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old front page post December 5, 2011

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new post -important – a must read! click on title – Joan Wheeler perjures herself TWICE on the stand today, July 23, 2013

addendum to my post about Joan lying in the court on July 23, 2013 – she testified that she has NO connection with anyone from Buffalo General Hospital – I mentioned that she is facebook friends with one Laura Heath – Laura J. Stickney-Heath, whose husband Thomas D. Heath was caught redhanded “following” me on facebook on July 16, 2013. Laura is a former cow-worker of mine, who after I booted her off my facebook page, went seeking out Joan on facebook to friend her to — what? Combine forces with Joan to do shit against me? Anyway – Laura has listed on her facebook page many current and former Buffalo General employees – so tell the court again and perjure yourself again Joan – how you have no connection with anybody from Buffalo General – you’re a fucking liar Joan. And both you are Laura are shit trouble-makers. Grow the fuck up – both you bitches.

You don’t want to be part of this blog Laura? You should have thought of that before you consciously involved yourself and your husband in my life. It was over and done in 2010 – you are not wanted in my life – YOU and your husband began stalking me – now you are immortalized in this blog.

“The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.”
― Cheryl Hughes

errorist (noun) A practitioner of errorism. “If we let the lies stand unchallenged, then the errorists win.”
– David Gerrold

wolf kind

interesting stats for this blog – sorry Charlie, the FACTS from actual court documents win out over somebody’s “perception” of the facts, their telling the facts in their “twisted” way, and deliberate LYING about them.
from Ruth

my reply to Brian – Joan tells her story the way she sees it – and I tell my story the way I see it. end of story. perhaps you better get a lawyer.

from Ruth

be it known to everyone – that I consider this as added harassment by Brian T. Maloney and I shall be contacting my lawyer that Joan Wheeler is continuing her harassment of me via a third party, which is a violation of the order of protection that I have against her. As I am busy today with another matter, I shall be informing my attorney, the family court of Buffalo, NY and the Buffalo Police Dept. ASAP.

If a story is told with fabrications, misrepresentations and out and out LIES, that story is faulty. If the person telling that story is saying it is the TRUTH that person is a liar. If the story contains a lie about another person – that is called slander or libel. And it is against the law. No one has the right to tell lies about another person and try to pass it off as truth.

Actual court documents and police documents proved that certain aspects of a story was FALSE. The person telling that falsehood is a liar and is now paying the price for those falsehoods. When said person calls another person’s job with falsehoods – that is against the law. When said person gets slapped with an order of protection and sanctions her friend to continue harassing the lied-about person, the liar is in deep trouble.

This is NOT Ruth’s law – it is the law of the courts of Buffalo, Erie County, New York State and The United States.

One person continues to lie and manipulates another person to harass someone. AFTER an order of protection is issued. The second harassing person needs to butt out of MY life.

FOR THE RECORD: I do not know Brian T. Maloney. Never met him. Laid eyes on him only once. He has been cyberbullying me for a year now with Joan Wheeler’s sanction. He is now considered to be breaking the law.

No one who does not me has any right to be commenting on MY  life or MY family. Brian has been told repeatedly to BACK OFF. Gert and I had not responded to his crap since last fall. And he continues to stick his nose where it does not belong.  AFTER he has been told to stop. He has now crossed the line into the territory of breaking the law.

Threats, intimidation, bullying, repeating false 30 year old gossip. loser.


hey! come see me in my wacky world at facebook and twitter! – Midnight and Mythos – for some fun.

Lies are as dumb as the people who tell them, and as fake as the people who help spread them. – to Joan and her fake friends.

UPDATE – Nov 11, 2012 – new post: Nov 11, 2012 new info added to Gert’s post, re: Oct 29, 2012 attack by Brian T. Maloney

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS – are you listening Joan Wheeler? Are you listening Brian Maloney? August 29, 2012

candle light vigil for amurdered  little girl held in Cheektowaga, Tuesday night, August 28, 2012

 Updated list of blog posts pertaining to cyberstalker and cybercreep Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville. August 29, 2012

breaking news and a warning to authorites about Joan Wheeler, who I believe is a menace to

It has been said that I am out to “ruin Joan’s reputation – no, she ruined it herself by telling lies. All I’m doing is seeing a lie about ME and MY FAMILY and telling the truth, with actual court documents or letters written by Joan herself that prove that I am telling the truth.

CNN’s reporter Anderson Cooper’s tagline is “Keeping Them Honest” when he exposes various lies by crooked politicians and charities. How is my blog exposing Joan’s lies any different than Mr. Cooper’s work? Joan has no special immunity from having her lies exposed than any other person on this planet.

UPDATE July 8, 2012… – important notice about a creep named Brian T. Maloney:

be it known that Joan Wheeler has enlisted one, Brian T. Maloney of Williamsville, NY to harass, browbeat, insult, belittle, intimidate and cyberbullying the birthsiblings of Joan. We do not know this Brian T. Maloney who has a blog ‘defendingjoanwheeler.blogspot’ and he has left a bullying remark on the Buffalo News website article on birther issue of Joan Wheeler. This man is an abuser to women he does not know.   By a sheer twist of fate, Brian is the son of the late Arthur J. Maloney, who was a well respected attorney in the Buffalo area, AND long-time friend and attorney of our stepmother (from the late 1960′s) and long-time friend and attorney of our father Leonard Sippel (since the early 1970′s). Mr. Maloney also handled the adoption proceedings when our father adopted his stepdaughter. Joan Wheeler cannot stand that fact and has enlisted Brian T. Maloney in her continued abuse and harassment of her birth family. Arthur also handled legal issues for Ruth in 1976 (landlord/tenant) and in the 1990′s – regarding Joan’s theft of money from Ruth and harassment of Ruth. Arthur was disgusted with Joan’s behavior. We are appalled that the son of a very sweet man (Arthur) is such an abuser and a harasser of the daughters of a friend of his late father. I, Ruth Sippel Pace, in representing the Sippel family, left a message of condolence on the online remembrance book for Arthur. I am shocked and disgusted that in return, I am called a dog by his son.

please go to our sister blog at http://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ for more developments on this sleazeball Brian T. Maloney. And other dirty deeds by his buddy Joan Wheeler.

This blog is to refute the many lies Joan Wheeler put forth in her book Forbidden Family.  Joan M. Wheeler has bullied many people in real life for many years. When she discovered the internet- she continued to bully people. She has gone on various internet discussion forums and bullied anyone who is pro-adoption. In Sept. 2008, on her now-defunct Blogspot blog, she gave a blanket “warning” to her birth sisters “The Three Sippel Sisters” to leave her alone, which is what we were doing. In the same message, she ridiculed our chosen religious and spiritual paths. Throughout 2009, she gave out many private details of MY childhood, but also twisting the facts. Not only of MY childhood, but of our, her birth family’s – lives. It was because of that, this blog was started. Her book was published the beginning of Nov. 2009, this blog was started towards the end of Nov. 2009.  Prior to the publication of the book, Ms. Wheeler began a second blog, intended to promote adoption reform and promote her book. The book contains many lies and misrepresentations of me and my family. She also put forth many lies about me and my family on her webstie. In Oct. 2010, she put out a “cyberbullying” page accusing me and my sisters of cyberbulling her. But on this page, she has given out many more lies! So just who is the REAL cyberbully? – Joan Wheeler. Acting under the “Freedom of Speech,” Joan, via the internet, her book, and in person, has defamed and told many lies about me and my family. If someone has the Freedom of Speech to tell lies about me and the facts of her adoption, then I most certainly have the same Freedom of Speech to tell the TRUTH of myself and my family, and Joan’s words and deeds. WE DEAL IN THE TRUTH. If  we see somewhere on the internet where Joan has misrepresented us, or told lies, we will refute those lies and present the TRUTH.  We have also provided clear proof of our truth – actual court documents and written letters (by Joan herself), scanned and posted on this blog. Joan doesn’t want the TRUTH put out? Then she needs to take down that lying cyberbullying page, ALL reference to her birth sisters and family on her website, ALL reference to her lying book (which is now a dead topic, since it has been pulled from print), MY family photo that she has on her website. It is a picture taken of my parents, me, and my siblings BEFORE Joan was born. She has no copyright to it, it is NOT her family – it is MY family. She is NOT a legal member of the Sippel family – she has no rights to publish this photo or place it on any website or use it in any way except in a personal manner. By continuing to keep that photo on her website, JOAN IS CYBER-BULLYING US, by dishonoring a picture of MY DEAD MOTHER AND FATHER AND BROTHER.  And I have given her no permission to use a photograph of me at the age of 3, to be published for Joan’s monetary gain, or even on a webstite that is touted as use for “adoption reform.” Joan may use any photograph of herself for these things – BUT NOT MY PICTURE.  Since I, nor any member of my family is involved in adoption reform, all reference to us MUST BE REMOVED FROM JOAN’S WEBSITE. THIS INCLUDES ANY PHOTOGRAPH OF US. TO CONTINUE TO KEEP OUR NAMES AND LIKENESS ON ANY ADOPTION REFORM BLOG OR ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET – JOAN IS GUILTY OF CYBER-BULLYING.


Joan has a blurb on her website that says that her life is copyrighted. Well,  MY life is copyrighted too. Joan thinks she can write about other people’s lives but copyright hers and nobody can write about her? Talk about a double standard – what a fascist two faced scumbag! Joan Wheeler will not have  a second chance to smear my good name. Her book is dead, and it will remain dead. She can scrape more money together and self-publish that lying crap again, and the results will be the same: another death. Because she tried to defraud Trafford Publications, her credibilty is shot. And I will sue the pants off ANY publishing house or entity that puts out that lying crap book. And that’s a promise baby. That’s the TRUTH – AND THE TRUTH STANDS ALONE!

I write about my life here on this blog – I make no money from it. I strictly FORBID any person or entity to write about MY life whatsoever for the express intention to make ANY money from MY life. I also strictly FORBID any person or entity to use my name, my childhood, my life, my family for the express intention to write about adoption issues or adoption reform. AND I HEREBY DEMAND A PORTION OF ALL MONIES THAT JOAN WHEELER HAS RECEIVED FROM ANY SALES OF HER BOOK “FORBIDDEN FAMILY” FROM NOVEMBER 2009 TO THE PRESENT.

Joan says on her website that her book is from her point of view and to the best of recollection. That makes her book a “memoir” and NOT a book of truth. However, if it is her point of view that she was arrested (as she says in her book, and she was NOT), then she is either delusional or a liar. Either way, it negates her claim that her book is the truth. As to the book being to the best of her recollection, she has a very faulty memory. She did not do proper research to put forth THE FACTS. When we have put forth the TRUTH on this blog, instead of Joan admitting that she was wrong, she blatantly plows forward saying that she wrote the truth. Even when confronted with irrefutable proof – actual court documents – Joan still insists that she wrote the truth.

Joan is not fooling us. We know from personal experience that Joan is a master manipulator. She knows exactly what she wrote and how and why she wrote it. Her book is nothing but a manifesto of hate against anyone who ever disagreed with her. It is a hate fest against her birth sisters and me in particular.

Underline texts throughout this blog are links to other posts or interesting websites. Some posts contain graphics. Many of these graphics are scanned copies of actual court documents and handwritten letters by Joan Wheeler herself.  These documents prove without a shadow of a doubt that Joan M. Wheeler lied in her book about me, my family and others. To see an enlarged version of a graphic, simply click on it. Comments are closed only to THIS post or old posts.  You may comment on new and recent posts. Don’t even think to lecture me. I’m probably old enough to be your mother so don’t even go there. 

This blog is NOT about adoption, anti-adoption, adoption reunion, or adoption reform, although we may touch upon those subjects from time to time. This blog and our sister site Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor  is to shed light on the BEHAVIOR of a BULLY, an adoptee named Joan M. Wheeler and to refute her many lies in her book and on the internet. With her many harassments and lies about me and my family, Joan has trampled on our human and civil rights. AND OUR HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE!

I do not work for, nor know anybody who works for the publisher of this book. I have no power to stop the publication of any book. It is up to the publisher of a book to cease publication and cancel the contract IF the author has violated certain conditions. In speaking with the publisher on Monday, May 9, 2011, the publisher told me that yes, the book contained many slanderous and libelous statements, as well as not having the proper authorization to publish a certain photograph on the back cover, as the author did NOT have copyrights to it, nor permission to use the photograph.  The book also contained hate language and obscene language, both prohibited by the terms and conditions that the publisher requires. Joan violated the terms and conditons set forth BY THE PUBLISHER, not The Three Sippel Sisters, collectively, or individually.

Joan Wheeler still maintains a website to promote her dead book. Under the tab “About and Buy” this book is still listed for sale. There is a link to the publisher’s old page that sold the book, but when you click on the link, you are told the book is unavailable. Because it is no longer being printed, will not printed. (see important note at the end of this post below).

Also on her website, Joan continues to tell lies about me and other members of my family. She also has a separate website about cyberbullies, accusing me and my sisters of cyberbullying her. This website contains many falsehoods and slander. Until Joan, the real cyberbully, takes down that website, and removes all mention of her birth sisters on her Forbidden Family website, this blog and its sister site Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor, maintained by my sister Gert McQueen. http://gertmcqueen.wordpress.com/ will remain in existence. Joan’s website Forbidden Family is supposed to be about anti-adoption and adoption reform. Since my sisters and I are not involved in this, our names, and anything about us, does not belong on her blog.

Joan also continues to spread falsehoods about us and our family on various internet websites. She is hereby directed to stop this. 

Warning: Extreme truth telling and refuting of lies  done on this blog. And extreme reporting of FACTS done here!  — If a person has the Freedom of Speech to publish a lie about me, then I have the Freedom of Speech to refute that lie and tell the truth about myself.   – Adult topics are occasionally discussed on this blog, with the occasional use of strong language,

Two days after updating this front page (December 5 + 6, 2011) on December 8, 2011 Joan decided to update her website. Particularly her “About and Buy” page. Please read this very important blog post: “Joan Wheeler FINALLY announces the demise of her book Forbidden Family, but still shows evidence of her silly delusions,” to see her how she deals with being faced with IRREFUTABLE PROOF THAT SHE LIED IN HER BOOK! 

I hate a liar more than I hate a thief because a ” thief ” is only after my salary but a liar is after my reality…. Quoted by 50 Cent

I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid. ~John Gotti

The best way to deal with bullshit is spread it out in the sun to dry. It stops stinking and it fertilizes the field so something green can grow.  …whenever someone stirs the shit, I make sure they get to lick the spoon. It’s only fair. — David Gerrold – (note to Dave, from Ruth – Thank you Dave, this here redhead will be bringing you some chocolate tribbles).  – Dave is another chocoholic — yum!

It’always a good idea to keep your enemies close by. Because the stupider, they get. The more slipping they will do without noticing. – Madamstar!

Part of being a grownup is to respect the feelings of others.  – David Gerrold
(Joan Wheeler has NEVER respected my feelings – Ruth Pace)

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