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off bog topic – Women’s Rights being superseded by the Republican Candidates – don’t let them do it. March 15, 2012

Posted by Ruth in Announcements and updates, Lessons in Life.
off blog topic – first my rant – then a copy and paste from my facebook page concerning my sharing of my friend David Gerrold’s stand on women’s rights.
The Republican Candidates done lost their minds! They want to take away Planned Parenthood, Women’s rights to healthcare, Women’s right to vote!  I know who I’m voting for, and I know who I WANT to vote for. – I really wish David would run for President.
Vote your conscience – but please don’t take us back to the Dark Ages – where unplanned pregnancies were taken care of with coat hangers. And why should women not be allowed to vote? I am a member of the human race – I have the right to say what I want on how to direct my life. And if I want to vote for someone who will represent me in my government – then I demand the right to do so. (Ann Coulter, you should be ashamed of yourself).
The government of the United States is for the people, of the people and by the people. People include women. I am a people – I am a person. I am not a bacteria. I have the right to vote and the right to health care. I am a health care worker. I give my all to my patients. I demand the same be given to me.

    David takes a stand for Women’s Rights – are you with us? Because if you’re not – then you are saying your mother, the person who gave you life itself is worthless. Or your daughter – or your sister, or your female relatives and friends. That’s half the human race for goddess’ sake!

    Regular readers here know that I stand for the civil rights of all people. In the past, I’ve focused on the marriage rights of same-sex couples. (If you’re against marriage equality, do us both a favor and defriend me, I won’t be friends with someone who thinks my civil rights are negotiable.)

    But underneath homophobia is something much more pernicious. The root cause of homophobia is misogyny — an inability to recognize and cherish women as equal partners in the human adventure. Beyond that, misogyny is an irrational desire to subjugate and dehumanize women.

    It’s evil.

    I stand for the rights of women. And any male who wants to think of himself as a real man should make the same stand — to stand as an equal partner with his mother, his sister, his daughters, his family, his friends and his neighbors.

    Any man who talks about “pussy” and “broads” and “ho’s” and “sluts” and other disrespectful terms — that’s not a real man, that’s a child, a terminal adolescent, a snickering buffoon sneaking a cigarette in the boys’ bathroom while drawing stupid pictures on the walls of the stall. He’s not a grownup, not an adult, and certainly not someone who’s yet capable of recognizing what equality and partnership really mean.

    That we even have to have this conversation is a national disgrace.

    But when republican candidates talk about eliminating Planned Parenthood, destroying a woman’s right to choose, and eliminating opportunities even for necessary medicine — something is wrong. When republican pundits (like Ann Coulter) say that women shouldn’t even vote, it sounds like we’ve fallen into a tragic time warp of astonishing ignorance.

    This pernicious misogyny reveals the squalid patriarchal forces at work behind the republican machinery — a desire to push this nation into an ugly theocratic mindset that will push us into a new dark ages.

    Anyone who cherishes liberty — who understands that “liberty and justice for all” must be a commitment in absolute fact — should look long and hard at what the republican candidates are saying.

    Over here, I say it’s not just wrong, it’s long past wrong — now it’s evil. If you have a mother, a wife, a daughter, a woman in your life who you love and cherish — will you stand against those who would deny them equality?

    That’s where I stand.

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