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reposting from Gert McQueen’s blog: Was Rene Hoksbergen ever really a friend to Joan Wheeler, or did she just use him like she does everyone? (originally published on December 23, 2011) December 26, 2011

Posted by Ruth in Joan Wheeler Speak - how Joan views the world, Joan Wheeler's abuse and harassment of her birth family, Lies in the book Forbidden Family.
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Joan M Wheeler has published a new ‘revision’ of the same old hate manifesto and renamed it ‘Duped by Adoption’. I have created a new blog and Facebook page…

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On Amazon, I have reviewed 7 reviews of this ‘new’ garbage book and created a ‘discussion’ on the Forward, by Rene Hoksbergen.

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https://ruthsippelpace.wordpress.com/2011/12/27/gert-mcqueens-review-of-rene-hoksbergens-review-of-forbidden-family-by-joan-wheeler/     this one is about the review in LAVAContact2  2010 English translation






Ruth here. –
for the past several days, this blog has had some interesting guests. From Holland, where Professor Rene Hoksbergen, retired from Utrecht University lives. Prof. Hoksbergen is an “adoption expert.” I’m not interested in that. I AM interested in Prof. Hoksbergen’s interference with my family – from way back in 1993, when Joan enlisted his help. At that time,my sister Kathy was trying to get some belongings of her shipped from Buffalo, NY to her home in England. Joan had them in her attic for “safekeeping” and Kathy sent her some monies for the shipping. Joan kept stalling and somehow got the good professor involved in a family matter. The professor sends Kathy a condencsending letter and dared to lecture Kathy – a grown woman! – on her attitude towards adoptees! AND in the letter, he tells Kathy that it will cost about $500 to ship her things to her. – Kathy had no intention of Joan paying for everything – but when she got this letter – she complained to the university,  and enlisted the help of our father to get her things shipped. My father called up Joan and told her to bring the things to his house, which she did. My father, who did not have a car, managed to ship the things to Kathy in three shipments, each costing around $50.00, for a total of $150.00. Far less than what the professor was led to believe. (Joan had stolen several hundred dollars from me in 1990 and was moving on to Kathy to scam money out of – and in the end did NOT return all of Kathy’s belongings, keeping valuable Beatle memorabilia, thereby STEALING  these items). — Professor Hoksbergen also wrote the foreward to Joan’s lying book Forbidden Family in 2006. The book was published in 2009, Since several topics and events covered in the book happened (and were dated in the book by Joan) in the years 2007, 2008, and 2009, it is our belief that Joan did not show the professor a complete manuscript for him to read. She had several different versions of manuscripts. My father even said that he was given over the course of many years, different versions and excerpts to read – and it was constantly changing!
Joan wrote in the book that in the year 1989, Professor Hoksbergen came to my house with Joan and she described me yelling and screaming at him – an event that  NEVER happened. It is my belief that  Professor Hoksbergen wrote a foreward to this book, without seeing a manuscript that included this fictious event. Or if he did see this event chronicled in the book and still gave his approval of it – I question either his faulty memory OR his apparent APPROVAL of slander and libel of both me and him.
Whatever is going on with the good professor, – it don’t smell right and honest to me! So here is Gert’s original post from her blog. I was going to just publish a link to it, but I think whatever guests I have coming Holland should see this without too much bother of going to another website.  Of course they, and everyone else has an open invitation to see our sister site by Gert McQueen, Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor.   
But for now, here is Gert’s post, along with a comment of mine, at the end. Enjoy!
Joan Wheeler has always stated that her mentor Doctor Rene Hoksbergen was a very dear friend and very helpful to her. I have always had my doubts about that. With Joan’s consistency in making up stories, to make herself and her ’life’ believeable, I really wonder about how Hoksbergen really viewed her. I will never know of course but I can speculate; hey if Joan can speculate about things so can I!
The following comes, again, from the public forum of Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change.
The date of this post is old…September 6,  2010. But, this time period is very significant for many reasons. September 2010 was just about a year AFTER the lying hateful book Forbidden Family was published in November2009 and when we, the birth siblings, started to refute it in December 2009. September 2010 was also one year BEFORE Joan had one of several melt-downs on the public forum and JUST BEFORE she created the cyberbullying page against us because we would not stop refuting her book.
September 6, 2010 was also just BEFORE we made public, on Ruth’s blog, that I had been in touch with Joe Soell in May of 2010 and that I had written to Hoksbergen and his boss in October 2010! This is very important for Joe Soell had communications with me in May of 2010 and it is almost certain that he spoke with Hoksbergen about my complaint about Joan Wheeler.
So a question is placed on the forum and Joan emails her mentor, showing that she has ‘friends in high places’ and then posts his response. What I find interesting is that Joan doesn’t remove her OWN email address when she posts on a public forum, is she brain dead! Also, Hoksbergen doesn’t give any HINT of warmth towards her, he seems very COLD and to the point! Remember, that he has probably been told that I had communicated with Joe Soell.
Title: Birth Certificates
Post by: J on September 06, 2010, 02:33:45 AM
Hi everyone
An adoptive parent on a Dutch forum wrote that if his adopted child asks for his birthcertificate only the names of his adoptive parents are on there. Apparently, they changed the law. It was never like this. To him it feels like fraud. Is there a website about the OBC’s in the US which he can read and gives information about why adoptees are against this? He is very active, and I would like others to read it as well. 
Title: Re: Birth Certificates
Post by: He September 06, 2010, 07:19:31 AM
American Adoption Congress and Bastard Nation Websites make it quite clear 
Title: Re: Birth Certificates
Post by: C on September 06, 2010, 12:56:17 PM
I had my b-mother’s permission to get my original birth certificate.  It just said “Baby Girl ” and the b-mom’s last name. And the word, “Illegitimate” on the bottom.  The revised birth certificate had my a-parent’s names on it, erased the name of the hospital, and changed my birth date. 
The idea is that the privacy of the birth mom and the formation of the “new family” demanded that we issue birth certificates like this one.  Since that is how we are going to play, I had my full name legally changed and had a new birth certificate issued. It still has my adoptive parent’s names on it, but makes it clear that we are not related since my last name is not the same as either of theirs.  Take that! :gottabat2:   
Title: Re: Birth Certificates
Post by: 1adoptee on September 06, 2010, 06:21:44 PM
I emailed Dr. Rene Hoksbergen of The Adoption Center, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands about this and this is his reply:Van: Joan M Wheeler [mailto:wheejm@yahoo.com]
Verzonden: maandag 6 september 2010 16:10
Aan: r.a.c.hoksbergen@uu.nl
Onderwerp: Dutch birth certificate for adoptee – question
RE: Dutch birth certificate for adoptee – question
You have your birthcert. And adoptioncert. Nothing changed in holland.
Gert here again:
Don’t you think that this great ‘mentor’ should have given Joan a bit more information about the question at hand? All he does is state the obvious to Joan about Joan…namely that SHE has her birth and adoptive certificate and nothing has changed?
And now it appears that SOMEONE from Holland has been reading our blogs!! Could it be Rene Hoksbergen himself?
For further reading on the topic of informing people about Joan’s lies and activities see the following posts on Ruth’s blog. A liar can NEVER cover all their tracks…the truth always comes out!

What I find interesting and amusing is that several months ago I sent Hoksbergen a private message via facebook upbraiding him for his support of Joan Wheeler – and I told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to drop support of Joan because of the lies she told about him and me in her book. She says that he came to my house – he was NEVER in my house. She describes me as yelling and screaming at him – no, I never did. I met him once – AT JOAN’S HOUSE. And I barely spoke to the man as I am shy around new people – besides, unlike Joan, I HAVE MANNERS.

I challenged Hoksbergen to come forward and TELL THE TRUTH about his meeting me, his never being in my house, my never yelling at him. – He hasn’t had the courage to come forward. WHY?

Another amusing point – I sent Hoksbergen a friend request on facebook – AND HE ACCEPTED IT! What an ass! I don’t want to be his friend – I wanted to see what he was going to do!

So – he is one my facebook friend list AND on Joan’s facebook friends list. What is he trying to prove? Is he spying on me? Well fine – because when a real juicy blog post here on Gert’s blog – or my blog – gets publicized on my facebook page, it automatically shows up on the newsfeeds of ALL my friends – Hoksbergen included. So he can see right away what we write on our blogs about HIM (when we do) and his little “friend” Joni Wheeler. — wonder just how “friendly” they were! ha ha ha. – I don’t know about the professor – but I sure know about Joan.

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