouldn’t that be IN THE MONTHS THE ORDER OF PROTECTION WAS IN EFFECT? According to Joan’s timetable of events – it would – but I’m sorry to break it to you – events and things that Ruth did or didn’t do – didn’t happen the way Joan says in her book. She’s  a filthy liar. The writing is hard to see – so what I did is this: the first graphic is the complete document. The second is a closeup on my name – Ruth Sippel – the third one is a closeup of the dates – a very sloppy clerk put the end date for the beginning date, then crossed it out – but you can see the begin date (you really have to look) as August 9, 1994 and the end date of February 9, 1994.

Next is this one from Family Court from 1999. This is to show that  Joan lied when she said  we spent three months in court in 1994 and in the summer of 1994 she was granted a one-year restraining order against me. I took her to court for harassment in early 1999 – the COURT CLERK went into the computer to research any court proceedings between me and Joan. The COURT COMPUTER correctly showed the 1993 case wherein Joan received the SIX MONTH Order of Protection against me and the 1995 case wherein Judge Anderson dismissed the harassment charges I filed against Joan. The COURT COMPUTER did not show ANY court dates in 1994 – Why? BECAUSE WE WERE NEVER IN COURT IN 1994! Read Article #5 on this document, near the bottom of the page to see ALL court dates of  ALL court proceedings between me and Joan – you will not see one for 1994. Because Joan is a LIAR!

This graphic is of the actual letter Joan wrote to Albany, New York about the false child abuse call that was placed against her on December 22, 1994. On page 328 – 329 she says the call was made in early December 1993. (She did this to show her readers how I was violating the Order of Protection, but I have the proof right here – and in this letter, she tells the New York State Child Abuse and Maltreatment Center that I was placed on probation in 1993. SLANDER! Because if you go back and look at that 1999 printout from Family Court – it says no such thing!

This one here is a doozy – this is a letter that Joan wrote to the Director of Patient Accounts where I work with her filthy accusations of me tampering with her bill. Notice on page 2 she says “The six month probation period ended on February 9, 1994.” SLANDER! I WAS NEVER SENTANCED TO PROBATION – I WAS GIVEN AN RESTRAINING ORDER TO STAY AWAY FROM JOAN – Probation and an order of protection are two different things! Not only does this prove her slandering me to someone where I work – but it proves that she knew the correct dates and duration (six months) of  the restraining order and LIED when she said in the book it was for one year.

Here’s the summons that Joan received ordering her to court to answer my charges of harassment. Notice the date she was to appear – April 3, 1995. And look at the note she wrote – to MY fiance and to MY future mother-in-law!

Here’s another doozy letter from Joan – sent to MY fiance at his mother’s house – clear evidence of her trying to break me and John up – “are you leaving her?” And look at how she’s pressuring him to work on me to drop the charges and trying to involve my future mother-in-law, who never met Joan. She only had the woman’s address because she drove me and John there once. Obviously she made a note of it, but stupid cow that she is – she got the zipcode wrong! Oh – but doesn’t she have 2 college degrees? Isn’t she smart enough to look up a correct zipcode?

So there you have it – and these are not the only documents I have. I have posted other things in the past on this blog, but there are some things that haven’t gotten up yet. And I’m only half done in refuting that filthy lying book Forbidden Family by Joan Wheeler. Joan- get ready to eat some crap. Because the truth is coming out – it’s been coming out for two years now – you lied in that book, the truth was shown to your publisher and because of  your lies and your SLANDERING me and others – your book is dead. oh, too bad!



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